It’s All About Me – TOLT

So remember last week when I said “this week is flying“. Well, I would like to take that complaint back, and replace it with “this week is CRAWLING“. Holy cow. Wednesday I was convinced was Thursday. And Tuesday felt like Wednesday. Maybe it was because my 3 hour trip home from Nantucket on Sunday really took over 6 hours, or the fact that I feel like I’m behind in all aspects of life. Or perhaps it’s the fact I’m just stressed out.

Anywhozers, it is ACTUALLY Thursday now, so I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


So let’s get into fun things, like a survey…where I get to talk about myself and showcase some sweet pics (Napoleon Dynamite anyone..??). Danielle over at Little Mama Big Life nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is a nomination given to newer blogs in order to get to know me! Because honestly, I’m pretty cool. So here’s how it works: you are asked 11 questions about yourself, and then you give 11 more fun, random facts.  Next, you pass on the nomination to two more bloggers with 11 new questions of your own… or in my case, probably the same ones… #Lame


  1. Who inspires you? Getting right to the nitty gritty Danielle! To be as corny as possible, my mom inspires me. She is an absolutely incredible and strong woman. I admire her She has provided me with unconditional love and support throughout every choice I’ve made. Even the really really dumb ones. And there have been a few. Love ya Jen. xo

    Jenna Penny
  2. Favorite Food? Homemade pizza made with my boyfriend. Also known as pizza made with love.

    Hello beautiful
  3. Favorite childhood memory? I would have to say spending my summers on Nantucket. I was extremely fortunate to spend so much time with my family. Definitely something I miss a lot. 1930527_1016855896857_3625_n
  4. Favorite app? Instagram. It’s the best picture book around. Follow me I post cool shit.  
  5. How many siblings do you have? Zero. Perfection baby.

    Look how cute I am
  6. What was the first concert you’ve been to? Dave Mathews. Wasn’t that everyones first concert who lived in the NE?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Tricky tricky question and I’m not sure I know the answer. I would love to have a job I was passionate about, hopefully have a family, and potentially be living somewhere new and different as I’m still young enough to take some of those risks. I also wouldn’t mind reliving this in 5 years either. 922143_4926024663633_1398171134_o
  8. What is your favorite part of your day? The time from when I wake up, go for a morning run, and eat my breakfast while I color. Yes I have an adult coloring book and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll show you it sometime. It’s my “me” time, where I can totally relax and get ready for the day.
  9. What is your guilty pleasure? Anything and everything on Bravo. And Teen Mom (all variations) on MTV.
  10. What would your perfect day look like? April 25th. Had too. Killed it. No a perfect day for me would be to wake up, have a fabulous long run, go out have an incredible brunch/breakfast… pack up, head to the beach nice and early for the day… come home, make some good pizza, and watch a movie on the couch in comfy clothes. I really don’t want more than that in life.

    This was a pretty perfect day.
  11. Which blogs do you follow religiously? Um a ton. I’m a total creeper and read a lot a lot of blogs. The first blog I read was Hungry Runner Girl, but check out my “Must Read” tab, which is always a work in progress.

And now my 11 Fun Facts:

  1. I have two tattoos. And I want one more, but I don’t think I’ll ever end up getting it.
  2. I swam competitively most my life and hold a pool record in Maryland for the 200 Breaststroke.
  3. I lifeguarded for far too many summers. All the way through grad school and the summer after I graduated… it was not a shitty job.1010547_10200354938611266_2071527309_n
  4. I graduated from high school twice. Once in 2006, and then I did a post graduate year at boarding school to be recruited to colleges for swimming and I graduated again in 2007.

    2007. Round 2
  5. I went to the same private school from Kindergarten to 12th grade and I graduated with 64 kids. 20 of which I had been in class with SINCE kindergarten.
  6. I was in a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma in college and was our social chair. I also lived in the house for two years. It was all lingerie sleepover and pillow fights. Yep. Totally what it was like…  10400891_1019089672700_3919_n
  7. I hate mushrooms with a passion. I almost gagged just thinking about it.
  8. Sometimes when I laugh really hard I snort. Okay… a lot of times when I laugh I snort. I’m adorable what can I say.

