Oh Hey #TOLT

Well.. I said I was back, and I am. But I kinda feel like I need a vacation from vacation. Before I knew it, I was up and running (literally) before work Monday morning. I’m not sure what has actually happened since then, and I don’t know how it’s already Wednesday night. This week is flying. And it’s safe to say I have gotten nothing done. 
So I want to link up with Amanda to just ramble and make zero sense. Welcome to my brain


Although I was able to go grocery shopping on Sunday, I did no meal prep. Therefore I’ve been eating like crap. And coming back from vacation where my stomach was already a bit wonky, the lack of meal planning and clean eating (read: lots of random snacking Monday) led me to be feeling some serious ICK this week.

All day err day

I’ve been jumping back on the green smoothie grind. I find that pre-blended or steamed foods are easiest for my digestive system when I’m not feeling so hot. It also helps me avoid getting the “wait did you just become 6 months pregnant after lunch” look from every at the office.

Morning Fog – ACK

While my running took a backseat on vacation, I am happy to say I’m finally getting some speed back. With a successful 8 mile progression run this morning (first mile at 8’14” last mile at 7’27”) in 68% humidity, I feel a bit more confident with my running. I’m hoping to share my goals for NYCM in the coming weeks. Training this summer has been difficult, but I’m really hoping that with the weather cooling off in the next two weeks, I will be able to hit those quality workouts and long runs and really focus in on my pacing.

As someone who prides themselves of cleanliness and organization, my apartment looks like a bomb went off Tasmanian devil ransacked my apartment. With a busy Sunday, early mornings, and busy evenings this week, my kitchen and bedroom need a lot of TLC. It is driving me nuts. To the point of wanting to take a partial sick day to Clorox and vacuum my apartment top to bottom. Or front to back. Either way, you get it. #OCDLife

Also laundry – I’m excited to do laundry. Said no one ever (except me).

And now, for somewhat exciting news. I have been relatively stressed the last few months regarding my living situation. While I love the apartment that I am currently in, it is no longer affordable for me to live alone. While I can technically “afford” it, it does not allow me to have the financial flexibility I would like to have at this time in my life. So I’m moving. And I’m moving in with someone I met on Craigslist. LOL. I can 100% say I never ever thought I would do this, but I am. And to be honest, when I met up with Alex for the first time, I felt like I was on a date.

Selfie HAI

Long story short, it went well, we are moving into an AWESOME apartment with all the bells and whistles (read: rooftop pool, fire pits, free spa yoga classes, an awesome gym, and all the other swanky amenities you can think of). While my current apartment has all these things (granite, W/D in-unit, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and amenities), I will be saving OVER $700 a month. Yeah. Things I’m not sad about. So I will be moving on out and moving in two weeks before marathon Sunday. Which means my lovely friends (boyfriend HAI) and family will be doing the moving. I will provide pizza and beer. Mostly I will contribute commentary. Love you all in advance.

Okay, so I think those are all of my life updates for now. I don’t know what else has been going on, but I feel like life has just been busy. I’m super excited for fall and while I don’t want to wish summer away and will be enjoying one last jaunt in the ocean this weekend, I’m ready for all things Fall. And by Fall I mean Basic. And by basic I mean flannel, PSLs (which I don’t even drink I just like saying), pumpkins, holidays, crunchy leaves, and cool runs. Remind me of this post when I start complaining of being cold. #NeverSatisfied

ACK in October – these are a few of my favorite things

Hope you are all having a fabulous week and I will definitely be recapping my vacation and providing a more coherent post in the near future. I want to say tomorrow, but let’s go with Monday. : )

What random thoughts are on your mind?

Have you ever lived with a total rando? College doesn’t count…

Favorite season? I’m going to go with Indian Summer. The transition period between summer and fall. I ask the question so I make the rules : )


43 thoughts on “Oh Hey #TOLT

  1. Welcome back! Autumn has pretty much arrived already in London, so I’m trying to get myself psyched about it. I bought a new scarf and everything. Cos I really don’t like the cold! Also I’ve just moved, and I’m saving some money which is quite nice, but also moving in with strangers is so weird! I know what you mean that it’s like a first date, everyone trying to make an effort lol.

