Just Like That…

…it’s the last weekend in September. Wasn’t I just celebrating Labor Day? Where does the time go? Seriously. I really never believed my mother when she said that the older you get, the faster time passes, but holy shit she is right. Along with many other things.. .

SO to get back in the swing of things, I want to share with you some things I am absolutely LOVING this Friday. (Linking up with HeatherKatie, and Clare)

First… it’s Friday! Which means the weekend. And all things relaxation. Although I was beyond busy this week, I got a lot accomplished at work and personally which makes me feel a lot of relief going into the weekend. Maybe because I had a cut back week this week (milage will end up around 50) I just had more time and energy to do things. Fancy that. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t run #allthemiles.

Dash Dolls. I don’t care what any of you say, but I love the Kardashians, and now that there’s a “reality” show about their clothing store… yes please. In addition to the weekly KUWTK indulgence, I now get another 47 minutes a week to turn off my brain (completely) and watch Kardashian “drama” unfold.

My standing desk. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. I’m in love. I swear I’ve already noticed a difference in my productivity (see above) and my general well-being since using it. I move around more, drink more water, and have noticed a lot less stiffness and fatigue in my legs at the end of the day. Which is somewhat counterintuitive.

Fall weather. You may be thinking “she is SO basic” but hear me out. It’s not because of flannel, PSLs, changing leaves, cuddles, or football. While I love all those things, it’s truly because it’s now cool enough for me to wear my compression socks casually without sweating profusely. It’s the little things people.

That’s all folks! I’m off for the weekend, and I’ll be checking back in on Monday with some running talk. Next week I’m going to announce my goals for NYCM. Because then they’re real. Yikes! Hopefully the race this weekend will give me a better idea where I am fitness wise.

I hope you all have a fabulous and relaxing weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather! xo

Anyone racing or running long this weekend?

Favorite post race snack?


27 thoughts on “Just Like That…

  1. When you guys describe fall weather I can see why Americans love it so much! In England it’s just a bit wet and rainy and dark tbh! I would absolutely love a standing desk but with my injury right now it’d be an issue. I do however sit on a yoga ball at my desk. It’s pretty good for posture and mobility, but every once in a while I get distracted and almost fall off it!

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  2. I signed up for a random trail 10K this weekend, which was fine at first but now I’m a little nervous for some reason. There is a high chance of rain and lots of mud, should be interesting! Afterward I’m hoping for lots of hot coffee and probably some sort of eggs. My favorite post-race snack is usually anything salty.

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  3. lol Dash Dolls. i’ve never heard of this and prob don’t get whatever channel it’s on anymore (E?), now that i totally cut down my cable b/c i neverrrr watch TV (unless it’s The Voice or some dancing show — i like my people to be doing something i wish i was doing on TV), but it sounds hilarious. a lot of ppl at my office have standing desks — i used to, and loved it — but they moved me and i don’t have one anymore. sad face.

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  4. Once I graduated, time started flying. I cannot believe we’re almost done with 2015 already. I feel like it was Memorial Day yesterday. How is summer over? I do love fall though… so at least it’s not all bad.

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  5. I love the standing desk thing. Makes a lot of sense to me! Post run snack? Well…ehh… I’d love to say something like chia spinach tree bark smoothies but in all reality, it’s going to be something of the nacho and beer variety and it’s going to leave a mark. I’m pretty sure the math works out that when I run 80 miles a week, 40 of them get canceled out by my diet alone.

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    1. Haha I’m all about refeeding those miles with delicious treats. My refueling was supplied by chocolate peanut butter fudge brownies I baked on Sunday. They’re all gone now….


  6. I really want to get a standing desk, but I have no idea where I would put it in my apartment, so I just take walk breaks a lot. Favorite post race snack…donuts and beer. I have my eye on a couple places in Portland for next week so I can totally indulge in those after the marathon. Can’t wait to read about your NYCM goals!

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  7. I had a friend that recently posted on facebook that the reasons girls really love fall is not because they are basic, but because they no longer have to shave their legs regularly😂. I can’t totally disagree. I love fall for every single reason. And I don’t judge for anybody loving the Kardashian’s….I watch enough bad TV to make up for not watching them….

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  8. Good luck in your race! I have been loving compression socks lately…except I still am wearing shorts so it looks funky. My boss loves them though 🙂


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