Holiday Season?

And another Monday is upon us. Usually this would give me the sads, and I’d be lying if I said the Sunday scaries didn’t hit me HARD yesterday, but it’s a short work week, and I have lots to look forward to! So let’s link up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to see what I’ve been doing and what we have to look forward to.


First things first. If you follow me on Instagram you might recognize this sad face. My favorites pup got absolutely dominated by a skunk. It wasn’t a passing spay, more like a full frontal assault.

So ashamed

This past weekend seemed whiz right on by. I’m distraught with the fact that my #TGIT Shonda Rhimes line-up is on winter break… what am I supposed to do for the next MONTH+?!?!?! Ugh.

The Leftovers.. if you watch the show and are up to date, wtf was with last nights episode? Can someone please inform me. I thought it was by far the weirdest, most bizarre episode I’ve ever watched. If you have some brilliant insight, please share!

Speaking of other HBO series… I’m far behind on Homeland, and plan on rectifying this over the next few days. I’m still addicted even though Carries #cryface is so offensive.

If you’re looking for a fabulous Netflix series… watch Master of None. It has my boy Aziz in it and it is a wonderful combination of comedy and real-life satire. Perfect show to binge.

I also watched Selfless… interesting. And went to see The Night Before. Which was exactly what you’d expect from a Seth Rogen film. Mindless entertainment. No complaints fro this girl.

So as you can see, I spent the majority of my weekend sitting. Or laying. Which I’m fine with.

Side note – my step-dad went shark diving in an aquarium in Long Island. It was fabulous. Like a kid in a candy store.


 I did make my butternut squash lasagna this weekend – and am currently writing up a post for Wednesday about it. It’s delicious and by far my best one yet : ) It’s vegetarian, but can be made vegan and it’s fabulous and filling. Keep your eyes peeled!

I know this week is going to fly on by with my step-dad’s birthday tomorrow, high school alumni pub night Wednesday, Thanksgiving Thursday, and of course no work Friday.

Now if people could chill with the Christmas music and decorations for the next four days I’d be one happy camper….

And not that I’m complaining but 55 degrees on Thanksgiving Day…. global warming anyone?

Hope you have a fabulous Monday! xo

What was the best part of your weekend??

Any exciting plans for the holiday??

26 thoughts on “Holiday Season?

  1. I love Aziz, I need to look into this Master of None! Your poor dog, skunks are the worst!

    I had an all around great weekend of nothing too exciting, but good things. I’m headed home to Nashville Wednesday and will hopefully be hitting the town at some point for my birthday!

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  2. I’m hoping this winter is a mild one. Last year was just awful! I’m so looking forward to that recipe. I had a pretty lazy weekend but so much fun is coming up for the holiday weekend! So excited to spend it with family…and not one but TWO races coming up 😀 Hope the skunk smell has gone away from your pup by now. That sucks! Did you bathe him in tomato juice?

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      1. They stuck pretty close to the book except for two plot points, both of which I think they pulled off – I think people are “meh” because the ending is pretty much the EXACT ending of the book, which is to say, no real closure is provided. It isn’t your typical happy epilogue, it’s positive but not satisfying like a lot of these YA stories.

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  3. I love how random this post was! So many different things happening in your life. I keep seeing Master of None popping up in Netflix so I’ll have to give it a watch. What did you think of HTGAWM?! I KNEW annaliese had some connection to Wes. And that little kid looked and acted so much like current Wes that it creeped me out.

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  4. DId you try the tomato juice trick! I swear it works! I have now, after a long repast, gotten caught back up with TGIT. And to be honest, it is more of the same nonsense. Shonda gets to me. Give me the real housewives, lol.

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  5. That new aziz ansari show on netflix is GOLD. I didn’t watch that much TV this weekend surprisingly. I love that this week is short but man oh man is it PACKED with stuff. I’m not complaining about the warmer weather although this morning’s 32 degree weather was a shock to the system. BRB hiding under my blankets.

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  6. Awww, poor Kona! Those puppy eyes are too sweet. I really want to see Night Before after how much I unabashedly loved The Interview.
    Looking forward to the bnut squash lasagna recipe! I haven’t tried to make one since I utterly botched one last year, so maybe your recipe will be my chance to finally try a good one!

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  7. I am currently watching Scandal SSN 4 on Netflix and really like this season because they went back to Liv focusing on “fixing” things and Fitz taking a back seat. I like that because they were starting to annoy me.
    That really [stinks] that your dog got sprayed. It’s happened to mine before and that was a rough weekend. I spent it nauseous :-/ I’m looking forward to this week very much. Less work at the bagel shop and more at the running store ❤

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  8. Oh my gosh your dog looks so sad haha! I hope you’ve both recovered;) I can’t wait for your recipe on Wednesday! For some reason I am scared to buy/cook with butternut squash. I need to get over it. It can’t be that bad!

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  9. Oh man I can’t wait for the butternut squash!! Sounds delish and I’ve been wanting to try something new. I ran my first 50k this weekend so yeah I had a GREAT weekend! This weather?! It’s crazy. I hate cold so I’m not complaining too much. Lol give me one good snow then I want spring back.

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