Tuesday on the Run

**Edit to add** I noticed a lot of you commented on the efficiency of Will wearing a “man purse”. My caption seems to be a bit misleading. It is in fact not a man purse, but rather the strap of his sling from his shoulder surgery. So while I would love for Will to carry all my thangs for me, he is in fact only carrying his right arm.

One thing is for certain, when I was taking time off from blogging, I was 100% still running. Although I had a few meh runs here and there, the low temps, lower humidity, and all around glorious-ness that is fall running weather has definitely helped me push through some tough runs.

My milage has been hovering between 55 and 63 miles per week these last few weeks. Needless to say, my legs are fatigued. I’m a strong believer in getting comfortable running on tired legs, so to me, this is a good sign.

Who doesn’t take a picture of their watch?

This upcoming week is a cutback for me in a big way. I will probably max out at 45 miles and finish the week with an extra rest day and a half marathon tune-up. I like to sprinkle (typing that word just made me think of ice cream) some halfs into my training about 5 and 3 weeks out from race day. Helps me to figure out fueling, and gets me used to turning my legs over for an extended period of time.

But let’s look back at last weeks week of workouts: 9/14 – 9/20

Monday: short AM treadmill run. 5.02 miles, 7’47” pace. Descending mile workout, done early before a doctors appointment.
Tuesday: AM run – 8.01 miles, 7’57” pace. Easy run enjoying the cooler weather outside – planned on going to run club in the evening but was totally spent by the end of the work day. So I laid on my couch eating instead. I think it was a good choice 🙂
Wednesday: 8.2 miles, 7’45” pace. Felt good, decided to push it for a bit of a tempo run. Again, started as an easy run (the first mile of my “usual” loop is +152 ft elevation) so I descended from 8’45” mile to last mile at 7’11”.
Thursday: AM run, 7.2 miles, 8’18” pace. Legs are starting to feel a bit fatigued and heavy on my run. Decided to keep the pace easy and just run for an hour.
Friday: early long run. 20.2 miles, 8’01” pace. Not the best run. Between stomach problems and having a tough time getting mentally prepared for the run, I’m okay with how it went. Honestly, I’m happy I gutted it out and finished. My legs finally loosened up around mile 17… no lie, and I started to feel good. This was my second of three 20+ milers for this training cycle. I usually have a few good 20’s and then one that just totally stinks and makes me wonder why in the world I love to run marathons and how the hell I’m going to finish. This was that run. Sufficient to say I’m excited to have another two weeks before my third and final long run!
Saturday: 60 Soul Survivor spin class. Ryan F. You killed it.
Sunday: 7.6 easy AM miles, 8’16” pace. Again, just looking to flush out my legs.

Total: 56.3 miles, average pace of 8’01”.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the week went. I would have liked to run a bit longer on Monday and Tuesday, but my body really needed some rest. I definitely attribute some of my struggle on my long run to not taking a rest day the day before, but again, I like training on tired legs.

What I’m not happy about – losing my belly button ring on a run. Like how did that happen? 14+ years strong. In accordance with my friends, maybe it was time for it to go. But either way, I’m not used to seeing my belly button like this…

Where’d my bejeweled belly go!?!??

This week, I’m looking forward to front loading my miles this week, a total rest day on Friday, and my tune-up “race” on Saturday. It’s a bit of a drive which makes for an early morning, but the course is breathtaking and it’s tough – mentally (it’s pretty isolated, no crowd support… anywhere) and physically (super, duper hills).

When’s your next race?

Do you like running halfs as tune-ups for a marathon? 

What’s your favorite distance to race?


45 thoughts on “Tuesday on the Run

  1. Boo on losing your belly button ring! Are you going to get another one? Good luck at your sprinkle race 😉 I love doing tune-up races during training! I love to race in general and get that bling, plus it’s a great way to see how in shape you are. Double whammy!

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  2. I remember it being pretty weird when I stopped wearing my belly button ring, but now its been at least 5 years so I don’t miss it anymore. I still have a little hole there though! Great job with your training last week- running on tired legs will definitely help to prepare you for the marathon!

