National Running Day & WIAW

I saw this survey on Renaissance Runner Girl’s Blog on Monday and I figured since it’s National Running Day, I ought to answer a few questions pertaining to running.

Afterwards I’ll catch everyone up on WIAW (but really Tuesday) because who doesn’t want to see all my meals?


Thanks for the LinkUp Jenn!

1. Why do you run? Running has become a part of me. I dabbled with running in high school to supplement swimming, I ran a few half marathons in college, but it wasn’t until grad school when I became completely and utterly obsessed. I’d like to sit down and write out the progression of my running “career” since it took YEARS to develop. But back to the question… #Tangent… Running helps me stay sane and focused. It taught me discipline and has become one of my greatest passions in life. Running has inspired me to chase my dreams (LOL) and prove to me that if I do work hard enough, I can catch them (double LOL). 

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? I went on a run. Obviously? This year I really hope to focus on the enjoyment of running and run Garmin free. AKA Garmin hidden in my pocket. That as “free” as this girl gets. #GetOverIt

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?  As of May 31st, 1,010 miles. Well that’s kinda fun.

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year? My one goal race is NYCM. I have a few other half marathons planned (Fairfield – June, Hogsback – September, South Norwalk – October, Nantucket – October), and would like to add in a a few shorter distance races. As NYC is my main focus, all other races will serve as training runs.

5. Before I leave for a run I must have: Garmin, headphones, apartment keys. No I don’t eat before I run.

6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs? I use my Nike GPS watch.

7. Who is your favorite running partner? I usually run solo, #ForeverAlone, but I love running with my boyfriend.

8. What races have you run so far this year? Hmm… I feel like I haven’t run any haha… I ran the Boston Buildup Series (10K, 15K, 20K, 25K) weekends from January through March, the NYC Half in March, the Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon in April, Boston Marathon (and Part 2) in April, and the Stamford Boys & Girls Club 5K in May. I don’t think I’m missing any others…

Now to my meals…. Captions only : )

Homemade Acai Bowl with frozen banana, shredded coconut, and granola
Mid morning snack – two date bowls (reused picture it’s whatever)
Asparagus Fettuccine with homemade lemon asparagus sauce

Answer one of the questions above! 

What was your favorite meal this past week? Date balls… if I eat enough in one sitting does that count as a meal?

How did you celebrate National Running Day?


51 thoughts on “National Running Day & WIAW

  1. I always ran alone, but a year ago I found the most perfect running partner in my town, she’s an awesome friend as well. Sadly she’s moving to Texas in two weeks! I know I can happy running alone, but I’ll always appreciate that running partner bond now 🙂

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  2. I am also a solo runner…for me its my time to think about whatever I want and clear my mind, and I wouldn’t want to worry about keeping pace with someone else. However, I could see if you found a perfect running buddy that could change things. Happy National Running Day!

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  3. I celebrated with a run this morning (4 miles) and then going for a group fun run with my local running shop later on today. I LOVE National Running Day!!
    My favorite running app is currently Strava. I use it for cycling too. It’s pretty awesome!

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  4. I finally got my boyfriend to start running this year, so I’ve enjoyed having a running partner a few miles in the week! I also joined a run club last month, so I’ve had a lot of fun running with a big group! In fact, we have a run today with a foam rolling party afterwards 😀 Have a great day!

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  5. That pasta dish…. I want that now! Problem solved what I’ll do with the asparagus in my fridge 😉
    And seriously girl, over 1000 miles this year so far? You’re a machine!
    Btw thanks for your really nice comment yesterday! You totally made my day 🙂

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  6. What a great post! Running has become part of me as well and I am just a better person because of it. I’m going to answer your question #4 – The big event I’m looking forward to is the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis, TN. I am raising money for the kids of St Jude and that is such a great race and cause to run for! It takes the spotlight off me and puts it on others and it is what helps me in my training and getting through this race!

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  7. Happy National Running Day! I love that you are running “garmin free” by putting it in your pocket. ha. Totally something I would do to. And I feel like I haven’t run any races this year either! I have a few coming up in the next few weeks but I definitely don’t have as many in as I usually do by now.

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    1. Ugh I wish it was alfredo!!! … it’s actually just asparagus blended with lemon juice and pepper haha. The Crohn’s doesn’t allow for delicious cream sauce : ( Have a fantastic Wednesday!!


  8. Dang, that’s a good amount of miles! So jealous of the NYCM, too! Reading these comments gave me answers to a few questions… I’m guessing your personal issue was Crohn’s- dumb of me not to know. And the recipe for the Asparagus Fettuccine with homemade lemon asparagus sauce is above. How much of eat did you use? It looks scrumptious!

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    1. I am hoping to provide the recipe on a post this Thursday or Friday! It was perfect and since I cook for one, it’s been my lunch all week long! Haha.


  9. Happy NRD!! when runnerds unite and get to geek out over our fave thing ever. 🙂 i’m taking an outdoor running bootcamp class tonight for the first time in a while, so i’m stoked for that! enjoy your day!

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    1. I use frozen sambazon acai berries (two packets), almond milk, frozen banana and blend in the vitamix; top with anything (I usually go for raspberries, blueberries, granola, and shredded coconut). I will put together a post on my acai bowls soon! With actual measurements since I usually just go by look haha.

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  10. Your pasta dinner sounds delicious! Asparagus is one of the few vegetables I will voluntarily eat (I am secretly a three year old), and the fact that the sauce was homemade only makes me like it even more!

    Favorite meal this week was a homemade pizza. Too good!

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  11. So glad you enjoyed doing the Q&A in addition to WIAW – because honestly, running plus food is pretty much all a girl needs to kick off her morning right 🙂

    I’m looking to run more Fairfield County races, it’s where I’m from and I’d love to switch it up from the usual loop around Central Park with NYRR!

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  12. I’m a solo runner also. Every once and while I get my husband to run with me, but we have such different paces and different goals that it doesn’t happen frequently. I can’t leave my watch at home either, so if I’m not running for a certain pace I just cover it up also. I’m meticulous about logging my runs so I can have data feedback and track progress!

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  13. YES, I love running for the discipline it’s taught me. And that I can achieve more than I once thought if I just keep working at it 🙂
    I don’t track my runs with an app either – I’m a watch girl. That, and I’ll put an X through the day on my training plan, but that’s it.
    Your eats look freaking delicious. Seriously, I wish you could send me leftovers 😮 #nomnomnom

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  14. I didn’t know it was National Running Day (tho I live in the UK so it doesn’t really count) but I unknowingly celebrated with a run!

    Favourite meal this week: A Pret kid’s cheese sandwich, and then later wholenut peanut butter on a crumpet. Not really a meal, more a reward for finishing 6 miles without too much complaining 😛

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  15. Wow you’ve run a ton of miles and races so far this year! Great job! That acai bowl looks absolutely delicious too. What’s the best thing I ate so far this week? Hmm…probably the mashed potatoes I made on Monday night…I can whip up some pretty great mashed potatoes 😀
    And I celebrated yesterday with some mile repeats! Ooh they were tough but it sure felt good to complete that beast of a workout.

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