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And I’m back. I honestly cannot believe the past week went by as quickly as it did. But I had the most fabulous of time in Nantucket. I always find that it takes a few days to get into the “relaxation” mode and then once you finally get there… it’s like BAM vacation is over. Totally not fair. But good news is I’ll be back on island in a little over 72 hours. So that did make leaving a bit easier.

I don’t think I can really re-cap the week in just one post, so I’m going to talk about some of my favorite parts of the week, as well as some running because duh, and each day this week I’m going to talk a little bit more about some of those favoritest things.

So in typical Monday form, I’m linking up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to recap everything that was/is marvelous.


Running wise, things started off great and ended kinda meh. But to be quite honest with you I’m somewhat okay with that. My official total from the previous week ended up being around 60 miles. A peak milage week for me since Boston training, and it ended with a 15.04 mile run on Sunday with an average pace of 7’27”. Last three miles descending: 7’18” 7’12” 7’01”. I then collapsed on the ground. It has been a significant amount of time since I pushed myself in a workout like that.

Needless to say, the rest of the week was spent recovering. I did shorter runs all week, nothing more than 7 miles, I took Thursday off since we went deep sea fishing (spoiler: I caught nothing) and attempted to do a long run Friday but my legs just weren’t having it. I felt constant fatigue and heaviness, but figured it was due to the lack of stretching/rolling (totally spaced and forgot to bring with) and I ended up walking/running over 11 miles every. single. day.

Side note – walking in the deep sand is help on my arches and calfs. I foresee a reflexology massage in my future : )

BF and I also ran a hill workout after a long day at the beach Wednesday. Let’s just say 6 x 0.25 mile hill repeats with a 2.25 and 2.25 mile warm-up/cool-down in the blazing sun made for a very tired body. The rest day Thursday was welcomed.

I tried my best to stay positive as I was hoping to do another long run (16-17 miles) before I left but just decided to take the extra rest instead. It’s easy to beat myself up when it comes to not following a training plan to a T but I know I have this week to get back on track.

I ended up running roughly 42 miles this past week. But including walking, I did about 75 miles on my feet.

Before this post gets any longer, I will cap it here and leave you with some gorgeous pictures that you may or may not have seen on Instagram

Never turn down an Acai Bowl
We did some of this…
Lots of this…
Enjoyed many of these….
And had some of these

Here’s to a fast week and a quick return to my favorite spit of sand : ) Happy Monday everyone!

What did I miss out on this past week?

Favorite part of vacation?

Do you find walking on sand tires your legs out more than usual?

41 thoughts on “Say What #MIMM

  1. Welcome back! And I can’t believe that you run more on vacation than I do in my high mileage week..that’s just crazy! And that hill workout sounds like torture. Great job fitting in some fitness while having fun! I always walk a ton when I’m on a trip so I know how exhausting that is. Glad to see that you made it back safely..I missed your posting!

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  2. So glad you had a good time! Vacation is definitely a good time to take is easy with training. Hopefully you are feeling rejuvenated and ready to power through the rest of your training!

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  3. That is so gorgeous (that=all). Deeps sand is hella hard on your legs–proceed with caution! That was something I had to be incredibly careful about during our vacation because I was just coming back to using my foot! But Glad to have you back, glad that it was as gorgeous as you hoped!

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  4. Missed you last week! Glad you had fun, even though it went by too quick… always does! I think you made the right decision to take a rest day. That’s a lot of miles on your feet from walking. Makes a huge difference. You’ll knock your run outta the park this week 🙂

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  5. So glad you had a good time! I agree, it is so hard to come back. I was seriously sad when we came back from our cruise last Saturday (I remember seeing pics of you leaving as we were coming back!).

    You did a great job getting so much running in that week! 42 miles without a long run is a LOT!

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  6. Oh my goodness–this makes me want to be at the beach!! My favorite part of vacation is definitely forgetting about stresses and worries and just RELAXING.

    Running on sand is a challenge! I actually don’t like it. When I go to the beach, I rarely do any actual beach running but instead opt to venture out on the streets. The walking on the sand alone is enough. 🙂

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  7. So glad you had a great week in your favorite place! I feel like by the time I start to relax next week, it will be time to leave. It’s always easier knowing you’re going to be back soon though. Glad you got in some running but I think the fact that you just went with the flow is even better! I always find I walk so much on vacation.

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  8. GORGEOUS pictures and you had a great week!!! Killer 15 miler!! Don’t beat yourself up – a few weeks ago, I skipped my long run and logged 40 miles, and called it a recovery week. You just need that sometimes! You are a badass and will feel like a new person running this week!

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  9. Wow, your 15 miler was at an insanely fast pace (and way to finish so hard!) I think it’s great that you took it easy after that when you knew you needed it. Hope you’re feeling well rested and ready to tackle another week! 🙂

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  10. I’ve heard sand running is really good for building leg strength. I don’t have access to the sand so I’ll keep my hilly runs 🙂 Deep sea fishing? Does that mean you’re out deep at sea and you fish or you try to catch fish that are deep under the water?

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  11. So glad you had a great vacation! Walking or hiking on sand is always twice as tiring as regular land it seems. All your photos are insanely gorgeous – love that sunset!


  12. Love, love, love the pics! Sounds like you guys had a blast!

    I’m not sure what I’d say my favorite part of a cacation would be. All of it, really. The exploring and the trying out of new foodstuff always exciting. My least favorite are those first couple of days back to work where you question why you ever went on vacation in the first place. 😉

    And, yeah…sand (and the sun) totally make me sleepy!

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  13. Amazing pictures! It looks gorgeous. Beach walking/ running is fun but definitely uses different muscles. I briefly considered a beach run tonight but it was too cold. I am not a huge fan of vacation but I could so use a nice warm beach right now. 🙂

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  14. soooo many miles!!! you’re incredible, seriously. i’m struggling with seriously sore legs lately running 20-30 miles a week…i don’t know what’s going on with me. 😦 Nantucket looks gorgeousssss! i need to go some day. i’ve been to MV but not Nantucket…so charming over there. & this reminds me i need to learn to make my own acai bowls!

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