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I am currently rejoicing in all things Thursday (SO CLOSE) so I’m linking up with Amanda to explore the definition of #LifeGoalsThinking-Out-Loud

I’m not totally sure what inspired me to write this post, but lets just go with it. I think everyone has an idea in their head of how they want their life to turn out. By the time I’m 30 THIS will happen, or at some point in my life I want to live THERE. So for whatever reason, I figured I should share some of my less, and some of my more, personal #LifeGoals.

  • This. Closet. I’m sorry, is this real life, because I NEED this. When I first scrolled through these pictures I couldn’t wipe the cheshire cat grin off my face.khloe-kardashian-closet-1

    Not only is this closed AMAZINGLY organized… hi folded (and HANGING) spandex…. but it is color coordinated. The OCD, minimal display of this closet speaks to me. I’m pretty sure I’d be happy to live in there..


    Which is actually possible thanks to a refrigerator. Count this one as #LifeMustHave not a #LifeGoal


  • Travel. There are definitely a few places in the world that I am putting on my #LifeGoals list. In order to spare you of a lengthy list of destinations I’m going to pick my favorite. We all know my dream vacation is to go explore Italy/Greece/Croatia, and to be honest, who doesn’t want to go on an African safari. And I would absolutely love to see the West Coast and explore all that California and the PNW have to offer.
    Me in Germany… Not Tahiti (easily confused)

    But since I said I wouldn’t make a long list, and trust me when I say it could go on forever, I’ll end it with my absolute dream vacation…


    Yep. Tahiti. I’m a beach bum at heart. We all know that. And if you didn’t, welp we’re probably not friends. But I would love nothing more to spend a week relaxing in the sun and sand of this GORGEOUS island. And sleeping in a hut above the water… If that’s not relaxing to you, then we are DEFINITELY not friends. Not trying to be all spiritual here, but if I can’t find my center and rejuvenate (in EVERY sense of the word) here, I don’t think I can.


  • Gourmet Kitchen. Maybe it’s growing up. Maybe it’s the process of looking for a new apartment, but holy cow I want a nice, spacious kitchen. I’m not trying to fool anyone here, I’m no chef. But I want to have a fun, open space to entertain my friends and family.
    Insert Jamie

    Enter the greatest time suck of all Pinterest (follow me so I feel cool).

    This one’s okay too..

    I honestly could design my future humble (LOL) abode for HOURS a day (thanks Pinterest). It’s incredible to see what’s out there. I will totally be cliche at this moment in time and announce that sometimes Pinterest motivates me. It makes me realize that I want to work hard so I can come home at the end of the day and celebrate my accomplishments…. In my new, shiny, open-floor planned, stainless steel kitchen. #IKnowWhatIWant.

  • I also want to have a house with this….b846cbb9cfcc741067cb0c9840a77790(End Pinterest binge…)

    And for a more serious goal...

  • Love what I do. I think this is everyones life goal. And if it’s not, it should be. I want to get up each morning with a purpose. Knowing that for the next 8+ hours I am working towards a goal, something I can 100% stand behind. I have the utmost respect for people who pursue their passions… It’s not easy. Change is scary, but I refuse to be complacent. 

So there you have it folks. Some of my #LifeGoals. And to avoid ending it on a too serious note, my greatest #LifeGoal is to find a way where I can eat ALL THE FROYO/HOMEMADE PIZZA in the world and never have a tummy ache. #CrohnsLife.

What’s your #LifeGoal?

Do you ever find yourself three hours deep into a Pinterest binge? No? Just me?


63 thoughts on “#LifeGoals – TOLT

  1. Love your life goals! Mine are similar – usually revolving around house and travel. We have an old 1890s farmhouse that we are completely gutting and renovating. I have to say…totally not rubbing it in…I do have that closet (very similar) My husband built me one when we renovated our master bedroom and bath. But it took a really long time – and it was worth it! We are doing the kitchen now so I spend three hours binging on Pinterest no problem! Tahiti would be amazing!!! You totally are a beach bum. I love it!