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  2. Ooh new apartment sounds fabulous! I’m with you on needing a vacation from vacation. It takes a few days to really feel back in a routine. Favorite season: fall. FOOTBALL, food and cooler weather. Even though it doesn’t really feel like fall in Florida I like to pretend and still wear sweaters 🙂

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  3. I can’t say that I’ve ever lived with a rando! Not even in college.. My leese is up in October though and my roommates have already moved out so I might be in the same boat soon! My favorite season is fall for every reason in the world.. football, camping, long runs, acorn squash to name a few.

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  4. Your “PSL” comment CRACKED me up! I’m with you on that, it’s not my favorite drink but I like to pretend like it is so I can be in with the cool kids! I hate moving – good luck with all that! I moved so many times after college before buying my house, I felt like all my friends hated me for always asking them for help. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty legit place to move into though, that’ll be fun!

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  5. Geez that apartment sounds fantastic! I’m thinking I need to take a roadtrip and move in with you…or just take a vacation at your apartment….. I hope you enjoy it! And I completely get what you mean about needed a vacation from vacation. Sometimes being on a trip can be more exhausting than just living a normal every day life. I usually try to plan out my trips to have one off day between traveling and work so I can rest and reset!

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  6. Your new apartment sounds awesome! So exciting to be moving to such a great place AND saving $!
    Random thought- I should stay away from reading stressful emails this early in the morning, lol. Never sets the day off in a good way. Lesson learned.
    I have not lived with a rando before! But friends have and it worked out!
    I also love Indian Summer and fall. Love the cooler temps and changing of the colors. Oh and fall fashion 🙂

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  7. Ditto on the PSL thing. I love saying it but rarely if ever actually get one. Congrats on your new adventure in moving! I’ve never lived with a random person, not even in college, but it’s better than a friend bc if you end up hating/pissing each other off, it’s all good, haha. You know I’m ready for all things Fall 🙂

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  8. Laundry is my nemesis and obsession. Can’t stop won’t stop. Love clean clothes!! Hate dirty clothes.
    I lived with a semi stranger once, she is the cousin of a coworker that I used to workout with. It was ideal! She had a badass townhouse in town and travelled for work three weeks a month. Sorta like heaven

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  9. Yay for moving and meeting new people! When I was in college and grad school, I met a couple of my roommates online through roommates.com and Craigslist. It actually turned out quite well, so I hope you have a good experience with it. Sounds like you will be moving into quite the apartment complex. Rooftop pool? I may need to visit. ☺

    Summer is typically my favorite season, followed by fall. This is the only year that I haven’t been able to enjoy summer as I normally would. Way too hot for third trimester pregnancy! Haha. I have a feeling that this fall is going to be my favorite, because it will have been the only season this year where I won’t be pregnant! Yay!

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  10. Moving!! That’s exciting! I haven’t lived with a stranger before but I did meet people on Craigslist when I went looking to buy cars. Funny story is the person I bought my first car from ended up being one of my boyfriend’s best friends…so now we’re friends too! Haha.
    I am IN LOVE with fall and LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO COME! Pumpkin spice lattes, cranberries, colored leaves, cooler temps…I love it all! I’m so glad your running is going well and hope you feel better soon!

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  11. You are HILARIOUS. My sister met her boyfriend on Craigslist. We love teasing her about it. They’ve been together for a long time and they’re perfect together. He’s so nice. But man, that can be sketch! I love that you’ll be saving so much money every month. What a great feeling! And your new place sounds great!

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    1. Haha wait that’s incredible. I have only heard positive things about meeting people on Craigslist… it’s like the crazy place where non-crazy people go to meet!


