I haven’t done one of these posts in a while. I was on such a roll, but after Wednesday’s post where I shared my obsession love for all things acai and smoothie, I feel a little lost as to where to start. So I figured why not go back onto my camera and see what I last took a picture of. Because if I photographed it, it must be something of great importance. Which then turned into “oh I like this picture” and “wait, I like this one too”, and well you see where this is going.

So I’m linking up with HeatherKatie, and Clare this week to talk about all the pictures I decided to post on my camera that give me happy summer time memories. And in true Fridaze fashion, I will only be providing a sentence per picture (#Lazy).

 Off to Figawi over MDW dressed festive AF. 

Can’t go to ACK without a stop at The Green.  
 90 Minutes in the Brewery line allowed me to take artsy photos.  

Worth it. 

ZBB is officially the best concert ever, and best surprise ever from the best guy ever. (Lots of bests)  
Smoothie bowls are substantially harder to drink eat than smoothies – I prefer the straw.   Fourth of July adventures with my favorite. 
I’m official.   Mid-day work break. 
The best kind of long run always ends at the beach. 

If I could spend every day like this I would.   
I went fishing and I didn’t barf. All things America. 

Look Ma, no hands!I probably wouldn’t trust me either. 

And that’s all I have for you today! I hope you have a fabulous Friday and an even more amazing weekend. I have a weekend at home for the first time in a while and I’m really looking forward to spending time at home relaxing with the BF! Have a good day everyone!

If you had to use a sentence to describe your summer, what would it be?

Have you ever flown in a co-pilot seat? The airplane I take to and from Nantucket is a small, 8 seater and I always try to sit shot gun 🙂

39 thoughts on “Fridaze

  1. If I had to describe my summer in one sentence it would be “Home renovations always take longer than expected.” Congrats on being “official” and now I want to go to the beach…


  2. Wow, call me crazy but I never knew this official Boston certificate existed! Congrats, that is so cool (and should go right up on the wall with your degree;)
    Love all the pictures. Looks like you had an amazing time!! My summer was quiet:)

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  3. My summer – started off slow and onerous with the bar, ending on the high-flyingest note ever with my England trip and the Dumbo Double Dare! Love all the glimpses of ACK, what would make my post-bar adventures even better is the chance to get down the Cape for a little while…

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  4. Love all the summer pictures. You know we are basically the same person with our feelings about our vacation homes. Love love love. You really made the most of your summer!! My phrase: home sweet #boatlife.

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  5. Adorable photos – looks like an amazing summer! The mountains and alpine lakes have been to my summer what the beach has been to yours.

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  6. I LOVE these pictures!!! You always have the best looking smoothie and acai bowls or whatever they are. You need to frame that Boston Marathon certificate foreverrrrr 🙂

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  7. heheh I thought that smoothie bowl had bacon bits in it!! My one word for this summer would be unsummer. bc I went to the beach ONCE and have been working and/or running/training the entire time. ugh! my vacation starts monday!!

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  8. If I could describe my summer in one word it would be “mature”. I feel like I grew up a lot this summer just taking on more responsibility, running and spending smarter and learning how “to adult”
    AWESOME Boston certificate!


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