    A snort ensued.
  9. I am terribly blind and should be referred to as Mr. Magoo if I don’t have my contacts in or my glasses on. But yet I’m too paranoid to get Lasik. 993294_10200367732291100_1631091929_n
  10. I do not wear any makeup. Zilch. I hate the way it feels on my skin. Or at least that’s what I tell myself because in reality I just don’t know how to put it on.

    But I will dry my hair 🙂
  11. Just thought of this, and if I wasn’t too lazy to reorder this list, I’d put it higher up because it’s cool. Or maybe it’s better to go off on a high note. My family bred our first dog (Java – chocolate labrador retriever) in order to teach me the meaning of life. She had the puppies while I was away at swim camp. #ParentingFail. But she had seven puppies – we kept one Mocha!

    The chocolate one is Mocha… surprising I know

I hope you all made it. Thanks for sticking around : ) I know it was a long one! Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

And random, and probably a bit narcissistic for me to mention, but if y’all have any questions for me that you’d like for me to answer on this blog – truly about ANYTHING I would love to hear from you! 

Is your week flying by or dragging like a cement block this week?

Answer one of the questions above!

What’s a random fun fact about yourself? They were a lot harder to come up with than I thought!


47 thoughts on “It’s All About Me – TOLT

  1. I graduated with 40 of the kids that I entered pre-first with at the same school as well! We called it Alpha Omega. We had a total of 200 in our graduating class. Interesting that you did a post grad year–did you get extra credits or whatever for college?

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  2. Wait I love all these random facts. I only wear makeup when I’m forced to or have to get up at the crack of dawn for an event. April 25th is my perfect day too.
    My random fact: Whenever I see a penny on the ground and it’s not heads up, I stop and flip it up for someone else to have good luck.

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  3. That was totally my week last week! I was convinced each day that it was really a day later than it was. I was super disappointed when I realized that Thursday wasn’t Friday. That’s probably the worst feeling in the world. However, come Sunday, I was extremely happy because I woke up thinking I had to get ready for work and then remembered that I didn’t : )

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  4. Funnily enough, this week is flying for me and last week crawled by 🙂 crazy how that works. I also have a tattoo..i would love to get more but dan is staunchly ANTI TATTOO and would probably break up with me if I got another! I got mine when I turned 18, so before I met him, and he said that’s the only thing he dislikes about me. Oh well, I love it 🙂

    My random fact is that I have the worst guilt complex. I can’t hide anything from anyone, I have never stolen anything, and I can never pick up money from the ground. One morning I was out for a run before work and saw $20 on the ground and I ran past it..then decided to pick it up, then got a few feet away and felt so guilty that I put it back. WHO DOES THAT?!

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  5. Loved reading your responses! No wonder you are such a stellar runner with all the swimming you did growing up!
    This week is going pretty quick for me- I had Monday off and part of Tuesday with being sick so I think that helps 😉
    Hope things speed up for you! Have a great day!

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  6. I love posts like these! It’s so much fun getting to know people:)
    Homemade pizza is definitely one of my favourite foods too, but I love mushrooms on my pizza!!
    The first concert I ever went to was Hilary Duff and I am so proud.
    Hope the next two days speed by for you!

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  7. AH ha ha ha… you’re such an awesome dork. I love all your photos. You’re so lucky you can look the way you do without makeup! I swear I’ve aged 86 years in the past 6 months. My skin is splotchy, my eyes are hanging down to my cheeks, my chin is zitty, my lips are parched. It’s all these damn kids, I know it. LOL. So yes, I wear makeup not because I know how, but because I need to do SOMETHING.

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  8. Yay for being an only child! I’m one as well, and I swear that we’re a super rare breed. And I hear ya about being too paranoid to get Lasik. I’m blind as a bat myself, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll never get Lasik after learning about what it involves. Eep! That and I have astigmatism, so the chances of it not working are pretty high.

