Remember When?

Oh hey there. Remember when I used to blog every day? Or when I used to have coherent thoughts? No?? Me either. Neither of those things have happened for the past two weeks, which you can probably assume due to my absence in the blog world. Life got crazy. I think we left off after Labor Day weekend where I recapped a lot of running, never came back to update you on my non-running activities but to skip ahead – it was a much needed long weekend. So today I’m going to do my best to try to catch everyone up to speed over what’s been going on these last two weeks – running and life wise.


So I’m going to link up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to recap everything that was/is marvelous these last few days.

Labor Day weekend was incredible for a few reasons. First is that my boyfriends shoulder surgery went great. It’s going to be a long road of recovery, but he is doing awesome and is already leaps and bounds further along than two weeks ago. He is handling it like a champ and to be quite honest, I don’t know how he’s doing it. If it was me, I’d be THE WORST person to ever be around. So thank you Will for being an amazingly awesome human being.

Also, my boyfriends name is Will. I have finally decided that referring to him as my boyfriend or BF is tiresome and mostly makes me feel awkward. He has a name. And you’ve seen pictures. So Will = my boyfriend. BACK OFF LADIES. Haha. Kidding. But actually.

Anyways, Labor Day weekend was amazing because we totally relaxed. Well I did, Will was half on pain killers, half in pain, so I just laid around with him which was EXACTLY what I needed. I did manage to sneak some time in to go to the beach since it was gorgeous out, but it was nice staying inside and not #doingallthethings like I tend to do. We saw two movies, The Gift with Jason Bateman (YOU MUST GO SEE ASAP) and Straight Out of Compton (good, but you can probably wait until it’s on HBO…). We also watched Wild. I read the book and was 50/50 on it. And I just didn’t really like the movie. So that was unfortunate. Oh well.

We ate a lot of good food that I didn’t take pictures of, and I didn’t think about work or blogging for a second of the weekend. It was perfect. Oh and I had a nice little 20 miler … nothing like some good vibes, American pride, and clear blue skies to start your day out.

I want to move away from home, but then I remember…

Another reason I have been absent from the blogging world is that I have been swamped at work. I started my new job in April, right as I started this blog, and well… things were SLOW at first. So slow, that I would blatantly blog at work, write thoughtful posts out days ahead of time, and not worry about getting all my work done before the end of the day. And now, well… things are anything but slow. I’ve been working from home, occasionally over the weekend, and was even subjected to working on a project while away on vacation in Nantucket. It’s tough, and it is BEYOND stressful, but I like it. I find my job insanely interesting, and I work with some super smart people. Is it what I thought I’d be doing – nope. But it is something that I’ve become more and more passionate about.

Long story short, I left my job as a clinical researcher at one of the top cancer hospitals in the country to pursue a career in healthcare analytics. I work to provide clinical and financial insights to design successful bundled payment programs using predictive analytics, development of performance reports, risk assessment, and comparative modeling. I work to create comprehensive profiles of how your organization compares to peers in your local market and how specific hospitals compare to best practice outcomes across the U.S. Long story short, we help focus initiatives to improve care coordination, reduce costs and improve quality care. P.S. I had to learn how to code.

And that’s more than you ever wanted to know about healthcare and my job….

Last weekend was one seriously busy weekend for this girl. My best friend from boarding school moved across country to San Fran with her boyfriend, so I did one of my least favorite things and schlepped myself into the city for brunch. Not that I don’t love Kathryn and Steve, but I despise NYC. I know… I know… please don’t throw things at me but it is ALWAYS a hassle. For example: I get to the train, excited to see my friends and enjoy some delicious food. Trains 7 minutes late. Eh, okay I can roll with that. Well, 25 minutes later…. now I’m hungry… not quite hangry, but I’m getting there. Now commuting in and out of NYC taught me that Grand Central is always a cluster and if possible, walk instead of subway, so I figured I could tackle the mile walk to the restaurant in my SkyHigh’s no problem… or so I thought.

