Pick Me Up #MIMM

Whoa. I feel like weekends are never really long enough. I definitely caught up on sleep, and was able to get in a decent long run (if by decent you mean running in 96% humidity and surviving, then it was decent). I’m going to link up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to recap everything that was/is marvelous.


I’m going to start things off by going over my weekly workouts from 8/17 – 8/23.

I’m starting to get a little nervous with my training. I feel like I’m behind, although I know I’m ahead milage wise. I wanted to feel confident in New York and was hoping to get to a place a few weeks out KNOWING that I will hit my goals. I’m not there yet. While I still have time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there. But to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the “I got this” feeling before any race, regardless of my training.

Needed to get a solid run in after a week or mediocre workouts, I was pleased with the milage and pace since the humidity has seemed to returned to CT.
AM Run (7.60 miles, 7’38” pace):

After a very unexpected late night, I ended up bagging all workouts today. I was beyond tired and my stomach was still on the mend from a week long vacation. Disappointed with having to cut milage for the second week in a row, but I figured it was for the best.

AM Run (8.03 miles, 7’54” pace) & 30 Minute Upper Body: Absolutely nothing special about the run, but rather just happy to get a longer run in after an additional day of rest.

AM Run (7.5 miles, 8’12” pace):
PM SoulCycle: Wow. I took Yavuz’s class for the first time. Holy sprint work. One of the biggest reasons I love to cross train at SoulCycle is the classes usually push me to step outside my comfort zone and push the speed work on the bike.

Rest day. I wanted to see how my legs would respond for my long run with a complete and total day of rest. I doubled up on Thursday so my legs did feel a bit heavy. I ended up walking the dog for about two miles to loosen things up at night which seemed to help a bit.

AM Run (16.1 miles, pace 7’56”): Long run day. First long run in almost two weeks. And to be quite honest, I figured with the extra time off it would be a mentally easy long run. But it wasn’t. I was mentally struggling for the first 10-miles, but finally got in the groove and finished up with some (definitely not all) negative splits. The humidity was 96% when I went out and it did not get any better. At the halfway point I ended up taking my shirt off and tucking it in my shorts. I swear it weighed 10 lbs. Towards the end of the run I also noticed my toes squishing in my sneakers because my socks were so sweaty. I think that was a first. Maybe my negative splits were due to wanting to be done so desperately. Highlight of the run = finding $5. I can now officially say I made money by going on a training run. Paid athlete… okay : )

All about those Benjamin’s … Or Lincoln’s

AM Run (6.0 miles, pace 7’47”): Easy shakeout run. Which felt miraculously short since running 16 the day before was no joke. Probably why the pace was a bit quicker than I anticipated.

I finished this week with 1 day of cross training, 1 SoulCycle class, and about 45 miles of running. Again, not super pumped with the milage drop, but I’m hoping to go on a double run Tuesday (tomorrow) and see a pick up of milage again this week.

Now onto non-running related things that are fabulous:

This acai bowl. It was everything. It was also the first time I’ve ever tried bee pollen. I’ve heard about all of it’s great “healthy” properties… which I then googled as I sat eating it. Although it’s said to help asthma, allergies, be good for health maintenance and aid in relief of stomach problems, there hasn’t been any proof of these benefits. It’s also thought to increase athletic performance? Who knows. Bee pollen itself doesn’t taste like anything. It’s just kinda crunchy. Either way, this was one of my favorite bowls ever.


This sky. Hello gorgeous. Nothing makes me happier than blue skies – I know I’ll be missing these in a few short weeks. But after Saturday’s run, I might trade them for the humidity (don’t hold me to it!). 

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you ever have runs that you feel like you just can’t get into?

What’s a health fad that you’ve tried that you just don’t get?

48 thoughts on “Pick Me Up #MIMM

  1. I loved running in Hyde Park this weekend with two of my best friends fromco Klee, having afternoon tea with a big group of us, and just walking around London and eating great gluten free food! It’s pouring now though…can’t wait to be back to New England sunshine tomorrow!

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  2. So many times I have runs that just don’t happen! But I was lucky with the runs this week–they were on point in a big way, and I needed that. We’ll see where that puts me this week. Food fads that I just can’t get into? Smoothie bowls. I like smoothies, and I don’t mind them as bowls, but I would rather freeze them and make a sorbet or something! I’m also not into coconut flour–it never turns out right for me.

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  3. I die over you acai bowls/smoothies every time you post them (keep it up). I feel you on the humidity…I’m happy I just survive! Health thing I can’t get into…cauliflower rice. I’m going to try again because I think I didn’t add enough flavor. But I much prefer quinoa and rice.

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  4. Oh my gosh! I think bee pollen tastes like the worst thing ever! I literally gag every time I eat those granuales! There is a lot of research backing up the benefits of bee pollen helping with allergies but the best, best kind is local! I admire you for putting all those granuales in your acai bowl!

