WIAW Random Foods Edition

Today you are going to be subjected to the most random “What I Ate Wednesday”. Mainly because there is no specific day in which I tracked my foods. But rather this post will just be a chronicle of the times in my life when I thought, “oh hey, this looks/tastes good, let me take a picture for the blog”!


And as always, thanks Jenn for hosting!

One of my typical dinners…. like I said there is absolutely zero order in this post….. Ezekiel bread, 4 egg whites, one slice of Diaya dairy free cheese, grilled zucchini. And ketchup. Because #YOLO. I love ezekiel bread and have totally substituted out any white flour from my diet. I think it really helps decrease stomach bloat, and unlike other white carbs (i.e. bagels/pasta/everything delicious) two slices fills me up. The “sprouted grains” give my meal more substance and the added protein (“Rated 84.3% as efficient as the highest source of protein (comparable to that of milk or eggs)” – per their website).

When I was home over the weekend I totally raided my moms fridge and made SURPRISE an egg scramble. My mom had four… not an exaggeration, such a weird amount, stems of broccoli.   So again, 4 egg white scramble, with the four (weird) small trees of broccoli, side of roasted sweet potatoes and shallots, and a slice of homemade sunflower seed bread. DELICIOUS. And I’m totally convinced when I don’t have to buy/stock/clean/prep/cook the food it tastes TEN BILLION time better. I only state facts.

During an overwhelming day at work I NEEDED an Acai Bowl. Over to Green & Tonic I went (so convenient I work next door. Actually, the building over) and got their Berry Bowl. Obsessed. Asked for less granola because ain’t nobody got time for all that added sugar. It was the perfect afternoon treat and kept me moderately cool while I sat outside in my all-black-ninja outfit and enjoyed some fresh air.

Still on that smoothie grind for breakfast. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it : )

Nothing better than fresh veggies as a mid-day snack. Green bell pepper (pretty sure I eat at least one a day) and farm stand radishes (thanks Mom!). Best. Snack. Ever.    Could 100% live on watermelon. Like I said earlier… I never exaggerate : )
And there you have it. No comprehensive/ordered post about my daily eats. But rather a jumbled collection of things I find myself constantly eating this summer. I’m all about the fresh foods and I’m totally back on that egg grind.

Hope you all have a tasty Wednesday. And in the words of Elle Woods,  “We did it!”  And by “did it” I mean made it to Wednesday. HUMP DAY! WOOT WOOT. 

Do you ever go through phases of eating similar meals?

What’s the best way to snack?

Ever find your taste for food changes with the weather?? I’m way less hungry when it’s humid, and have barely an appetite after a long or difficult run.

47 thoughts on “WIAW Random Foods Edition

  1. I definitely go through eating phases and it tends to reflect the season. My summer eats tend to be lighter I guess (lots of salads) and in the winter I tend to make more satisfying/warming meals (love making different kinds of chili). I have no appetite either after a long run! I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my meals too. Like you said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
    Have a great hump day!!

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  2. Yes my appetite definitely changes with the weather! I don’t eat as much in the summer. I think that is partly because I am a teacher so I sleep more and move around less during the summer and my body notices… so I am not as hungry.

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  3. My life a series of phases of eating the same things over and over until I get sick of them and can’t eat them for another year haha. It makes grocery shopping way easier, but I think I do need to switch it up just a litttttle more. BUT I could eat watermelon forever and not get sick of it #gimmeallllllthewatermelon

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  4. My kids are obsessed with the Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread lately and eat almond butter and jelly on it daily. There are definitely long runs where it’s hard to eat enough afterwards but I’ll make myself eat anyway since I know I need to. I know that feeling though!

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  5. All of those foods are basically my favorite so next time I expect an invite. Kaaay, great.

    I’m usually never hungry after a long run!….though I know I should force some carbs and protein down my throat. And then on days I do absolutely nothing its like I eat anything within 10 feet of me. Problems, I have them.


  6. Mmm that fruit! I definitely change my food when the weather changes. Like you, I barely have an appetite in the summer/humid weather, especially when I have a long run. My stomach just bothers me a lot and I feel gross no matter what. Nice refreshing and crisp fruits/veg are always good. In winter I definitely like more warm and filling food!

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  7. Hi Jamie! So many comments. First of all, I only tried Ezekiel one time and didn’t like it, but you’ve got me convinced I should give it another go. Second of all, I LOVE raiding my parents’ food, but sadly that doesn’t happen much anymore now that I moved across the country. Thirdly, an acai bowl is always a good idea. Loved your eats, lady! 🙂

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  8. I totally go through eating phases. It does not bother me in the slightest to eat the same thing for days/weeks on end. I agree, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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  9. When I win the lottery (because that’s going to happen, right?), I’m going to pay someone just to do food prep for me so that I have ALL the vegetables that I want (and bowls and smoothies and everything else) ready whenever I want them. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Ezekiel bread is THE BEST! I love it and it really does fill me up like nothing else; it’s a meal all by itself!

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  10. Come cook for me! I love eggs and smoothies but I have yet to have an acai bowl! I eat the same things on repeat. Which is probably why when I go home and visit my family I snack like I have never seen food before hahaha

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  11. I could live off oatmeal, bananas, eggs, and sweet potatoes. Not all at the same meal, of course, but I pretty much eat those every day. I make sure I eat after long or hard runs, even if my appetite isn’t there, because it’s so important to refuel those muscles!

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  12. I pretty much have an egg white scramble for breakfast every day, so yummy! Mmmm watermelon. We just got a new salad with watermelon on it at work and I’ve just been eating all the watermelon!

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  13. Everything looks good if that counts. Normally when I’m in the grind of working I eat a lot of similar foods. It just takes less time to prepare and I like them. I’m glad I’m not the only one I guess.

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  14. Your egg scramble and sandwich look so good! I always like eggs when someone else makes them but never seem to be in the mood to eat them or enjoy them if I cook them. What can get me on the egg train?!

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    1. I’m a huge egg lover. When I went vegan for a year I missed them desperately. They are just so filling and tasty! And can be eaten hot or cold!!


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