My mile walk was detoured into 1.8 miles, thank you step counter, as a parade (which there were like 5 people walking in) closed down 5th avenue. WHY!? So after trying to log roll myself over the barricade and casually walk through union workers in my not so discrete flannel and wedges, the police officer told me I’d have to walk up to Central Park to cut across. Are. You. Kidding.

Nothing is easy. I swear. But once I got to brunch, it was lovely, and I miss Kathy and Steve already. I sense a West Coast trip in my future… who will house me?

Later that day Will and I went to Hartford for one of the best concerts of my life – Good Old War. If you don’t know them. You should. It was a small venue, unlike any show I’ve ever been to before. One of the benefits of dating my amazing boyfriend is that he is a total music nerd. So in turn, I get to learn about some pretty awesome bands, and always know when a good show is playing. So I trusted him, let him take me to the outskirts of Hartford, or actually I took him as his personal chauffeur until he gets his sling off in 4 more weeks, and had one of the best nights in a really long time.

The concert was incredible.

Not a man purse

At the end of the concert, the band comes off the stage and played in the middle of the crowd totally acoustic. Ah. Maze. Ing. Highly recommend. You’re welcome.

And as a result of all these activities and just 100% enjoying life, I’ve been finding myself in bed at a grandma hour, like 8:15PM. Sometimes it’s just worth it.

Snapchat selfies

So other than that, I’ve been welcoming the cool temps in the morning for my runs, beyond excited that footballs back (go Giants), and oh yeah… this happened on Wednesday….

Boston round 2. I’m coming for ya! Let’s just hope for a little less rain… and wind.

Now I have a question – I’m toying with the idea of running Boston 2 Big Sur. I don’t know if anyone who reads this has done it, and even if you haven’t, I’d love your input. Ideally I’d like to enter an Ironman next fall (say what) and take the fall season off of marathoning, so I figured why not go big or go home this spring. Thoughts? Comments? Am I absolutely certifiably insane? Please share…. 

What have I missed in these last two weeks?

Any other Good Old War fans out there?

What’s the best thing your significant other has introduced you to!?

46 thoughts on “Remember When?

  1. “Not a man purse” LOL. Your photo captions are always the best. I loved reading what you’ve been up to and your new job sounds incredibly exciting and smart. Fascinating! Congrats on getting into Boston again! Wish I could go again. Maybe when I turn 40 or something.

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  2. Ahhhh congrats on the Boston email!!! That’s so exciting. I also took a nice long blogging break and it was kind of refreshing.. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to prioritize. My husband was a managed care analyst and his job was really stressful as well… The healthcare industry is a tough place to work right now, but I’m glad you are still enjoying it!

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  3. I missed your posts, but can totally appreciate the needed break. Life goes on with or without writing about it! Your job sounds really interesting- you should totally do a detailed day in the life. This nerd would love hearing about healthcare analytics!

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  4. YAY for Boston!!! But I am throwing things at you through the screen about not liking NYC. I totally get it though…it’s a hassle to do a lot of things there. Missed your posts but 100% understand that life gets crazy and/or you don’t feel like blogging (my past two weeks).

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  5. There are a few NP NYC’ers trying to do Boston to Big Sur, I will congratulate them with hugs and drinks but it seems SO challenging especially since I’m just hoping to crawl across the finish of NYCM next year! Looks like a good past couple of weeks for you. That kind of life is what I’ll be leading when my new job starts in just FOUR WEEKS at my law firm in NYC so I’m hoping I can find a balance like you seem to have done 🙂 Except learn to code = amazing and you’re awesomer than me for being able to.


  6. I agree with your go big or go home theory. It Boston 2 Big Sur would be hard, but so cool! Hello, Will, welcome to the blog. And glad to have you back! Sometimes a blog break is just what a person needs. I wasn’t a big fan of wild either but I AM a big fan of early bed times. Grandmas unite!

