And another one bites the dust. This weekend was full of gorgeous weather, a lot of relaxing, some celebrating, and fun.


So I’m going to link up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday .

Friday was another crazy day at work, but I was able to escape at a reasonable hour to head home and unwind. Will was heading out to a Lord Huron concert Friday night which I really wanted to go to, but knowing I had to be up early early Saturday morning, I figured it would be best to hang in. Although Will said the concert was amazing and I was so bummed I couldn’t be there, the extra rest definitely did me well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.40.28 PM
Not so shitty.

Saturday morning I woke up early and trekked across Connecticut to run the Hogsback Half marathon. I love this race. It’s the third year I’ve run it and the second year in the row it has hosted the RRCA Connecticut state championships. The course almost mimics Boston as it is a net downhill for the first few miles, and from mile 7 on, rolling uphills, and then a 1/2 mile climb to the finish. While it’s a taxing race, I wanted to shake the racing cobwebs off and get comfortable feeling uncomfortable again.

I’ll discuss more tomorrow but the race went well. I was able to keep a steady pace, and felt like I could’ve kept going. So not feeling like dying at the end = good. Watch time 1:29:53.

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna

Saturday night Will and I celebrated his friends engagement, had some delicious food, and got to spend a beautiful evening outside drinking and socializing. Afterwards, I proceeded to pass out while viewing his parents pictures from their recent trip to Africa. As I dozed off on their couch, I heard Will saying, “I think we lost my girlfriend”. Guys… I’m like, SUPER fun.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Sunday was spent doing errands, cleaning, and all the things that no one wants to do on the weekend. Although, we finished off the evening with some homemade pizza. I really do not think it will ever get old.

Sneak peak: 50 miles last week – the cut back felt awesome and I’m excited to build back up this week, and hit high milage again the following week before taper time. When did that happen!?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Any other Lord Huron fans out there?

43 thoughts on “#MIMM

  1. I love Lord Huron! I saw them in Aspen three years ago and Nashville last year, but I am the same way… If I know I have to get up early and run, nothing can persuade me to stay up late. Congrats on your win! I’m hoping to finally break 1.5 hrs in the half next month.

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  2. WOO, awesome job on your half-marathon! That’s amazing that you ran such a great time and didn’t feel too dead at the end. And I had to laugh at the picture of you dozing off that night..I’ve done half marathons for the past few Thanksgivings and conked out on the couch all morning afterwards. Don’t think I was quite so useful for helping cook those years 🙂

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  3. Okayyy congrats on an amazing half marathon! You’re so speedy!! And even better that you felt good at the end! I really want to get on the homemade pizza trend. I keep telling Tim that I want to make it but I end up with Challah grilled cheese instead <– also amazing.

    And I'm the queen of dozing off or getting really tired while out with people. Whoops. Grandma for life.

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  4. Congrats on the half!!! And after 9 I am a lost cause. I have a coworker moving away and she invited me to go out over the weekend…but they weren’t even GOING until 10pm. I just laughed. Never happening.

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  5. That is a great time, congratulations. I find it very amusing that you fell asleep looking at pictures, I do the same thing, I just want to tell people that I am just not as into this as you are plus I ran a freaking race today…. oh well.

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  6. So speedy!! Congratulations on a strong race!! I had to laugh out loud at your falling asleep looking at photos, hahahaha! Glad you had a great weekend! Mine was spent in the mountains with great company and lots of delicious treats (no complaints!)

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  7. Congrats on that awesome race time! A sub-1:30, in the middle of training, and on a hilly course? Can you train me?
    I fall asleep super early most weekends, especially if there’s hard running or hiking early in the day and drinking later.

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  8. Congrats on your half marathon! That’s FANTASTIC! You must be over the moon about your amazing accomplishment 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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  9. I always fall asleep while people are doing fun things. I just tell them “no I’m listening, I’m just resting my eyes” =P Great half marathon! That’s a crazy fast time!

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  10. I’ve never heard of Lord Huron…..Congrats on the race, that is an awesome time. I’m trying to fathom even the prospect of me being able to hit that time someday and I’m not sure it’s possible! And that pizza looks sooooo yummy!

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