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  5. I’ve actually taken the Bee Pollen capsules. The first time I took them, I felt the same until I had finished all the capsules, then I started dropping weight and had zero cravings. The second time around was a dud, nothing happened during or after so the verdict is still out for me as well on Bee Pollen.

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  6. Great job girl! I think that no matter how well training goes I never feel 100% confident. You’ve been doing a great job so I think you’ll have an amazing race. Can’t wait to see how you do 🙂

    Luckily most of my runs have been going pretty well but I’ve definitely had those that I can’t get into. It’s so frustrating when it happens!

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  7. Congrats on amazing runs this week!! Your pace is so speedy:)
    I am definitely feeling the humidity too! I have had to do a few runs (including a long run) on the treadmill due to heat advisories. I’m excited for fall running now but I know come winter I will be dying for the summer heat:)

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  8. Sounds like a great week of running! I do have those runs where I struggle to get into it. In fact, that would be how I summarize last week’s running. Just not feeling the best and my body was tired. We had a great time away at my sister’s wedding and am now home fighting a stomach bug. Ugh.

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  9. Jamie, you had a GREAT training week! Way to get through that difficult long run; the humidity is no joke and, sadly, I have more days than not where I’m wringing my socks, bra, etc., out over the sink after a run. I’m so thankful we’re getting a little break in the weather this week! I love that you found $5 on your run; that is fantastic!! What a treat! I would definitely have to have hit up Starbucks after that – ha! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  10. You still got in some great training this week, even with having to drop down your mileage! That humidity has to go away soon, with fall almost here, and just think of how easy your long runs will feel when it’s not so humid.
    I can’t get into quinoa. I tried for a while but I just never like the texture and it kind of tasted like dirt to me.

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    1. I think people assume they need more protein then they actually do! Which is why everyone always asks how I get enough being vegetarian, but I do … just lots of eggs 🙂


  11. Nice job with your training! I feel like longer easy runs can be hard for me because I start thinking its an easy run and will go by fast but then I have nothing to think about! At least with a “long run” you expect it to feel long, I guess. Although sometimes I have a hard time getting into those too!

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  12. I’m of the philosophy that if you are 100% confident about your goal, it probably means it’s too easy! Don’t wait around for that feeling to come. Just keep putting in the work – that’s what will get you there!

    That’s so awesome that you found $$ on your run. Paid athlete – I love it! LOL.

    PS, I love that you go against the grain and record the pace with ” instead of :

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  13. best part of my weekend waaaas…. oh maybe going to the Escape Room LA with my run store coworkers! It was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t escape. womp womp. and there are definitely runs i just cant get into… and others that I think will be rough and end up being awesome!!

    and you made me want an acai bowl very badly hahah.

    My mom tried the south beach diet, atkins, all of those. it was miserable.

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  14. I can safely say to you that no matter how much training you’ve done for a race, the sign that you’ll have a good one is that you’ll be nervous and second-guessing everything you’ve done to get to that point. Totally normal. Chillax. Promise you’ll do great. And health fad? Flossing my teeth. Ha ha ha. Kidding.

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  15. 16 miles is so far! That’s so impressive (almost as impressive as your acai bowl design 😉 I think a health fad I cannot get behind is bacon. Just ew.


  16. I used to eat bee pollen all the time for it’s health benefits. I really liked it, but I haven’t had in forever. That acai bowl looks amazing!

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  17. I’ve seen these acai bowls everywhere but I don’t know how to make them or what they are.. I’m gonna have to hop on this train and do some pinterest research. And bee pollen!? I would never think to eat such a thing, but I’m definitely intrigued. Looks like you had a great training week, I’m so jealous!!!

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  18. First. The weekends are never, EVER long enough. They’re a blur. The one run I can’t seem to get into— and by get into, I mean I’m afraid of them, so therefore I hate them— is the damn tempo run. As I’ve been forced to do them (force is such a strong word, isn’t it 😉 ), I’ve slooooowly been gaining confidence. But they kill me. As they should. So impressed with your runs! When I grow up I want to be super zippy like you.

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  19. That acai bowl looks delicious! Funny to hear that about pollen and allergies, cause pollen makes me sneeze! (You probably didn’t mean those kind of allergies though, haha). Also, getting paid to run = love it!

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  20. Ugh I had one of those shoe squishing runs last week! I felt so self conscious every time I ran by someone 0_0
    Gorgeous sky pic! I absolutely love the sky. On my trip to CO I couldn’t stop staring at the endless expanse 🙂 But I feel the same way about trading it for no humidity right now. Thought I probably won’t feel the same way in 2 months…
    & love that paid athlete bit 😉

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