Good Tidings

Well hello there. It’s been a hot minute. I guess life got even crazier than I expected. But I think I have finally found a balance. I feel somewhat caught up with work, relaxing with minimal training, and finally all settled into my new apartment. I’m going to give you a quick and dirty of what’s been going on over the last few weeks, and then get into more details throughout the week. Yes – I do have posts planned (GASP!).

So here I am, Monday morning, linking up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday…. It’s good to be back.

So where have I been? I’ve moved in, I ran the NYCM, and I have been recovering ever since. I have often felt overwhelmed in the last few weeks and had to remind myself it’s okay to not blog. Blogging is something I truly enjoy, and 100% wish it was my career, but it’s not. And if it effects my mental health and stress levels, welp, it’s not worth it. No matter how much I love writing and connecting with all you amazing bloggers out there.

So after NYCM, I decided my body needed a serious break. I’ve run twice since then. That’s right… going from 60ish miles a week to about hmmmm 8. It’s been glorious. I love to run, and I’m not going to lie, this perfect fall weather is giving me the running itch, but I think I needed to give my body (and my mind) a much needed break. I broke down totally. Rest is something that I’ve really been enjoying. Sleeping in – what’s that? And cross training? Who knew there were weights in the gym…

I’ve run three times since New York. I’ve cross trained some days, and rested most. I took a full 6 days off from exercising. I think the most stressful thing I did was shower. About three days post race my body was feeling back to normal, but I plan to write a post as to why I took/am taking so much time off. And shock – I haven’t been to SoulCycle yet (post written Friday, probably going to go tonight….)

One side effect I’ve noticed – my appetite. This is the first time in a very long time I haven’t been insatiable. Being satisfied after a portioned size meal was such a distant memory, that I think I had been eating just to eat. But now, I eat and find myself full for HOURS! It’s quite nice… and it makes my tummy and wallet happy.

Other random life happenings:

I ran a local 5K exactly a week after my marathon. It was the first time I ran, and I felt decent. Finished with a time of 20:18 and I was okay with that. I was no means rested, and I somewhat felt like Gumby during the majority of the race but I did something I haven’t done in a really long time – I just ran for fun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.05.18 AM
Me running

My car broke down, so that was cool. Cue an unplanned personal day from work, a few hundred dollars later, I now have a new and improved starter and ignition. #Foreverpoor

I saw Spectre. Do yourself a favor and go see it. Awesome. I loved it, although Will says it wasn’t his favorite.

Ketogenesis. I’m learning lots about it (thanks podcasts) and I’m really interested in modifying my diet to be more ketogenic. Not completely because LOL but it would be interesting to see how I respond to eating more fat.

Making pizza in my new apartment is proving to be quite difficult. Last weekend we were on a mission to make pizza, and that we did. While setting the fire alarm off, four times. Yes. And I burned three of fingers. My life is such a struggle.

And I know there’s more (I swear my life is cool and busy), but that’s all my brain can handle for the moment. I miss you guys, and I can’t wait to catch up on everything! Have a fabulous start to the week! xo

What is the most important thing I’ve missed in the last few weeks?

Best movie you’ve seen recently? I’d really like to see the Peanuts…

What’s the craziest “fad diet” you’ve tried? I don’t really diet, but I think it’s interesting to see how different macro counts can effect personal satiation, athletic performance, and of course Crohn’s.


33 thoughts on “Good Tidings

  1. Hi there! Was happy to see this post this morning 🙂 I had some car troubles a few weeks ago (it didn’t break down though) so I completely understand that first world problem. Threw a wrench into my weekend haha. Glad you’ve been resting and recovering!

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  2. Welcome back! Happy to see you’re writing 🙂 Great job in the 5k..I wish I could run that when I’m feeling good and trained, let alone after a marathon! You’re amazing girl!

    I feel like I haven’t seen any movies recently. I can’t even remember the most recent one! I already got my tickets for Star Wars though so I’m excited for that! One more month!

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  3. You have been through so much lately – wow girl! Way to go on keeping it together and continuing to rock at life. Best wishes on continuing to get all settled into your new place. I’ve definitely set fire alarms off before trying to cook, lol

    And, 20:18 is a “fun run”? A week after your marathon? Holy crap, girl. As someone who couldn’t run a 5K that fast without my heart exploding in my chest first, I’m super impressed at that time, and that it’s so nonchalant for you. Way to go!