  12. I actually met my roommates on craigslist and while they aren’t my best friends (I thought one would be when we moved in), we get along pretty well and I get to live in a gorgeous waterfront apartment. Plus, $700 savings a month=all the running shoes/clothes/races. Plus who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment with all of those bells and whistles?! I’m hoping that next year I’ll be moving in somewhere like that with ze boyfriend. We’ve discussed it a bit (except not the whole me wanting to move home thing in detail…) but man I would kill to live somewhere with pool/firepits/balcony/granite/etc. Definitely worth it!

    I am so ready for cooler temps. Running is kicking my butt lately. Bring on the cool mornings and nights in Rhode Island next week. Oh, and my apartment looks like a tornado hit it. Which is problematic considering I leave for vacation tomorrow. I have my work cut out for me tonight. It’s making me anxious just thinking about it. OCD probs.

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  13. Ummm can I live with you guys too? That place sounds amazing.
    I have actually lived with a total rando. When I was still out in CA and broke up with my boyfriend I found a roomie on Craig’s List. She was awesome and we are still friends. So not EVERYONE on there is a murderer! 🙂

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  14. Your new apartment sounds amazing. And $700 savings is a definite plus! I would be nervous about meeting a potential roomate from Craigslist too. I hope it works out!

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  15. Well here I thought you were living with that boyfriend of yours lol! Saving $700 a month sounds like a fantastic deal to me! Plus your new place sounds so amazing’ Ah don’t say fall!! I’m not ready to be cold!


    1. Hahaha not yet!! And I know… I just want that happy medium of mid September where it’s warm in the day but cool for my runs… 🙂 PS Can we please get together soon – want to try that gluten free pizza place in Black Rock!


  16. I’m so very ready for fall! The heat does horrible things to me, and while our summers aren’t usually too bad, this one was especially hot and humid. Blah. Give me the cooler, cozier days of fall any day. Well, that and the comfort foods, comfy clothes, pretty colours, and wonderful smells. Ooooh yes. Can’t wait :mrgreen:

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  17. I love all things fall (except PSL, those creep me out with their fake flavors). Give me all the real pumpkin spice, acorn squash, crunchy leaves, sweaters, and cool runs! We moved to Seattle in hopes that it would be perpetual fall, and it would if this weird heat wave/Canadian wild fire thing would knock it off.
    Also, I totally get what you’re saying about pre-blended or cook vegetables. I sometimes just can’t do raw veggies at all, especially raw cruciferous vegetables.

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  18. I have never lived with a stranger outside of college but it seems like your place is going to be AMAZING and I cannot wait to hear and see more of this new adventure!

    My favorite season is fall and I cannot wait for it to be here….crazy I know since we haven’t had much of summer here is Chicago but I can’t help myself!

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  19. Ummmm I LOVE cleaning. Love it. I love to do laundry, dishes, and just have a clean apartment in general. I think it’s because of the instant gratification. It was dirty, I cleaned it, now its clean.

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  20. I am not the biggest cleaner until I get into the clean mode.

    I completely understand about a vacation from your vacation. I often come home and I feel like that too. I just want a day or two to relax.

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  21. WOO HOO!! I’m so excited about your new place, Jamie; that sounds awesome!! I think living with a total rando would be kind of cool; do you think y’all will get to be great friends, or just like keep things separate? This sounds like a book I would read…ha! I’m sorry to hear that everything is kind of out of control right now; I hate that feeling and I have definitely taken some time off (*cough* sick day *cough*) to get things in order and/or go for a run – ha! Can’t wait to hear all about more vacay!


  22. I really like Spring because the winters are so bad here, it’s like a rebirth. I moved into a house with many people I didn’t know. I lived there for a year and it worked for me. I kept to myself and did my own thing. It was really easy! Good luck 🙂


  23. Wow, your new place sounds incredible!! I am majorly jealous of the pool in particular. I’ve never lived with a rando outside of college freshman year, but it sounds like there are some MAJOR upsides! 😀

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