The Crazy Chronicles

Honestly I think that’s what my blog should have been called. Life has been nothing short of crazy (in a good way) lately so I apologize for my sporadic posting. Work has picked up once again (beginning and ends of quarters are no joke). Not to mention Will starts a new job on Monday, I move next weekend, and I’m running a marathon in less than three weeks. Welcome to crazytown. So I’m linking up with Amanda today to tell you where I’ve been, what I’m doing, and what lies ahead.


I’ve been running a lot. 15 miles on a treadmill = death in case you were curious. Last week was my final peak week for NYCM training – I capped it off with a 21+ mile run, and ended the week at 70.02 miles. Now it’s time to taper. And honestly, I can’t wait.

Like I said before, work has been crazy making for lots of long days and a very tired brain. However, I have been finding some time to enjoy this amazing fall we’re having. So I’m going to blast you with some pictures. I know I’m not the only one who likes looking more than reading.

My ride or die.

He’s single ladies.

When Will and I tried to be festive at a pumpkin patch and go apple picking. Neither of these things occurred. What did occur was a lot of traffic and a low tolerance for lines and screaming children so we left five minutes after arriving. But I took a picture of gourds and posted it on social media so it’s almost like it happened.


Sometimes I wish I was a dog. Specifically my dog. He lives the life I’m telling you.

Excuse me you’re in my sun.

And finally, I went to my first Ranger game of the season Tuesday night. It was nothing short of awesome. We had some pretty great seats, and were able to get there in time for warm-ups which was really cool. A neat experience as one might say.


So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get my “ish” together and post these next few weeks. Between work and moving I’m going to be busy. Add in running a marathon… well yeah. I will do my best to stay connected, and I plan on posting about my goals pre-race sometime in the next two weeks. Like before the race…. Duh.

Oh, and I’m running a half marathon Saturday. Ha! Fingers and toes crossed for no rain 🙂

Follow me on IG for all my life happenings. Because as you can see, I only post the most important of things.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

When life gets crazy, what do you do to eliminate extra stress?

Anyone else excited to taper? I know in two weeks I’m going to feel the crazies, but for now, I don’t hate it.

Big plans this weekend? 

34 thoughts on “The Crazy Chronicles

  1. When life gets crazy I eliminate blog work too. Even though it’s something I enjoy, sometimes I just don’t feel like writing/commenting/posting. SEVENTY MILES?! I’m in awe. Oh and I always say how I wish I could be my dog. The best life.

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  2. When life gets crazy, my blog takes a back seat. Sometimes doing my own workout does too, depending on how busy I am. When stressed, I make a crap ton of to-do lists, clean my apartment, and try and get some extra sleep. That’s so exciting you’re tapering now…the NYCM is so close! Good luck at your half this weekend..I’m sure you’re going to KILL it! 🙂

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  3. Wow new job, moving, and a marathon- that’s about as crazy as it gets! I don’t get to taper until the end of November, but after my 17-miler yesterday, I’m already looking forward to it! I have a 10-miler race on Sunday so I’ll just be resting up for that. Oh, and I’m moving this weekend too so I feel your pain there!

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  4. Wooooo enjoy the taper! Sometimes I think being busy like that helps a bit. Dogs seriously have it made. I’d totally be my dog in my next life… although she’s kind of psychotic so I could do without that part haha

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  5. Sounds like things have been crazy for you, but enjoy your taper!! I’ve been feeling kinda jealous of my dog recently. He just gets us to feed him and walk him in return for unconditional love and lots of snuggles. It’s a pretty sweet life! Tho he did just have surgery and lost all trust in my parents, since they were the one to take him to the vets!

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  6. LOLing at the pumpkin patch scenario. I went midweek…at 1pm…it was lovely. Although the new job starts Monday, hours 8am til who knows when, so that’s something I only get to savor for a few more days! I just got Instagram yesterday because I’m a Luddite, following now 🙂

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  7. 15 miles on a treadmill sounds like tortuuuuure to me. and we’re so twins b/c this wknd at home i said to my dad, “in my next life, i want to come back as a dog in this household.” my parents’ dogs are seriously living the good life right along with yours. lolz re: gourds at a pumpkin patch — the boy and i went to go apple picking 2 wknds ago and we got so far as to buy my parents cider donuts beforewe were like, okay welp that’s good enough. my best friend was at the Rangers game on Tues, too!

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  8. Good luck on your half this weekend! Dogs totally have it made – the hardest part of Charlie’s day is deciding which toy to play with. I tend to deep clean when I’m stress – my apartment was never cleaner than during exam week in grad school!

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  9. I try to prioritize as much as possible. and take my rest days! if im wearing myself out with work, social, emotional, AND i add on extra workouts? no bueno. injury/illness city.

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  10. When life gets crazy it’s all about prioritizing. The more important the task, the higher up on the list it goes. Sometimes this means leisure things, like blogging, gets pushed to the side momentarily – which is perfectly fine. You do what you need to do. We’ll all be here. 😉

    Good luck this weekend running your half marathon. It will give you a good overall feeling for how you will feel on marathon race day. I’m sure you will go out there and kill it – miss speedy!!!

    Oh, and I absolutely love your dog.

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  11. That hockey arena is so big! Is it cold in those ones too just like the local college games I have gone to? I didn’t like how I was numb by the end 😦
    I’d have to say when life gets crazy I clean less. Dishes tend to pile up and I take quicker showers. Only the necessities get washed hahaa

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  12. I definitely get the too-busy-to-blog feeling (although I don’t have nearly all the things going on that you do right now!) I hope life calms down soon and that your packing and moving goes smoothly. I’m sure it’ll feel so great when you’re settled into your new place!

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