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    1. I can attest to this! When I went to visit, she showed me her closet…total envy!!! It’s a dream. You should post pictures one day, Allison!

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  2. These are great! Haha, Pinterest is like transporting yourself to another time (warp). I go on the site and an hour later, I’m like what the heck?! Where did the last 60 minutes go?! I’m so with you about loving what you do and following your passion. It can be scary at times, and is still so, so worth it.

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  3. We really wanted to go to Tahiti for our honeymoon, but just couldn’t take all the time off that we would need to really make the most of it. And if we were gonna do it right, we would probably be in debt for years.
    Ok that closet is amazing, but I would need someone to be in charge of keeping it organized for me. And of course to keep the mini-fridge fully stocked!

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  4. That closet is AMAZING. One of my #lifegoals is to have a job (or heck, no job) where my daily uniform is workout gear. I like shopping for workout clothes way more than shopping for regular clothes. Another #lifegoal is to travel to as many places as I can and to take my family with me. My parents didn’t travel much with us when we were kids and so I’d like to change that with my own kids. I want them to know there’s so much more out there than just where we live and let them experience different cultures.

    And yes, 3-hour Pinterest binges are a weekly occurrence for me!

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    1. I love the idea of showing your kids the world. I didn’t travel much when I was growing up and I think that would have been an incredible experience to share with my family!


  5. I love your #LifeGoals and in my post tomorrow I refer to Pinterest as a “black hole on my productivity” lol. I guess if you’re building your dream home it’s not really sucking the productivity out of your life though! 🙂

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    1. Haha Pinterest was the demise of my thesis in grad school. I swear it took twice as long because I’d spend DAYS (not exaggerating) creating my dream home/wedding/closet/wardrobe/file of puppy pictures…


  6. I actually thought I had crohns there for a little while. I could only imagine what it’s like! Yes to the huge closet! I’d love to have one of those, but I know when I actually do get my own house I want a work out room so bad. And now I’ll need to add that fridge 😉

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  7. soooo we are meant to be friends: my dream vaca is to explore Greek islands, Italy (Amalfi Coast, whatttt) and Croatia as well, and just had a lengthy convo w/ my friend about that this past wknd. MUST HAPPEN. and that closet! swoon.

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  8. Sooo relate to all your #LifeGoals! That closet is amazing – as is the kitchen. I so want a big fancy kitchen. And I’m at a total transition time in my life, so my #1 goal is definitely to find a career I’m passionate about and love doing. Love this!

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  9. I love everything about this post!! I love dreaming about travel, and the beach, and my future house…especially because I’m starting the process of looking for a house soon! And on that end, one of my requirements for a house has always been to have a big beautiful kitchen!!! (Even though I’m not the best cook, I plan to be once I have a better space to try things out in!). I haven’t been on Pinterest in awhile though. Looks like I need to start dreaming more again 🙂

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  10. That closet… I’m drooling!! That would be a goal for me too.
    And I would also love to go to every place you listed. I am a total beach bum when it comes to vacationing. Give me the beach, sun, and a fruity cocktail and I’m a happy camper!
    Some of my #LifeGoals for now are to build our dream home, have a child of our own, and run a marathon!
    Have a fabulous day!

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  11. Those kitchens are to die for. We are looking to buy a house in a year and the two musts for me are an updated kitchen and bathroom. And I’m terrible at cooking so it is strictly for me to entertain and look at. And that closet! I am really ocd about how I organize my clothes, so that is perfection to me.

