Cleansing – Tried It Tuesday

Let’s back it up to yesterdays post. Perhaps it was my post-vacation brain or my pure lack of explanation, but when I said I was cleansing I did not mean a juice cleanse. I will be attempting a cleanse for the next seven days (six at this point) where I focus on only eating whole, natural foods. Nothing prepackaged, nothing pre made. I will be juicing most of my fruits and vegetables to give my digestive system a break, but I will also be eating steamed vegetables, and eggs (duh).

The last time I did a juice cleanse, my mom and I paid way too much money for the three-day Cooler Cleanse. Let’s just say on Day 2 I was found eating saltines in the pantry. #ILoveFood

So I am linking up with Sara from Lake Shore Runner for her Tried it Tuesday. *I am in no ways a dietician/nutritionist/etc. so I have created what I believe will work best for me. I will be continuing to exercise, hence the need to continue to incorporate whole foods into my diet. I am tracking my nutritional consumption each day to ensure I am getting enough calories, as well as a balance of carbohydrates/proteins/fats.


So let’s get to it.

What is my goal for this cleanse? To reset my body. I find a lot of times after a flare I try my hardest to eat what everyone else considers “normal“. Mainly to prove to everyone (and maybe myself) that I’m “healthy” again. But as you can guess, all that does is send my digestive track back into a downward spiral. So I’m hoping that by juicing,  steaming all my vegetables, and eating a low FODMAP diet, I can give my GI tract a bit of a break and time to heal.

So what am I eating? A lot of smoothies. I am including a lot of vegetables (spinach, kale, celery, beets, cucumbers) and fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas) with ice, water, and Vega protein powder. I find the less processed, more natural protein powder is easier for my GI to digest. I will also be eating a lot of steamed veggies (broccoli, sweet potatoes, zucchini) for my main “lunch”. And of course, eggs. I plan on eating them throughout the day, hardboiled as a snack, and scrambled for dinner. Because I’m so #Crazy.

My first homemade green smoothie!
Smoothie #2 with Cinnamon for anti-inflammatory help

I’ve also cut out all sources of carbonation. No more seltzer, #MyVice, and will only be drinking water with lemon or lime for the next seven six days.

I’m interested to see if this helps. Often times, once I start feeling better from a flare, I find myself over indulging in certain food items that I know bother my GI. Sometimes I think it’s to prove a point to myself to be like “see I am better!” and other times I think it’s to prove to those around me “I’m better, you don’t have to keep worrying”. Unfortunately, after this last flare (on and off since APRIL!) I think I am finally coming to terms with just eating what I want to eat, and not feel pressure to eat certain foods because I feel “ok”.

Now I’m not saying I won’t have that Juice Bar ice cream next time I’m on Nantucket, but I need to only get one scoop not two. And I need to have that be my “splurge” and not eat fried food as well. I’m just frustrated with myself as I feel this is exactly what I said happened post Boston: over indulging, poor nutrition, poor balance = GI discomfort. Here’s to really trying to stick to a plan. And hopefully this “cleanse” will be the reset I need.

What was the newest thing you’ve tried recently?

Has anyone else tried a cleanse before? Cooler Cleanse. But it has been determined I need to chew.

What’s your workout today? I have an easy run this am and hopefully run club tonight!


51 thoughts on “Cleansing – Tried It Tuesday

  1. I’m excited to see how this works for you!! The smoothies sound really good, and I love eggs so I’m all for that part too 🙂 I lol’d about the saltines in the pantry comment… That would totally be me. When I loved at home my mom would always talk me into doing different diets with her and I would have to hide my stash of treats so she wouldn’t know I was cheating.

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  2. I hope this helps! I understand what you mean when you want to hurry along the final stages of feeling better, not only for yourself but to help others stop worrying too! It’s like “okay, got it, let me go now tummy, I’m fineeee….ohhh, just kidding.”

    I’ve never done a cleanse myself, but I’m not opposed to trying one (except not Beyonce’s lemon/cayenne only thing… 😉 )

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  3. I hope this helps you to feel better! I could see how it would be easy to overdo it once you start feeling better. I am also one that needs to chew my food; I could never survive a juice cleanse.

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  4. The thought of you smuggling saltines in your pantry seriously just made me LOL. I could only do a total liquid cleanse for like a day – if that. I need my whole food. I did do a 3 day anti-inflammatory cleanse once that was a lot of oatmeal, eggs and salmon. A lot of salmon. I was so sick of it come day 3.

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    1. I am hoping to get some anti-inflammatory benefits from this “cleanse”. I am sure I will be totally burned out on steamed veggies and smoothies by the end. If that’s even possible. Haha


  5. Hope it goes well for you! I definitely think it is good to give your tummy systems a rest from time to time. I often give up meat for short periods at a time for that reason. I am also a massive fan of smoothies. My current favourite is frozen banana, strawberries, orange juice, ginger and a dash of olive oil – you should try it, I guarantee you will love it !!

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  6. I really love this approach and believe you’ll find it so helpful. It’s packed with nutrients and easy to digest foods! I just made a smoothie that I think you’ll love, with an option with or without protein powder. If I were to cleanse this is very close to what I’d do.