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  4. Rest feels so good to me after intense running too. I have not run a marathon but still run 30-40 miles a week and I’ve taken the last few days off and feel SIGNIFICANTLY better and have been sleeping better too! 🙂 I’d be interested to hear about how you feel on the ketogenic diet if you pursue it. I’m a soon to be Registered Dietitian so I’ve learned all about it in my classes, but haven’t heard much first hand experience. Id think you would definitely want to keep a high carb intake for running, but it’s different for everyone!

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    1. I will definitely keep you posted! I’ve run fasted for the past few years so I think my body is used to burning fat during sustained exercise, but it will definitely be interesting to see how a change in diet effect my performance/recovery if at all! 🙂


  5. I haven’t been to a theater in SO long, but we rented Inside Out the other night and it was so good and adorable! I’ve tried and still follow a paleo diet very very loosely, but it just helps me from eating all things at all times! I definitely benefit from boundaries!

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  6. Taking lots of time off from running sounds like a great idea after your hard race! Hopefully, you’ll return to running feeling rested and having a refreshed and new love for it 🙂

    I think Whole 30 is the craziest eating plan I’ve tried just because it’s pretty restrictive but it’s not too terrible. Ugh car problems are the worst! Bet it feels great to have that taken care of 🙂

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  7. I’ve missed your posts!!! I am interested to hear about your break from running/exercise. If I hadn’t signed up for these couple halves I’d probably still be resting but instead I’m plowing through until this weekend and then probably running like twice a week for awhile… or not at all during Thanksgiving/Christmas because I need some quality walks with my mom. My appetite has been so nonexistent lately- probably because I’m not running. I haven’t felt that way in a long time and I kind of miss wanting to eat all the foods! But it is nice to have leftovers after I go out to eat…

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  8. I burn all my food, all my fingers, all the time. I empathize with you, for sure. Incredible 5k time after a marathon! Your body must have felt so weird running so soon after the race. Glad you’re back, and I can’t wait to read your posts this week!

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  9. I saw Spectre and really enjoyed it! It tied with Skyfall for me, although Ryan had the same opinion as Will – he liked it but it wasn’t his favorite. I really want to see Suffragette right now and then Star Wars in a month – there are so many good movies this time of year! Great job on your 5K, especially one week after a marathon! It’s good to have you back blogging and I look forward to reading your posts!

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  10. I went through the same sort of blog break thing a few weeks ago. Life just gets so crazy sometimes and like you I have a full time job and a million other things going on! I’m glad you are taking a well deserved break after NYCM and enjoying it – you deserve it and your body probably loves you for it!

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  11. I’m glad you gave your body the rest it needed! That was probably the best thing you could do. I haven’t been to the movies in forever! I don’t have cable so I don’t even know what’s out anymore, I live under a rock sometimes!

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  12. I felt the same way after my marathon! I just wanted a break from it all…it took me two weeks to feel even semi-back to normal, which I didn’t expect at all. Killer 5k time! And I’m currently trying a pretty drastic diet…nothing crazy but I’ve eliminated SO MUCH. It’s fun though 🙂 Good for you for taking the time you need and listening to your body.


  13. I can totally relate to wanting to blog but needing to back off when its causing more stress! I really wish I had a little more time each day for it, but when I finally have some time at the end of the day its tough to focus on writing a post. I was always better at blogging earlier in the day, and when I don’t have the time then it ends up feeling forced.

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  14. It’s been hard for me to not have posts written for every day, too, but once I accepted it, I was less stressed about it. Sorry to hear about your car! I hate dealing with cars. It’s such a terrible way to spend money! Happy to hear your body is feeling good! Awesome job taking time off. I’m sure your body appreciated less stress!

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  15. I’m glad you’re all moved in safely! Taking time off running must be so good for your mental game. You’ll be ready to go in no time. I’m not a fan of the ketogenic diet for women because it screws with our hormones, causes ammhenorea and thyroid conditions. I help research a book for a man who did a 12 month keto-experiment while he trained for ironman. It messed his body up a bit, and luckily he bounced back. However for women it’s not so great. Here’s a website about some of the pitfalls.

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  16. Welcome back! You’ve surely been missed! I’ve actually been doing Whole30 and it’s been going really well! Waaaay better than expected…even though I am really missing wine. Sorry to hear about your car troubles..those are the WORST. I woke up last week to a flat tire so that was just dandy. Have a great day!

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  17. Definitely go see the Peanuts movie! And welcome back. I know exactly how you feel about the blogging part. i’m kind of at a lull right now where we are so busy and it’s stressing me out more than not, so I may pull back a little over the holidays myself!!

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