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  7. Ahhhhhh I LOVE Good Old War!!! I first saw them in concert when they opened for Anthony Green – he is the lead singer of Circa Survive who also does the solo thing. They are so awesome!!! Anyway, great job on the 20 miler! Hope things slow down soon with your job, I missed reading your recaps! Congrats on BOSTON!! SO freaking exciting.

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  8. Congrats on Boston and it’s great to have you back!! One of my acquaintances did B2BS, I think last year, and she said she really loved it. She said as far as a vacation goes it was unbeatable. But from what I’ve heard, Big Sur is a TOUGH freakin course – I can’t imagine running it one week after Boston! It’s on my bucket list!

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  9. WOOT WOOT – yay Boston! and i love your thought of doing an IM next year! i’ve done 2 and even though i retired from triathlons, i do miss those days! will will become a weekend widow with you being gone for 100 mile rides and 20 mile runs 😉

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  10. Ahh so much going on!!! I’m glad life is going well and that you’re just busy living life instead of worrying about blogging. I feel like it’s a phase we all go through but I did miss your regular posting 🙂 Congrats on Boston and I actually was totally interested in all the talk of healthcare analytics. It’s something I thought I might be interested in doing back before I found my job in advertising but coming from two parents who both work/worked in healthcare, it’s pretty much in my blood ha

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  11. My husband is a super music nerd too! When we lived in Denver (and didn’t have kids) we went to so many cool shows and some in really tiny venues. Now I’m like,You expect me to stay up past 9 pm and be on my feet for 4+ hours???

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  12. Congrats on Boston! I think you should try for Boston 2 Big Sur – why not? I’ve heard Big Sur is tough, but it’s so ridiculously beautiful that it being hilly doesn’t really matter. Plus, what’s a challenge if it’s not tough? 🙂
    Come visit Seattle if you want to visit the West Coast! It’s a million times more laidback than New York and even our downtown is manageable.

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  13. I always feel like nothing is easy in NYC! I kept my family members names off the blog in the beginning, and then out of habit kept doing it for way too long, not even realizing. I just applied for Boston this morning and feeling jittery about it already. I want the confirmation though!

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  14. Welcome back! Missed you! I completely understand about being bored at work and doing a lot of blogging..then not having any time at all. SAME HERE. It’s like my boss knew I was bored and doing non work related stuff so things got crazy. Weird semi-related fact: I saw a guy walking around downtown today with a shirt that said “Straight Out of Pittsburgh” which I thought was funny. I saw Wild on a plane ride from Europe to the US and I liked it…but then again I couldn’t really hear it that well (plane sound system isn’t the best). Now I want to hike that trail, or at least the Appalachian trail!

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  15. Yippee – congrats on your Boaton e-mail! So exciting!
    I wish my boyfriend had a man-purse… I always get stuck carrying EVERYTHING. But the best thing he has ever introduced me to was shawarma… The best. Not sure if you know what it is, but if not – it’s basically a Lebanese style gyro/souvlaki. Think all the garlic.


  16. Your job sounds absolutely insane, but it’s good that you enjoy it! I think doing Boston 2 Big Sur would be awesome as long as your feeling strong and healthy! I can’t wait to hear what you decide. I have also been asleep as early as 7:30 some nights, grandma status for sure!

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  17. Welcome back! I’ve never been to NYC and ya ya I hear about all the great things…but I also hear that everyone is too busy to notice anything and it’s crowded. I don’t think I would like it. Someday I’ll get there. Congrats on the 20 miler!

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  18. Welcome back! Sounds like you needed a break. Your job actually sounds really interesting, and particularly since you learnt to code (I’ve been considering it). I’ve been super busy recently too, and have also been having super early bedtimes with good book- sometimes it’s even lights out before 10pm which is entirely lame but I am loving nonetheless. Good luck with Boston 😀

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