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  3. I’m laughing about your belly button ring because I was just asking my husband if its time for mine to go now that I’m 30, haha. He doesn’t seem to think so. I’ve had it since 16 and it is weird to not see it in. GREAT week of training girl! You are pretty hardcore with liking to train on tired legs! It makes sense though, great for training for race day.

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  4. That’s so funny you lost your belly button ring…I lost mine the other day too! Well..I lost the top ball part that keeps it in place and I thought the same thing “maybe this is a sign for it to go…” I feel like I look so weird without out haha! Sadly I won’t be doing any races until next year. I have a class on the weekends starting in October 😦 but I hope to do another half marathon next year!

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  5. I wish I had signed up for some halves to tune up for the marathon and really practice pacing. I guess the 12 miler i did was kind of the same except I raced it… so there’s that. I think we all have to have a crappy long run to get it out of our system before race day!

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  6. I have a half this weekend to tune up for a marathon so maybe I WILL like it!
    That’s so crazy that your belly ring fell out on a run! I had one for decades and finally took it out and felt so weird without it. If you decide you still want to keep it, I bet the hole will stay open awhile if you pick out new jewelry. 🙂

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  7. I finally took my belly button ring out with I became pregnant with my first child. It took some getting used to, seeing a “naked” belly button. I always run a half marathon while training for a full. It helps me feel better mentally about my race. My favorite distance is probably the half. It’s challenging enough without consuming your entire life. When you’re marathon training, everything you do revolves around that race. What you eat, drink, how you socialize etc. Half marathons are a bit more manageable and gentler on the body.

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  8. I’m considering adding the Tucson Half Marathon into my training. It’s in December about 10 weeks before the race, so it might be fun. It’s a net downhill, so thinking of trying to break that 1:40 barrier. Sorry about your belly button ring! That’s a major bummer!

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  9. So funny because I lost my belly button ring during a run this summer! Like how does that even happen?!
    Sounds like you had a really great training week!!
    My favourite distance to race is the half marathon purely for the runners high afterwards that isnt as strong for me in 5km and 10km distances. However, I have never run a marathon so who knows how I would like those:)


  10. I never jumped on the belly button ring trend. I did however have several other piercings that will go unmentioned.
    Awesome job with the mileage!


  11. I’m afraid of losing jewelry on runs. I only wear my wedding band, not even my engagement ring or any earrings. That’s a bummer you lost your belly button ring!
    No tune up races for me. I have a tendency to go all-out in a race, which probably wouldn’t be the best idea leading up to a marathon.


  12. I’m with you on those fatigued legs! You are still straight killing it. I’m with you on those tune up races – I’m guessing you are doing a half this weekend?? GOOD LUCK! Enjoy your cut back week – I’m in taper mode now and embracing the reduced mileage!!! I’m thinking you have one more solid build before you go into taper for NYC – home stretch, sister!

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  13. Stomach problems on a run always test my confidence and there are always a couple of long runs in general that make it tough to remember the better ones!

    I’m still sad I missed my chance at a tuneup half and a whole weekend of running. Nothing I can do, hoping the rest of the week is better.

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  14. Nice week! Fall running is THE BEST. If I wasn’t a runner, I wouldn’t enjoy Fall (because duh-Winter is next) – but thank goodness for cooler temps on the run!
    I like running tired legs too! I think it really helps with the mental aspect of how tough the later miles in marathons feel 🙂
    Good luck in your half on Saturday! Last spring was the first time I incorporated races during a marathon build up, but I never really raced until Boston. I was too scared I’d tire myself out and & the quality of my training would go down. But this summer I ended up racing a 12 mile race during training and really enjoyed it! So I might make tune up races a thing 😀

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  15. The last time I ran a half marathon for a tune-up part of my marathon training plan, I raced it too hard. I did really well, but I wasn’t supposed to race that hard and then keep training…so I got injured and couldn’t do the marathon 😦
    Are you going to put another ring in?

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  16. Bummer about the belly button ring..it must have been loose? I was so sad when I finally had to take mine out when I was pregnant!


  17. What an awesome week of training. Also that’s bizarre about the belly ring. It probably came lose somehow? I have a nose ring but periodically have flashes of it possibly being missing and then I touch my face and all is well lol

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