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  9. Hahaha “April 25th” I’m so happy you went there. Homemade pizza is the bomb. I love Trader Joe’s dough and sauce…it’s so easy! I wish I could go without makeup…I don’t need any for random travels (grocery store, doctor’s visits, casual hangouts with friends) but for work and going out? Absolutely. Maybe one day!

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  10. I NEVER wear makeup. Zero, zilch, nada. I hate the way it feels on my face. I’m super sensitive to those things- like I hate most brands of lotion too. So picky.

    You have me craving homemade pizza.Good thing I took a whole stash back to Baltimore with me that my dad made for my lunches this week.

    Alsoo- your answer about siblings. I laughed out loud.

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  11. I seriously love surveys! The only make up I wear is eye shadow/liner and mascara to work. I don’t know how to do foundation and all the crap and make it look good. Your perfect day sounds perfect to me! And I’ve never heard of someone finishing HS twice. That’s pretty neat! Get the 3rd Tattoo.

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  12. haha yup, graduated from a boarding high school with a class of 47! And the classes there are even smaller now… crazy. (Btw, your boarding school grad looks like mine… You didn’t happen to do a PG year at a small all girls school in western MA, did you?)

    also- perfect date. “Not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light sweater!”

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      1. hahah got it. My sister’s was in Lakeville, my dad went to all boys school (avon), and I had applied to ethel walker, dana hall, kent…..) oh boarding school. good times.


  13. Okay, this may be a dumb question but….April 25th? Birthday? Or am I missing something?

    I also don’t wear makeup. Unfortunately, I don’t have your natural beauty so I have to settle for being plain-looking because I think it’s just a total waste of time. Seriously, why bother? That’s 10 minutes I could spend doing something else every morning, and I work in an office seeing the same people every day, I don’t need to impress anyone here, lol. I’m just too lazy. I do wear it for special occasions though.

    That’s so weird about graduating twice! I didn’t know that was possible!

    Oh, and I feel the same way this week. Yesterday I could not shake the feeling that “tomorrow is Friday”, and when I tried to tell myself no, tomorrow’s Thursday, it just did not compute. I HATE weeks like this!!


  14. Ah I loved doing the Liebster post a few months ago too. I didn’t realize you did a PG year, I knew a bunch of people who did that as well from our area. DMB would have been my first concert except when I was 9 I got my mom to take us to N’SYNC at the Meadowlands…

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  15. I did the private school thing as well, but mine was only K-8th with the same 45 kids. I can’t imagine having the same classmates through 12th grade!
    Your skin looks so perfect, especially for not wearing makeup! I wear a small amount of makeup some days, but I rarely style my hair. Like, I can’t even remember the last time I used a blow dryer.

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  16. The week feels like it has flown for me because I had a lot to do. My car broke down, I had to look around and get a new one, the students moved in so my job is crazy etc, just a busy time.
    A random fact about me? I can roll my tongue into a 3 leaf clover. Skillz


  17. How am I not following you on Instagram? Going to have to change that right now. You are an only child like me!!! Have you ever wanted a sibling or do you enjoy life as an only… I am always curious about how other only children feel. I love mornings and hate mushrooms with a PASSION. Maybe it’s an only child thing.

    I still see triathlon in your future. ☺

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    1. I really love life as an only child, although I think I probably would have better sharing/go with the flow skills if I had attended a larger school. My private school was quiteeeeee tiny. Haha I think a tri may be on the horizon, but we shall see 🙂


  18. I’m suuuuuuper blind too and actually legally blind w/ot contacts or glasses. I can’t even get lasik b/c I’m so blind 😦 (I’m -7.5 in each eye if you’re familiar with the lingo)
    Sadly, I love make-up. I don’t wear a lot of it but I *must* wear it.

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  19. How cool that you got to spend your summers on Nantucket! I’m from New England and miss it tremendously. With that said, New Kids on the Block was MY first concert. I think DMB was my second 🙂

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