All the (Holiday Week/end) Miles 8/31 – 9/6

Well I’m not one to brag, but I totally rocked my long weekend. We saw two movies, I hit the beach, lots of good food, and lots of good sleep. And I had a pretty good long run. No complaints from this girl over here! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – I’ll go into mine in detail later this week, but for now let’s go over some of the miles run.

I am about 8 weeks out from race day, so around 5 more weeks of high milage before I start to taper. In that time, I have a half marathon on September 26th (Hogsback) and another half October 17th (SoNo – final tune-up as I start to taper). I’m contemplating adding in a few shorter distances at the end of my long runs to work on fast finishes. I’d also like to potentially run another half in October (11th – Nantucket Half), but I’m not sure if it’s totally feasible at this point. #HelpMeImPoor.

8/31 – 9/6 Workout Recap:
Monday AM Run: 7.50 miles, 8’10” average pace
*There was nothing special about this run. Legs felt somewhat heavy and took a while to warm up, but I’m figuring it’s because we had walked over 10 miles (more than 15 miles on my legs for the day) the day before. Just went with it and used the run to get some circulation back into some super sore muscles.
Tuesday AM Run: 7.35 miles, 8’09” average pace
*Night after pizza….never an easy run. But I was okay with it and again used these miles as easy runs to build milage for this week.
Wednesday AM Run: 10.01 miles, 7’52” average pace
*This run felt relatively good. I ran this as a progression run. Since my legs were taking a while to feel loose again, I started at an 8’27” mile, and descended miles to finish with a 7’18”. I was happy to bring the mid-distance, mid-week run back into my schedule and will hopefully be doing the same this week.
Thursday Colonoscopy…. figured that was enough fun for one day. Total rest day.
Friday: AM Run: 8.2 miles, 7’38” average pace
*Legs finally felt fresh. Was surprised with the ease of this run since I am feeling a bit tired lately. Hopefully by the time the long weekend is over, I will have a little more sleep and a lot more pep in my step. I decided the extra rest day before only helped my legs recover. Decided to just run at a comfortably challenging pace and see what I ended up with.
Saturday AM Run: 20 miles, 7’47” average pace
*Really happy with this run – especially coming off a non-rest/cross training day. Very happy to get my first 20 miler under my belt for this training cycle. Although I love the feeling of running all the miles, I’m looking forward to a cut back week this week. Only two 20-milers left 🙂
Sunday AM Run: 8 miles, 8’07” average pace
*Heavy legs, but to be expected. Humidity returned for this run. Not the best, but again, happy to have gotten the miles in to flush out my legs from the long run the day before.

Total Miles: Around 61 miles for the week
Average Pace: 7’52”

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my weekend (and of course all the good things we ate!)

Best part of your long weekend?

Do you take the long weekends as an excuse to workout more, or do you embrace the extra rest?

56 thoughts on “All the (Holiday Week/end) Miles 8/31 – 9/6

  1. Wow, what great mileage!! Sounds like a great week of running despite your fatigue:)
    I would usually use a long weekend to get more running in… But this long weekend was totally full of rest. But the fact that it’s a long weekend makes that okay right?!
    The best part of my long weekend was great friends, great food and great weather! Can’t complain!!

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  2. Great job this week, especially that long run. Wow! Those paces are insane. I usually do a mixture of relaxing and working out. I like to sleep in (kind of..I woke up around 7:30) get in a run, then chill out the rest of the day. Unfortunately yesterday I was at the car dealer most of the afternoon because our car decided to freak out 😦


  3. Dang you had an incredible week! My first 20 miler will be on Sat and I’m already weather checking – looks like it’ll be cooler which makes me happy! I have a half on Sept 20th and that’s it for tune ups. I like the idea of fast finishes with long runs – not every one but at least 2 during the peak weeks of training. If anything, it just helps my confidence.

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  4. Nice job this week, lady! KILLER long run, wooohooo! You are right on track! So funny you mentioned how you have about 5 more weeks of climbing in miles – I have two more, and then some taper and can’t WAIT. I’m ready to back off. We are in the home stretch now!

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  5. Amazing job on those tired, heavy legs! Your 20 miler was killer!! I typically love doing more workouts on weekends too…but that also depends on my weekend plans!


  6. So happy to see you feeling good about running again! You killed it this week, especially with that 20 miler. No better feeling than finishing a long run confidently.

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  7. Wow amazing job! That 20-miler is blazin’ fast! Way to rock this week of training.

    I often rest more rather than workout more on long holiday weekends. It’s not really a choice I make, but it’s more out of necessity as that extra day usually involves travel and unpacking time and trying to unwind/relax after a busy weekend. If my weekend wasn’t busy or I didn’t travel, I usually take the extra rest day anyway, because Mondays are my rest days and I don’t like to throw off my schedule any more than it already is.

    Happy “Monday”! Love these short weeks!

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  8. Awesome job on the 20 miler! Hearing about that kind of mileage never ceases to amaze me! We had some nice time at home and had a date afternoon.


  9. That’s some awesome mileage and paces you had last week! I like to get in lots of miles during days off, but I don’t like have the stress of a hard speed or tempo run. That’s why it’s always perfect when base building falls during the winter holidays!


  10. I love long weekends because I can do ALL the exercise ! They’re especially the best for looooong runs given they’re so hard to fit in normally. Well done on your 20-miler! I’ve not run that far in training yet but it sounds terrifying! How do you psyche yourself up to do it?

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  11. The best part of my long weekend was spending extra time with my family and catching up on sleep. came back to school feeling so refreshed!

    And I sometimes work out more sometimes on long weekends because I have extra time, but I definitely always use it to rest 🙂 LOVE long weekends!

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      1. Ha, I saw that y’all saw Straight Outta Compton! Serious recommendation? < Serious question. (Note: I'm not the best movie-watcher we know, unless it's a real piece of cinematic genius… like Wedding Crashers or Top Gun.)


  12. I totally feel the #helpmeimpoor vibe. I honestly hesitated signing up for my favorite local race this weekend because of the money and it was only $15. The struggle is so real!

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  13. your runs seriously put me to shame and i have NO IDEA how your legs can handle it! mine are so sore all the time! i must be doing something wrong. or maybe i’m just a big baby. you’re KILLING it.

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  14. Girlfriend – Nantucket Half?! Sounds like a dream… except, we both know my half marathon would consist of me watching you run your half marathon or perhaps joining for that short sprint at the ends, ha! My highlights of the weekend were attending the marriage of a couple good friends in beautiful Dayton, OH and climbing my first 14er! So, hey, if you want to hike that half marathon, I’m your gal!

    xo, Jessica

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