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  7. Smoothies are a great way to get in a lot of nutrition! And who doesn’t love a nice refreshing, cold smoothie in the summer? I hope this helps you! I have not done a cleanse before. Well I should clarify, I have not in going on 7 years. I used to use them in a very unhealthy, disordered way and so I just choose to stay away from the typical “cleanse” and focus on eating more whole, pure foods. I do not have a medical condition to manage and understand the need and importance of this for some. Sounds like your approach to it is very realistic and beneficial! And your smoothies look delicious! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes cleanses can definitely lead down a not so good path, but I think incorporating food and actually chewing will allow me to not deprive myself/avoid binging once I finish the cleanse.


  8. Hope this helps! It looks nice and balanced, I would like to eat this way and am going to be doing something similar to sort out my skin flares and eczema. Sadly the treats I like don’t jive with my skin so much 🙂

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    1. A good friend of mine did a cleanse and found out that gluten caused a lot of her skin problems. It was pretty interesting that her MD never mentioned it could’ve be a source of irritation…


  9. Good luck! I tried doing cleanses but the issue for me is that I am not a big smoothie or juice drinker, and I just felt “empty” without food that you chew before swallowing… no idea why. I may try again someday, so I’ll follow you on your journey as a fellow food lover to see what’s possible 🙂

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  10. Kudos to you for trying to get your body back on track, Jamie; I can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through and I know it’s tough to resist the foods you love. The only thing I’ve ever done along these lines was an elimination diet where I took away all gluten, dairy, processed foods, etc., for a month; it definitely made a difference! I try to eat healthy about 80% of the time; the other 20% is just crap – ha! I feel better when I eat better and, while that should be motivation enough, I just love food way too much – ha! Thanks for sharing this; I appreciate the inspiration and motivation to feel good for me, too!


  11. Thanks for the info on how you are doing yours. I think I need a reset like this. I am pretty good about it most of the time but then will be an asshole and eat some dessert or creamy pasta and kill myself for days. I still get annoyed that a couple drinks or one meal can set my GI system off.
    Fingers crossed this does it for you!

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    1. Thanks girl! It’s definitely such a difficult balance to find, and I was so good at it! But then I started to give into temptations and my weekly treats soon became daily, and then every meal haha.


  12. I did a 10 day juice diet (nothing but homemade juices and water), which by the end of I felt amazing and full of energy. It does cost a lot though, and I was starving for the first few days. I might try another week sometime soon, but I don’t think I could do it during training.


  13. Whenever I’m in “remission” from flare ups of my rheumatoid arthritis/GI stuff, I always go back and forth whether I should indulge in things that I know are triggers because I’m feeling good at that moment in time. Sometimes it comes back to bite me, and sometimes not. You never know!!

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  14. I hope this works for you! I totally hear you on sweets + heavy foods setting off the stomach. My stomach is currently angry at me for the exact same thing, so I’m upping my probiotic intake, ditching meat (animal fat just wrecks my stomach), and might even start taking digestive enzymes. The things we do for a healthy gut, right?

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  15. I’ve never tried a cleanse, but then again, I don’t really have GI issues. If I was in your shoes, I’d do the same thing. Its great your keeping track of the nutrients you put in, as to not affect your running. You’re definitely doing it the right way! And don’t be too hard on yourself for overindulging. It happens. At least you recognize it and reign it in, haha. Good luck!

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  16. Hmm I’ve never cleansed before and don’t see the need to. Usually if I need to eat more veggies and fruits, I crave them and eat them anyway. I think overindulging on foods that make your body unhappy is a bad idea even if it puts other people around you at ease. You should not sacrifice your health to make other people feel more comfortable.


  17. I ADORE Seltzer water!!! I cannot live without it. I am addicted to the FIZZY and sometimes….. It’s okay with my stomach and stomach it makes me BLOW UP like crazy! My stomach is just a ticking time bomb and what might set it off one day, won’t the next – it’s so weird!

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  18. Haha I’m right there with you- I NEEEED to chew! I’ve never done strictly juicing for a “cleanse” but I’ve done what you are doing..just sticking to whole, natural foods. It definitely helps when trying to reset your system.

    Recently, I tried Sriracha-flavored popcorn aaaaand it’s safe to say I am now hooked!

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  19. Love it! I’ve done a similar clean eating “cleanse” and focused on eating whole, unpackaged foods, which helped me feel really great! And, if you’re just focused on eating unprocessed foods, it’s still pretty easy to get in all of the calories you need to support an active lifestyle. Good luck and let us know how it goes! 🙂

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  20. I hope this cleanse works for you!! And I totally need some real food too – like you, I could never just live on juice for a few days. I’d have a serious binge! Haha. I may not suffer as much as you in the GI department but I do have a sensitive tummy. I’ve been (mostly) gluten free for 1.5 years now and it helps alot! After my marathon I decided to indulge in some yummy bread and sandwiches (containing gluten of course!) and I felt uncomfortable for a whole week after that. Seriously it took my body some time to recharge and feel normal again. Sometimes I think I can go back to eating the way I used to only to be knocked down and realize that I really don’t like feeling awful – which means sticking to the gluten free lifestyle :/

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