The Rain Can Stay

Maybe I’m a bit weird, but I was totally digging this dreary weather we had last week/weekend.I don’t know what it is about the rain, but sometimes it just makes me feel cozy… even if I’m at work. I am also welcoming the cool morning and evening temps with wide open arms. Not losing my body weight in sweat is magical.


So here I am, Monday morning, linking up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday .

This weekend, I started working on my post regarding running fasted. It has a little bit of science, many cited articles, and a lot of personal experience. Keep an eye out for it later this week!

I also cooked (gasp) my famous vegan butternut squash lasagna over the weekend. Recipe to come. I love how filling and healthy it is, with the added bonus of warming me up during the work day. Nothing says fall like hot food for lunch!

In addition to my lasagna, I made some date balls, because who can watch the Giants play on Sunday without some game time snacks!?

Running last week went well. I moved my long run to Thursday night afterwork. I was hoping to get some miles in outside before moving to the treadmill, but as I pulled out of work, the rain started and I just didn’t want to risk it. Therefore, I ran 15 gloriously (long) miles on the treadmill after work. Talk about crazy.

Friday was relaxing. A short day at work led to an evening full of errands/laundry/cleaning. That way, my weekend was totally free. I also went to SoulCycle. Why oh why is it so addicting, and why oh why do I find the clothes so damn necessary?!? Friday night Will and I saw The Martian. Highly recommend.

Saturday I was able to visit with my best from college. It’s been far too long and we decided we were far overdue for some food and good old fashion gossip. Just keeping it real.

Afterwards I braved the tropic winds and watched Wills rugby team. Post-game warm comfort foods were a must so I indulged in some noodles at a new to me place in Fairfield called Mecha. Amazing. And so different from what I usually eat, it was a nice change of pace.

Sunday was full of relaxation. Will and I watched Homeland and The Leftovers and of course indulged in Sunday football, topping the night off eating our homemade pizza. One of these times I will actually get creative and add more than just veggies to the top… maybe…

This weekend went by way too fast, but the good ones usually do. Here’s to hoping for another quick week. Oh, and my final peak week of NYCM training!

Happy Monday : )

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Anyone else enjoy rainy weather every now and again?


33 thoughts on “The Rain Can Stay

  1. I got to mix climbing into my training this weekend and it was a lot of fun! The rain held off here in the west part of Tennessee and I was so happy. I enjoy rain while I’m at work or sick, but not a huge fan on the weekend. I don’t know if I could ever do a long run on the treadmill!


  2. I don’t mind the occasional rainy day but last week was too much! I was definitely over it by Saturday night. Must have been nice to get your long run done on a Thursday, but I don’t know if I could handle 15 miles on the treadmill!


  3. when I have nothing going on, I love the rain! So peaceful 🙂 We saw the Martian as well– I liked it but not as much as Interstellar or Gravity (if we’re talking recent space movies here, hah!) yes 15 miles on a treadmill is crazy 😉


  4. I’m going a little stir crazy with the rainy weather here! A lot of our roads are closed due to flooding so it’s pointless to even try and go anywhere right now.


  5. 15 miles on the treadmill makes for some pretty serious mental endurance. WOW. Okay and so I watched Jake’s (my 15 year-old son’s) rugby game this weekend and I just find it mentally exhausting! I have no idea what’s going on and I keep losing him in all the scrums (scrums?). He has Tourrette’s and one of his tics is throwing his head back, so I’d lose him for a sec and then I’d see him throw his head back and I was like, there he is! Then he’d disappear lol. Such a fun game though. I’m not looking forward to when the weather gets cold and gross.


  6. Ahhh I did a 15 on the treadmill a few weeks back due to some serious downpours and it quite easily felt longer than any long run I’ve done outside! Great job getting it DONE! I also am requesting your recipe for date balls 🙂 Those sound divine! You should post it along with your vegan butternut squash lasagna (which I also need in my life) as a “dessert” option 🙂

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    1. Haha ummm all of them. Haha. It’s really unfortunate. I love the lulu run inspires and I usually wear their bras or tanks to spin in. And of course a headband. And a zip up I wear constantly. My struggle is real.


  7. Rainy days are always fun, but not when I actually have work to do. If I can just relax and snuggle it’s great. I just want to stay in bed, which makes it tough to be productive! Can’t wait to read your fasting article!


  8. Mecha is going to be opening in South Norwalk, which I’m thrilled about. I love noodles, especially as the weather gets cooler!

    I tend to like books better than movies and saw that Martian was a book first. May put it on the list.

    Holy crap 15 miles! Granted you are way faster than me, so it would probably take an entire day, but still. How do you not get bored?

    The most I’ve ever run on a treadmill is 5 and I really had to dig deep to keep going.

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  9. I definitely watched 10 episodes of Scandal this weekend. mostly Saturday. Not remotely sorry. I also ate all the mac and cheese and warm comfort foods just because I wasn’t craving salads/fruits/veggies. Whoops. #ByeSummer. Sometimes we need those rainy weekends to force us to plop down on the couch and just relax. I went to work this morning SO well rested compared to normal. probably because I slept/vegged so much haha

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  10. Your butternut squash lasagna sounds so awesome. Excited for the recipe! And that homemade pizza…I want you to to cook for me on the weekends 🙂

    And today was finally the first clear day here in a while which was amazing! it started sprinkling a little this afternoon during the last mile of my run, but I’d been in so much clear sky bliss all day that I didn’t even mind 🙂

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  11. I like the rain because it gives me more license to get comfy inside 🙂 I spent the rainy weekend driving to DC, eating really great vegan food and then driving home. Honestly, rainy weather is PERFECT for driving and listening to podcasts.

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  12. If it’s actually RAINING, okay fine. By Saturday it was just misting which was just enough to need a hood yet be so annoying haha! 15 miles on the treadmill = hero. Veggie pizza is my fav. ❤


  13. The rainy weather is a hit or miss for me…sometimes it makes me super productive and other times it makes me super lazy. I’ve had a little bit of both throughout this rainy few weeks we’ve had!

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  14. 15 miles! You’re a machine! I did 13 on Saturday and was DONE. Although, looking at the forecast, I’m a little worried I may be forced to run my 20-miler (or at least part of it) on the treadmill this weekend! Thankfully, I have Netflix!! 😉


  15. I love the dreary weather sometimes, but this past weekend I was out and about in it doing Ragnar….not so great for an overnight relay 😉

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