Bye Felicia (August) #MIMM

Not only can I not believe it’s Monday again, I am mind blown by the fact that tomorrow is September. Like when did that happen? I need to change out my Lilly shorts for Flannels because September marks the beginning of my “basic bitch” season and I can’t wait to do all the stereotypical activities like wear flannel while apple picking, in my Uggs, drinking a PSL (just kidding I hate PSL, I’ll be having a peppermint hot chocolate).

But in honor of ending one month I’m going to link up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to recap everything that was/is marvelous running in August. Oh and tomorrow I’ll talk about my fabulous weekend.


August Running:
211.2 miles, 7’58” average pace

I was initially pretty frustrated with this months running. The weather was hot and humid, and I felt like no matter what my legs were heavy. I had high ambitions for milage going into my week long vacation in Nantucket, but as I spoke about previously, I fell a bit short. I did run my first 60+ mile week which was awesome, but may have had lingering effects as to why it took my legs so long to get their mojo back. The last week has been a big confidence booster. Runs (long and short) are feeling a bit more fluid, and hopefully will continue to translate into faster splits. I still need to work on proper recovery and nutrition, although better, can always improve (looking at you vegan chocolate peanut butter bliss….)

8/24 – 8/30 Workout Recap:
Monday AM Run: 8.01 miles, 7’55” average pace
Tuesday AM Run: 8.05 miles, 7’31” average pace
Wednesday AM Run: 7.01 miles, 8’15” average pace
Thursday Rest day.
Friday: AM Run: 16.2 miles, 7’37” average pace
*I’m hoping to switching my long runs to Friday before work. It means an absurdly early wake up time, but it also allows for me to really enjoy my weekend and not be stressed about getting my long run in. Yes, I realize that’s absurd I get stressed about those things.
Saturday AM Run: 7.25 miles, 7’31” average pace.
Sunday AM Run: 5.4 miles, 7’52” average pace.
*Legs were feeling it. Kept it slow and easy. Also the humidity returned. Ugh. And I knew we would be walking quite a bit in the city, over 10 miles (what!?) so I didn’t feel the need to get any distance in.

Total Miles: 51.8
Average Pace: 7’45”

Looking forward to what September will bring and working on pacing strategies during a couple of halfs early this fall! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and can’t wait to get back tomorrow and tell you all about my weekend and some pretty exciting things I have planned!

Happy Monday!!

How was your week of workouts?

What was your favorite workout last week?


38 thoughts on “Bye Felicia (August) #MIMM

  1. Nice job on that long run! I don’t think you are absurd at ALL for getting stressed about a long run. I get stressed every week for mine, especially if I’m running with friends. Mostly because I’m afraid I’ll be having an off day and ruin their run. I have to be at work by 7:09 (I know, weird time) so I can’t really do more than 10 in the morning. I can’t decide if I’d rather do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday at this point! Oddly enough, my favorite workout last week was my long run because of the company. When I feel good, they end up being my fav!

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  2. I’m always so impressed with your workouts/mileage. My week was pretty good actually! My favorite workout was my long run (even though it wasn’t easy). September means we’ll be seeing Christmas decorations in Michael’s soon.

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  3. While I’m not excited to see summer go, I do love the fall. Just keep winter away. Cool. Good talk. But also love that idea about long runs on Fridays. I’ve had a few Friday’s off but may start doing that so the weekends are free.

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  4. If I could somehow manage to get the long runs in before the weekend I would, as it is early Sat morning is ideal since then I don’t have to think about it the whole weekend! I felt like my legs were heavy most of this month too. No end to the humidity yet, though, I need fall!

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  5. I’m already stocked up on flannels…Also ready to be basic 🙂 I remember at school every girl wore leggings and North Face jackets…whatever it’s comfortable right? Great job with your mileage this month! I was happy to hit 100 miles and you more than doubled that…at a much faster pace. That’s awesome!!!

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  6. I am looking forward to fall for similar reasons :-). Great week of running and glad to hear things turned around for the month. I also cannot believe its September tomorrow. Crazy! I had to scale back my running last week because of being sick but got some miles in. Have a great Monday!

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  7. Love basic bitch September. It’s my favorite month for all the same reasons, but also because its my birthday month AND the start of football. I prefer pumpkin beer over PSLs, but they are pretty freaking good. And who cares if we love flannel and artificial pumpkin flavoring…. it’s a free country! Enjoy your BB activities, I’ll be doing the exact same 🙂

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  8. Your August mileage blows my mind! Don’t be frustrated – life/weather happens. You are still awesome!
    I am definitely with you on the long run before the weekend thing. I had some Fridays off this summer and immediately switched my runs to then. There isn’t much better than two days to sleep in, lounge and eat delicious breakfasts!
    My favourite workout this week was a 10km. It wasn’t super fast but it just felt really great!

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  9. I start stressing about my long run and how it fits into my weekend usually by Tuesday, lol. Luckily I am not running a full this year but still. I have tried doing it some Fridays and usually crap out at mile 10 because of time. Also I tend to be knocked down from the heat and humidity after a long run – like this past Saturday – I was down for the count!
    I am in denial tomorrow is September, I want to hit pause on summer!

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  10. I often wish I could get my long run done on Friday mornings but it would just be too rushed. I dont mind waking up early but I think 4am is a little excessive, even for me:) I definitely like getting it done first thing on Saturday though so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  11. Man I wish we were getting fall weather. It doesn’t happen here in Kuwait. In fact we have summer (temperatures 110-130) 9 out of the 12 months a year. Talk about miserable at times.

    Great week of runs. I actually used to do my long run on Friday mornings as well for similar reasons. Hopefully it works out for you as well.


  12. What a great month of training! That mileage is awesome! And oh my goodness…I really don’t like PSL either. Peppermint hot chocolate is where it’s at. I actually order peppermint coke sometimes from a place where they make it in front of you, and that’s also pretty amazing.

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  13. I am not a fan of PSL either, so I will be apple picking with my coconut milk latte. It looks like a really good month of training!


  14. I’m not a fan of the PSL either – I’ll take real pumpkin and then everything else about fall, please. I did my long runs on Fridays during my last training cycle and decided that after this marathon I’m going to switch back to that – it’s so nice to get to enjoy both Friday and Saturday nights without stressing about the run.

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  15. Glad to see your running picking up again!! I’m with you on the early mornings. I don’t want to force myself to give up biking/weekending to do a long run by myself, so I’m leaning towards disgustingly early wake ups as well.

    And all aboard the hot chocolate train! Although yours is a little fancier than my gas station variety hahaha


  16. I think your mileage rocked 🙂 I get into the groove of meeting up with people to make long run saturdays happen unless I’m busy and I’ll bust my booty to get a friday morning AM thing done!


  17. What awesome go girl! My favorite workout last week was definitely Flywheel..always a good time and a good sweat 🙂


  18. I had a solid week as well. It feels good to know your legs are recovering because that means you’re doing something right. I have to wake up at 6 usually for a long run so it’s not too bad (it will be harder when it gets darker out). Are you training for a race?


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