First things first – Rabbit Rabbit. Okay.

So although yesterday was Monday, and that’s when everyone recaps their weekend festivities, I’m deciding to go against the grain and wait until Tuesday to do that. I know… who do I think I am…

Backing back up to Friday I made a major change to my routine which I’m pretty happy about. I decided to get my long run in Friday morning before work. Planning for 16-ish miles before work meant an early wake up, but to be quite honest, it was the best thing I’ve done in a while. I made the executive decision to start eliminating things from my day that stress me out. One of which is fitting in my long run on the weekend. Which is totally counterintuitive. Why not run on the weekend when you have endless time you may ask… well I don’t. I have 48 hour to unwind and relax and I don’t want to have to spend three of them one day running. Well 2:40 to be exact but whatever. Even though I will still run on the weekends, heading out for 60 minutes is a lot easier and more flexible than 160.

I sweat a lot. So let me share that with the world.

So Friday mornings run went well (finally) and felt easy and relaxed. I will most likely now be doing my long runs on Fridays – weather and body permitting. And plus it allows me to take a rest/cross-training day on Thursday which is a nice break mid-week.

Friday night I went into the city with my boyfriend and his family to celebrate his sisters birthday. We went to an AH-MAZE-ING restaurant in the West Village called L’Artusi. I stuck with veggie sides for my meal, but I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing they were. Best meal in a long time.

Saturday was a day of exactly what I needed. It was super relaxed and I just kind of went with the flow. Which is totally not me. It was nice spending a weekend at home after the last three weekends traveling. I still got up to get a run in, but had about two hours of extra sleep, and was delighted that only one hour of my weekend was devoted to exercise. After an easy morning, some grocery shopping, and a few errands here and there, it was mid-afternoon.

When I go out, I like to go out to parties with pets. Specifically dogs. We are now best friends.

Celebrations continued this weekend. Next Sunday, my boyfriend and I will have been officially dating for two years (wait what?). He unfortunately has to get some shoulder surgery this week, so we decided to celebrate early. Gift exchange occurred, and in true fashion he knocked it out of the ballpark with an amazing, beautiful, and special gift. My gift on the other hand was equally awesome, but in true “my life is so awkward” fashion… the camera I had bought him… was not in the box. So I was sold a very expensive, very empty, cardboard box. In which he opened and goes “but where’s the camera”?

Needless to say, we were able to get him his actual gift that day, but nothing says I Love You like an empty box, am I right?

JK it was empty on purpose.

Sunday we went back into the city to be cool and walk the High Line. Neither BF or I have done it before, and I figured it would be a super fun way for him to try out his new prezzy. Which he did, and he even got some pretty awesome photos. Especially one of me staring out into space with my mouth wide open like a grouper fish. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll share it with you guys.

I don’t know if you guys know, but no one has ever taken a photo of this mural and posted it on the internet before. It’s 100% original.

I think we walked a little over 10 miles – who are we – from the West Village / Chelsea up through Central Park to dinner at Candle 79 in the Upper East Side. If you’re ever in NYC and want to have the best meal of your life, please go here. Any time there is a special occasion, I immediately default to this restaurant. It is totally organic and completely vegan (woot) and the food is beyond incredible. My boyfriend and I were absolutely famished by the time we got there (needless to say sitting never felt so good) and we chowed down. Since my dietary restrictions are somewhat troublesome when I go out to eat, it is like a dream for me to eat here. SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I love it.

Hello old friend.
I want it. And I want it all.

We split the Angel’s Nachos with grilled Seitan and Cornmeal Poppers to start, I had the Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Cake (every. time.) and BF tried the Tempeh Vegetable Tamale. And obviously we split the chocolate peanut butter bliss for dessert. Because, it’s vegan, therefore calorie free yeah? No? I’m going to go with yes.

Needless to say when we got home last night we crashed and crashed hard. It was so much fun, and a really great way to spend time together. Again, the weekend was a total go-with-the-flow feel, which is something I’m not so good at doing. But I’m really happy I did. It was a great way to spend time together. I am so so lucky to have this guy in my life. And I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Do you have a favorite restaurant to go to for special occasions?

What’s the furthest you’ve ever walked? Honestly, my legs are more tired from walking yesterday than running a marathon. I know I will totally regret this in my post-marathon blog post, but seriously. Holy shit 10 miles is far!

39 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Haha! The empty box thing really got me. I was getting a little pissed that happened to you.
    And, um, 10 miles?! I think I would’ve demanded my own slice of pie! 😉 If I ever get to go back to NYC, I will certainly check that place out- it sounds awesome!

