Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Total Randomness

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  • It’s a proven fact that the week after a short week is actually longer. Like instead of 120 hours, the week is actually 200 hours. It’s science. Needless to say, I have been beyond confused all week. I though Monday was Tuesday and Tuesday was Wednesday, etc. Not only did this complicate things for work, but more importantly, I was so confused why RHONY was not on TV Monday night. #MyStruggleIsSoReal
  • Monday, I was able to have my friends and family join me for that free SoulCycle class. It was so much fun and I was so happy that everyone had a good time. I sent out an email to all the new riders who came looking for some feedback, as I am working on a follow-up post. I think because I have such an addiction passion for SoulCycle it will be good for me to share a new riders perspective.
  • The other day I found my most favoritest (real word) flower on my walk to Starbucks. Peonies are gorgeous and I absolutely love them. Even more than hydrangeas which come in number two. But please don’t buy me flowers. 1. It usually means you did something you feel bad about AND 2. they eventually die and that makes me sad. #ChocolateOverFlowers

  • I was so pumped for Entourage to come out Wednesday night. I binge watched all 8 seasons, #Shameless, so I was beyond excited to see the movie. I was all ready to battle the crowds, obtain a jumbo large Diet Coke (light ice duh), and have a wild mid-week night out at the movies.  Imagine my surprise when I got a text from BF saying the movie was playing locally Tuesday night. At 7PM! Minimizing the chances I fall asleep. Honestly… I don’t know when I got so cool. Anyways, the movie was incredible. It just felt like an extended episode, but you know what, it was entertaining, well done, and wrapped things up perfectly. And surprisingly, all of the hilarious moments weren’t spoiled in the trailer. Best night ever. Side Note: I can’t wait for Ted 2.

  • After my National Running Day post, I realized my race calendar for 2015 is looking a little empty. The only races I have planned/signed-up for are the Fairfield Half in June where I will be running as a pacer (1:40 group holla at your girl), and NYCM in November. I’d like to incorporate some shorter, faster races this summer, so I am hoping to run the Westport Summer Series as part of my longer training runs. Especially the shorter distances, I think it would be great to tack them on to the end of a long run and practice finishing fast on tired legs.Looking ahead, I’d like to add in a few half marathons in late summer/early fall to help practice my leg turnover and race fueling strategy. Again some of these races I’d like to do as part of or at the end of a long training run. Possible options for me are the Hogsback Half Marathon September 26th, and the Nantucket Half Marathon October 11th, or the SONO Half Marathon October 17th.As far as 2016 goes (yep…) I plan on running Boston again. I have dabbled with the idea of doing the Boston 2 Big Sur challenge, but not sure how my body would respond to that type of schedule. I also want to see how NYC goes in terms of time. I’d be more comfortable doing the Boston 2 Big Sur challenge if I re-qualify for Boston 2017 in New York. If not, I will want to refocus for Boston and race again there.
  • I’ve had a few requests regarding my recipe for Acai Bowls:
    2 Sambazon Acai Berry Packets Unsweetened (frozen) – many people prefer the sweetened packets at the company offers both, but I like my acai bowls a bit more tart.
    – 1 Cup unsweetened original flavor Almond Milk
    – 1 Frozen Banana – you can use a fresh banana, but I think frozen gives the acai bowl a bit more substance and a smoother consistency
    Optional: 1/4 Cup nut butter – personally I do not like adding nut butter to my acai bowls, however if you want a thicker consistency, definitely add the nut butter
    *Blend all together – I don’t feel the need to add ice since most of my ingredients are already frozen, but you can if you want. This will make the acai bowl a little bit more liquid-y (definitely not a word…)
    – Top with whatever you like! Some of my favorite toppings are blueberries, strawberries, shaved unsweetened coconut flakes, and granola.

    Yep. Same picture from yesterday. #LongHairDon’tCare
  • Now onto two random refreshments I found in our office kitchen this week. This tea, and this gum.
Peach and Ginger – not what I expected
Most hipster gum around.

Let’s start out on the tea… Peach & Ginger sounds totally up my alley, healthy, and honestly, quite refreshing. Since giving up soda almost three weeks ago (yes I caved and had one during Entourage…) I’ve been drinking a ton of water. So I had been craving something fizzy with flavor. Result: totally unimpressed. Honestly, it tasted a bit weird, and far too bitter for my taste. Or maybe I just thought it would be sweet because of the peach? Alas… won’t be grabbing one of those again…

Now the gum. How can gum be “hipster” you might ask… well because it’s an assembly required type gum. Because everything is “simple”, “pure”, and “organic”, the box actually has a divider, one side filled with the gum pieces and the other with the wrapping paper. Therefore, no paper is wasted if you are just helping yourself. However, want to give some gum to a friend? Feel free to remove a sheet of paper, place a piece of gum inside, and hand roll the wrapper around the gum. #IJustCant. Not to mention the gum was rather flavorless and far too sticky – think pencil eraser… Another no thanks…

Have you tried any new to you products lately? Anything you absolutely loved?

What was the last movie you saw? Before Entourage I believe it was Avengers.

Do you like getting flowers? If so, which are your favorite? I hate when flowers die… my mom got me a gorgeous Lilly plant, that she was told by the florist, was difficult to kill. It was dead within a week…


38 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Total Randomness

  1. My race schedule is bare right now other than NYCM! I know I’ll sign up for at least 1 early fall half but I haven’t even looked into it yet. I also felt the same this week about being one day off and kept thinking I needed to link up for WIAW on tues and then TOL yesterday!

