Wishing it was TOLF…

But it’s not Friday, it’s Thursday… And I’m not one for intros, so let’s get to it. Thank you Amanda for letting me be as inarticulate, scatterbrained, and random as I want : )


I was in desperate need of a winter coat. And when I say desperate, I mean I have one. Or two. But the fact is they are both kinda ugly. Warm as can be, but maybe not the cutest thing to wear out… especially my Mountain Hard Gear jacket which in college dubbed me as the Michelin Man. So when I just HAPPENED to be at the mall this past weekend I spied with my little eye this coat. Which one of my best friends already has. So I tried it on. And I looked like an adorable eskimo. Which then led me to one of the hardest decisions of all time… red… or grey?

Leggings. All. The. Time


After going back and forth, texting, emailing, SnapChatting the world, I decided on grey. I loved the red, but I suppose it could get old. And grey matches everything. And it’s professional, like me ..so with grey I went.

One of the reasons I love J.Crew so much, and truly 90% of why I actually just bought the coat with my own money instead of begging my mom, is because all outerwear was 40% off. And while shamelessly using my student ID, I got an additionally 15% off. Therefore I saved a grand total of 51%. And if you know anything about shopping and math, that actually means I saved money instead of spending $200.

Without any transition that makes sense, I give you this…

I have no idea why, or how I found this really, but it is amazing. Not only does the person “assumes” this is a pet (how could you tell – maybe the leash?) or that they clearly have never seen, read, or heard about a ferret before, but the pure fact that they say it “smells weird”, is incredible. I saved this on my phone because it brings me great joy. Also, the ferret’s face just screams”wtf”.

And because this is a health and fitness blog of sorts… I want to mention the ketogenic diet I discussed before. Ellie brought to my attention some of the negative benefits this diet has on women, hormone’s, etc. I am definitely going to do a bit more investigating before committing to this type of eating, and I do plan on composing a post as to what a ketogenic diet actually is. Keep an eye out next week..ish.

This week has seemed to drag on and on, but when I really think about it, I feel like it was just August. I can’t believe the holiday season is upon us… a week from today I will be trotting (of the turkey sort) and feasting on all things sweet potato and green bean.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday, it is almost the weekend! Catch y’all on Monday. xo

What the most creative gift you’ve given your significant other… I’m totally stuck on what to get Will this year.. (sorry babe xo)

Would you have gotten the red or the grey coat?

Faux fur – yay or nay?

Am I also the only 27 (almost 28 year old) who still makes Christmas lists?


27 thoughts on “Wishing it was TOLF…

  1. I would talk to a dietitian before you do keto… seriously. I know a bit about it and I know what several doctors have to say about it. So I would talk to an RD. Again, if it works for you, great, but I’m just throwing out the caveat. And damn, I LOVE the red coat!

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  2. The coat looks so cute on you!! I like the red one a lot, but like you said it could get old (and not go with everything). I had a red coat as well and it looked so cute on, but I never really reached for it. The most creative gift that I got for Dan was a travel book that had a page for each country in the world (I found it on Amazon). I also got reservations for a hotel at Niagara Falls, so on the Canada page I made a little ticket saying when we were going. He also collects Zippos, so I made him a custom one with our picture on it and engraved with our anniversary!

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  3. Grey coat all the way :-). I have a coat with faux fur and I like it. Better than the real stuff in my opinion. I’m not sure if this constitutes as creative but I got my husband an engraved watch. He loves it and it will last forever! I also wrote him a letter for every month he was deployed and put them in a scrapbook for him.

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  4. Hmm, I am 24 and still make a Hanukkah list! I would go with red but only because I don’t like grey and black and have too much work clothing that’s in those shades! I have a butter yellow Barbour fall/spring jacked and a pink parka for winter 🙂

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  5. Eeeeee careful with the keto diet! I’ve known a good handful of people who’ve experienced pretty bad side effects as a result of it, and while I know different things work for different people, ketogenesis isn’t a good state for our body to be in. Also, I like both coats, but red totally has my heart.

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  6. I have been looking at that exact same coat online for the past few weeks!!! I love it! I have been leaning towards the black just because when I get it dirty (which will happen) it won’t show too much 😂 but I really love the grey! Wait 40% off sale?! and additionally off with your student card?! Why didn’t I know about either of these???!

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  7. I love the red…but probably would’ve gone with grey and shrugged. I do have red snow boots, so that will have to be my red fix! And I’ve never been low carb enough to be keto as far as I know, BUT I do know that before I understood paleo carbs I didn’t feel as good as I do now – so I’m taking that as a sign that I need them!

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  8. I love the grey coat! YES for jCrew sales. I get probably 60% of my clothes there for that very reason. Thank goodness for the outlets. And old student IDs. I pretty much live in my knee-length north face jacket in the winter. So comfy and warm.

    I’m so stuck on what to do for Tim this year too. Ugh. The struggle is real.

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  9. I definitely would have chosen the gray as well – so cute and it goes with everything! Yay for faux fur – I never buy real because I’m too much of an animal lover.
    I’m bad at picking out gifts for Ryan. I’m always like, look, here’s some running shoes and hiking clothes!…and then he gets us a trip to London. Good scotch never fails as a good gift, though.

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  10. I love that coat in both colors! I would’ve gone with grey too…mostly because I wear a lot of grey and don’t like red on me that much. I am also stuck on what to get my boyfriend for Christmas this year…thanks for the reminder 😉

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  11. I love your new coat! You really do look like the cutest eskimo. If I was being practical and responsible, I probably would’ve gone with the gray coat, too, just so it’d be more versatile (although I did buy a pink coat last year…I just couldn’t help myself!)

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  12. Thanks for the shout out! I don’t want to discourage you from eating a higher ratio of fat to carbs in your diet, because it works for some people. I just know that ketosis is no joke and can be dangerous if you ever want to have babies. Then again, many things are dangerous for women’s health. I hope you find what works for you 🙂
    I love the gray coat! It will go with everything and looks so cute!

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  13. I get 15% at J Crew if I shamelessly use my teacher ID. Worth it. Best store ever.

    My friend does the Keto diet. She pees on keto sticks to see if she is in Ketosis. For her, I am not sure it’s the right thing because she is doing it for weight loss purposes and she is losing weight – but then she had two glasses of wine last weekend and literally gained two pounds. But, I do know if you are using it because of health issues (which, if I am right you have Crohns), it is supposed to be awesome. I must have missed your initial post on this so I might sound like a total idiot.

    The other diet you might be interested in is the macrobiotic diet. Personally, I think diets like Keto and Paleo have better food choices – those types of things appeal to me and make it easier to adopt that kind of lifestyle. When I was heavy into yoga, I dabbled in macrobiotics. It’s also supposed to be very healing for anyone struggling with health concerns, but it’s definitely a strange menu!

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  14. The grey coat won my vote hands down!!! So cute.

    I’m glad you asked the question about creative gifts so I can read through the comments and figure out what to get Justin. I never know what to get him!

    I always make a Christmas list… if I don’t end up buying everything I want beforehand because of all the awesome sales around Thanksgiving!

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