I Could Sleep for Days

Once again my brain is somewhat fried from a busy busy week. Like my uncreative blog post title may imply, I am really looking forward to catching up on lots of sleep over this weekend. So I’m going to just use bullet points to link up with Amanda because that is all I can handle at the moment.


  • Can’t wait to run the Hogsback Half this weekend. I love the small town feel and the amazing community of runners who put on such a fabulous race. The post race spread doesn’t hurt either – homemade baked goods and all you can eat lunch buffet – yes please!
  • I’ve was totally craving sugar this past weekend and baked some peanut butter fudge brownies… and I had my fair share. I think it’s time to reign in that sweet tooth and double check my “must eat all the things” runger. Here’s to more vegetables in the next few weeks.
  • Speaking of next few weeks… less than 50 days until NYCM. When did that happen??
  • Recently I’ve experienced some left calf cramping at work, so in attempts to rectify this, I’ve finally got into the groove of using my standing desk during the day. I usually stand for the majority of the morning, sit for lunch, stand back up for another hour or two and then plop myself back down for the last few hours of the day. I find myself a lot more productive standing. And I think my legs are really thanking me, especially my hip flexors!
  • I ended up running on the treadmill last night after work so I could finish up the season finale of Boardwalk Empire that I blatantly fell asleep during on Tuesday night. It was awesome! Will and I just finished the first season and I can’t wait to start the second, it’s really picking up!
  • And finally, the return of Fall network TV. Greys. How to Get Away with Murder. Scandal. I can’t. If you need me I’ll be binge watching on Hulu.

Which Fall show are you most looking forward to coming back?

Have you ever chosen to run on a treadmill over outside so you could watch TV?


41 thoughts on “I Could Sleep for Days

  1. I cannot wait for Scandal!! My roommate and I are obsessed and watched it religiously after work to get caught up before it aired back on TV. I’ve never done a run inside just to watch TV, but I totally would haha. Hope your day goes by quickly so you can rest!

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  2. HAPPY #TGIT! Cannot wait for all of those shows. I use a make-shift standing desk and alternate between sitting and standing. I find myself more productive while standing too. Um yes I choose to run on the treadmill some mornings so I can watch the Today show and Mike and Mike.

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  3. I’m so excited for HTGAWM! Last season of Scandal was kind of a let down..the first few episodes were SO great and intense and different..then it sort of went back into the old format and bored me. I’m excited to see what happens this season though! I sometimes will run on a treadmill so I can watch TV since I got rid of cable! I mostly watch Jeopardy or sports though….my gym isn’t open late enough to watch primetime!

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  4. i couldn’t name a single show on TV right now other than The Voice, and i only know that started b/c my mom texted me all excited about it on Monday. such a TV fail. good luck in your half this wknd, girl! we already know you’ll kill it. 🙂

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  5. Greeeyyysss!!! I can’t wait. I love fall tv. And i’m tired too. I feel ya! Ugh, I wish I had Hulu or someone’s account to borrow so I could catch up on Nashville since it started last night. I hate not knowing what’s going on!

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  6. Good luck on your half this weekend!!!

    If I had a treadmill, I actually think I could get more running done. Running while watching TV is my dream come true. But, tiny upper unit apartment = not happening :-/

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  7. I used to run on the treadmill on the time in grad school so that I could watch TV without feeling guilty. I can’t wait for Supernatural and Grimm to start back up – I’m a total dork but Ryan and I love to watch those shows together. Good luck on your half this weekend!

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  8. Ahhh I just can’t wait for Scandal. Except I have to wait to finish season 4 first and that only happens when I’m with Tim. So weekends. Rude. Ummm I would LOVE a race with a buffet and desserts at the end. A girl can dream… although I usually have no appetite post-race and all I want is a bagel and frozen hot chocolate a few hours later… but still. I’d probably pack Tupperware and bring the food with me for later when the runger hits 😉

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  9. I wish i had a treadmill! I don’t really watch tv, but i would totally watch some shows and movies if i had a treadmill haha. I want a standing desk! I tend to stand and walk around in my office a lot, force myself to walk up and down our 5 flights of stairs…. it’s pretty good. my coworkers look at me like i crazy, but i dont want a receptionist/office butt! haha


  10. Here’s to more vegetables in the next few weeks… I agree completely!
    Looking forward to Brooklyn 99 and New Girl.
    I end up on the treadmill when the weather is nice to take advantage of the gym child care, but the TV is a nice perk, or I listen to music/podcasts, since I don’t wear headphones if running outside.

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  11. I am right with you on the sleep thing! News world is crazzyyy right now with Pope coverage so work never stops.
    I 100% choose the treadmill when I want to watch TV. Especially since I tend to get home and go to bed soon after it is some times the only way!
    I can’t wait for Grey’s and Scandal tonight. Minus I might have trouble staying awake 🙂 I never was about to get into How to get away with murder but might give it a new try now that it’s on netflix

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  12. I have definitely run on the treadmill to watch TV, it’s how I got through Glee. It’s my time watch shows that maybe my husband doesn’t appreciate as much 🙂

    I love my standing desk at work and I’ve found that it helps my hip flexors too, and my butt and overall posture. I’m glad you got one, I think it makes a huge difference in how I feel at work during the day.

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  13. I am REALLY looking forward to the Blacklist!!! I’ve never watched How to Get Away with Murder or Scandal. Am I missing out? I could use a little entertainment during the 2am feedings. 🙂 Which of these should I watch first?

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  14. I have absolutely chosen to run on the treadmilll so I could binge watch my netflix shows, no doubt about it! In fact, I did 20 miles on the mill yesterday and I probably could have done half of them outside, but just said screw it so I could catch up on them….shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

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