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  2. So with you on chocolate over flowers 🙂 But your top two favorite flowers are also my favorites! And thank you – another Diet Coke lover! I try to not drink soda but after my Saturday long run the first thing I did at breakfast was order a diet coke. I recently saw Pitch Perfect 2 – it was pretty cute! And as for new products…hmmm…no, but I need to get on board with the Acai bowls everyone is loving. This is new to me! LOL! Happy Thursday!

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  3. Hey girl! You should come to DC and do the series here! I know they have a short race every friday evening or something! Ive always wanted to do a color run! Come do one with me 🙂 As for new products, I totally caved and bought the trader joes cold brew coffee, I am not one for iced coffee but i made my own coolatta! I did water, ice, coffee and a stevia packet and blended it! IT was a little foamy which made it seem like a dessert!!!! hahah I have also tried Vega One protein, they have a new flavor coconut almond that I am OBSESSED with! Favorite flowers: lilies, hydrangeas, peonies!

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  4. I totally feel you on “short” weeks! Ugh! Nature is so cruel! You’d think it would be awesome that you constantly think it’s Tuesday what it’s really Wednesday, but it’s actually kind of scary: “oh I’ve got time, that meeting isn’t until Thursday….OH SHOOT THAT’S TOMORROW!”

    My race schedule for 2016 is also pretty barren except for the two marathons I’m doing, partly because I haven’t thought that far ahead. I think it’s going to be really limited though. I’m doing a LOT of races this year and I would really like to cut back next year and focus more on the training. Races are just so expensive, and that’s before the travel and everything. The novelty is starting wear off and I’m realizing I don’t need to do ALL THE HALF MARATHONS.

    I would loooooove to do Boston 2 Big Sur one day *drool*. It would take some serious planning and money saving for all that travel though!

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    1. You’re so right, between travel, expo, entry, etc, running is NOT cheap sport! Sometimes I look at my bank account and I’m like “did I really spent over $1000 on XYZ race”!? I told my mom about my dream of Boston 2 Big Sur and her response is “do you know how expensive that’s going to be for everyone to go watch?” Haha. I love my mom – best cheerleader around! Hope you have a fantastic day : )

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  5. The last movie I saw in theatres was Insurgent. I liked the first one much better, but it was decent! I don’t get to the movies very often though!

    I’m with you on the flowers..they’re pretty but die quickly. Occasionally Dan will surprise me with some, but isn’t a fan of getting them for me on Valentines Day or my birthday or anniversary or anything – he’s too hipster for that 😉

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  6. Get Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach. It was my favorite tea for YEARS. YEARS. I’m pretty pumped about the Entourage movie. I watched the first five seasons (?) but not the others (I don’t have HBO, i’m po), so I need to catch up first. BUT YES.

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    1. It was amazing. I’m so obsessed… I feel like they’re my friends haha. And thank you for the recommendation I’m definitely going to have to check it out!!


  7. Hi Jamie! I was JUST saying that I think this week has seemed longer, so I’m glad I’m not alone on that feeling. And I make acai bowls with the same ingredients as you (yay acai!), but I throw in some extra frozen spinach too for some additional greens most of the time. Also, I haven’t been to the movies in forever but would actually consider seeing Entourage, because I was a fan of the show. Here’s to a great Thursday!

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    1. I’ve toyed with the idea of adding spinach or kale but I’m very nervous. Not the biggest fan of green drinks (I know…) so I’m hesitant but I will have to try : ) Thanks for the recommendation!!


  8. I’m SO thrown off this week. I have no idea what day it is (I woke up thinking today WAS Friday. LETDOWN.) and it is draggingggg. How is it only Thursday? Really, how? I’m dying. I need to try soulcycle. And I need to find some more races. Also, yes, I really want to see Ted 2. I need to convince Tim to go with me…

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    1. I will be laughing embarrassingly loud.. and I have a little think for Mark Wahlberg sooo I think Will is willing to come to the movie but might sit a few seats away haha. Ugh can we just pretend today’s Friday??


  9. I’m with you on being off on days this week – thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I’m always on board for that 🙂 My husband has never bought me flowers, I told him when we started dating that if he wanted to surprise me he should do it with cupcakes!

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  10. the last movie i saw was Pitch Perfect 2 with a whole bunch of friends — really hilarious. i want to see Avengers b/c RDJ is my guy! peach & ginger sounds good to me too, so it’s always a disappointment when the expectations don’t get met with the reality of the weird flavor combos! and hipster gum –> lolllzzzz i’m so into that.

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  11. Aww I LOVE flowers! My favorites are gerber daisies. My hubby bought and planted two boxes of them for me 🙂 they’re still alive! Yay! My race calendar is pretty bare itself. Only a 10k in July and a marathon in Nov. If I was richer I’d race more but it’s probably better for my body to focus more on a handful of races than many… I guess lol and yes. This week has been SO much longer!!!

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  12. Avengers: Age of Ultron was the last movie I saw (um, I saw it twice actually) and I am SO excited for Jurassic World.
    My husband gets me flowers maybe once a year. He’s figured out by now that chocolate, donuts, beer, wine, or something of the sort is better than flowers in my book.

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  13. The newest product I tried is coconut butter conditioner. It smells so good I almost want to eat it (almost). I’ve heard coconut butter itself has so many uses like make up remover and lotion etc. The last movie I saw was “Hungry For Change” on Netflix and the last movie I went to was “Plant Pure Nation” it was a kickstarter at my local theater. My favorite flowers are lilacs. So pretty!

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  14. I think the last movie I saw in the theater was American sniper. The experience of going to the movies is just awful to me… So i usually wait until they come out at redbox or in demand.

    I LOOOOOVE getting flowers. Daisies are my favorite

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  15. Peonies and tulips are my favorite flowers!! Last movie I saw in a movie theater? Oh wow, I can’t even tell you! I haven’t been to the theater in probably years!

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