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  2. Hahahahahaha you should have told him that your love should be enough and he shouldn’t need a fancy gift! I love NYC. It makes me so happy. We are finally going back next spring. And can I just say that, as someone from the south, we regularly make a meal out of veggie sides–>veggie plate, and they are often the hits of the restaurants! Farthest I’ve walked in a day was 12 miles in Paris, followed up by 10 the next day! (honeymoon) but when you are in Paris…

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  3. I love the empty box idea – so fun and hilarious!
    We have a few favourite restaurants for special occasions – I get them same thing every time too:)
    Sounds like the Friday long runs are really a great idea for you! I totally feel the same way about having a weekend of total rest – nothing sounds better!

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  4. Love this weekend recap! Your anniversary sounds so much fun. Dan and I are actually celebrating 4 years on Wednesday! We never really do anything big or do gifts for it..last year we did this ropes course nearby but that was just because our anniversary landed on Labor Day and they had openings! Not sure if we’re doing anything this year, but it will be our last anniversary when we’re not married which is cool I guess?

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  5. I think its a great idea to get your long run in when you have to get up anyway for work. I have done this and figure since I need to be up early, I might as well make it earlier and get in my run so I can sleep in on the weekend! I never regretted it come Saturday morning :-). Looks like you have a great weekend and fun celebrating your anniversary!

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  6. RABBIT RABBIT! I love that so many other people say that. Ok, I have to try Candle 79. I don’t know why I haven’t yet. Also, it’s fascinating to see how far one walks in this city. The whole reason I have a fitbit is to track the random wanderings that occur on a daily basis.

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  7. I really enjoy Candle 79 on occasion, it’s pretty expensive to go to often and also tough for me (they have a dedicated gluten free menu, but 75% of it is heavy on the almond/cashew/walnut whatever substitutes and I am also allergic to nuts whomp whomp). I do like the grilled kale salad with tempeh and the spiced chickpea cake 🙂
    I’m always amazed by how far I walk in a day on a daily basis in the city, although I like to think one day when I get to move out again to a place more my speed I’ll stay active because I just can’t sit still!

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  8. My legs are always SO dead after walking a lot. I do enjoy going for long walks though. I do it pretty often. I’m a big fan of long runs on weekdays (although for me, I didn’t used to have to work until 1 on Mondays so it was a lot easier. Now I’ll be getting up at the a$$crack of dawn to get it done) because like you, I want to fully enjoy my weekend. I want to bike without worrying about getting my miles in, sleep in if i feel like it, etc. Worth the early wake up once a week.

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  9. We visited all of those places last year when we went to NYC and I tell everyone to go to the High Line, now! Hilarious the camera wasn’t in the box! I remember two years ago when I was training for a race, I did most of my long runs on Friday and I LOVED it! I love to run, don’t get me wrong, but having the weekend to relax and sleep in was amazing!

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  10. I love all of your photo captions. They’re so great. I would way rather run 50 miles than walk 10. I get all hypoglycemic and pathetic when I walk. I practically have to have a sandwich hanging out of my mouth when I go to the mall.

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  11. Sounds like a fun weekend! It is so nice not to have to do long runs on the weekend, I’m so excited to switch back to that after my marathon. I walked everywhere when I studied abroad in Europe but never really tracked it – although I do remember one day of walking about 10-11 miles in Rome. Naturally then I ate gelato to balance that out.

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  12. I think you are so smart to get your long runs out of the way on Friday. I would much rather enjoy my weekend as well. Happy early anniversary to you guys! That stinks that he has to have shoulder surgery.


  13. I also have been fitting in my long runs during the week and it is the best feeling ever! Since both Scott and I work from home, we are pretty flexible with hours, which helps a ton. But going into the weekend knowing our long run is over is the BEST feeling ever!

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  14. haha i love that kiss mural — pretty sure it’s been on my blog a few times already as well. we’re so original. 🙂 glad you had such a great time in the city! L’Artusi is my best friend’s fave restaurant — i’ve yet to go! i’ve been to the Candle Cafe on the UWS but not Candle 79 — so good though, right?

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  15. I walked around 13 miles one day this summer in NYC (we only had 1 day to do ALL of our exploring and we probably weren’t the greatest at using the subway haha) and YES, my legs were definitely tired the next day! It’s crazy how walking seems to use totally different muscles than running.

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  16. I have heard such good things about Candle 79!! It is blissful to walk into a restaurant and be able to order ANYTHING on the menu! The last time I walked a long way was when I got lost in a forest while walking dogs and had to get myself out. Dog sitting was really fun that day X-)


  17. I did my long run on Friday this week and I must say, I actually really liked it. It was nice to have the weekend to relax with my family rather than worrying about having to get up super early!

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