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  12. It usually happens like “Oh let me get on Pinterest for a little before I fall asleep.” Flash forward 2 hours later pinning pictures of puppies and outfits I know I’ll never wear! Also, #LifeGoals is definitely to pursue something I am passionate about and loving what I do. I’m really glad you mentioned that because I believe I am having a quarter life crisis at the moment but I’ll figure it out 🙂

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  13. I think we have pretty similar goals especially with traveling and kitchens. I definitely think the latter is something you realize is more essential for entertaining and hosting family and friends than when you’re younger and not as focused on it. My dream house one day would be small and cozy, with a first floor comprised mainly of a big open kitchen with lots of light and air that opens onto a cozy family room 🙂

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  14. Yay for life goals! Traveling more is definitely a goal of mine. My friend just got back from a cruise where they stopped in Portugal, Greece and Italy. Looked AMAZING. Another goal would be to take the leap and get into a career that I’m passionate about that will make a difference. I like my job now, and have opportunities to help with programs that grant “tech wishes” to early childcare centers which has been the saving grace and reason why I’m still at my company. Other than that I feel kind of lost and unsure of what I really want to do in my life.

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  15. Pinterest=major time suck. My one life goal is to live closer to home… and have a dream house like the pictures above. But the former is a more realistic one that will hopefully be accomplished in the next year or so. Luckily, I do have #joblove 80% of the time so I’ve got that one down!

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  16. YES to loving what you do! We spend so much of our lives working, that it’s a real shame if we’re going in to do something that we hate. That and the world is a better place when people do what they do with passion. I switched career paths a couple of years back, and while it was definitely scary at the time, it was more than worth it. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind that closet either. Or that house 😛

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  17. Khloe’s closet speaks to me. I sent that to my sister yesterday and just said, goals. ha! I would one day like to not have to budget, can that happen? (basically no, not ever, in NYC lol).
    I have never been on pinterest – I’ve stayed away so long now that I figure no reason to start a new time suck!

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  18. I really want to go to Tahiti or Bali. I’m totally posting about Khloe’s closet on my blog next week. SERIOUSLY jealously and #lifegoals for real! It’s amazing. I need a regular closet and a fitness closet for sure. My fridge would have snacks and juices though 🙂

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  19. Travel is my number one! We’re heading to Peru in the spring and Australia/New Zealand are next on my list! That closet is freaking amazing. I would live in there, easily.


  20. Travel is one of the things I LOVE to do. I also love being at home, but I would love to backpack Australia/New Zealand sometime soon and Scotland/Ireland. 🙂 I would also love to trim down/organize all my stuff to be much more manageable and simple. And last of all, I always want to be involved in some sort of support for international mission work and humanitarian aid, as that is something that I’m really passionate about. 🙂


  21. LOL! You’re hilarious. That closet is perfect. You should see mine right now. I ripped it apart looking for a pair of my favourite Lulu shorts and now there are clothes everywhere. I can’t even stand it. I’ll have to bring up a bottle of wine later on today, turn on some sleezy music and just hunker down and get it cleaned up.

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  22. When you get this house, with the closet and fireplace out back, can I come visit? 😉 I definitely have been sucked in to more-than-one-hour Pinterest-fests; sometimes, I just can’t stop!! I love this post; I needed these great pictures today!!


  23. That closet is a little slice of heaven, even just that spandex collection is! A dream for my future home is a room with a window seat, I don’t know why – I’ve just always wanted one. I’m definitely one for pinterest binges. I just had one today on calligraphy and hand lettering, because I would just love to have cute handwriting!

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  24. I love the idea of a Life Goals post!

    My current life goal is for us to just finally have a house. It feels like forever away, since we are both, let’s just say, not on the higher end of the income scale. But I know it will happen one day.

    I’m probably the only woman in history who will say this, but I actually don’t really want a big closet or kitchen or anything. I want a small house. Big rooms/houses with lots of space make me anxious for some reason. I like the feeling of living in a small, compact place.

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  25. This is a fun post! My life goal is really just to be happy – if we’re being realistic. If we’re dreaming: all of which you mentioned, YES.

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  26. I’d say my life goal is to take at least 6 months and go off the grid. I’d like to travel and explore different places. Get some culture.
    I envy your house, except if it’s just me, I like smaller places. Too much space feels so excessive and I would get lost =P


  27. Travel is a huge life goal for me also, both domestic and abroad. I thought traveling all over to like 14 countries when I studied abroad would satisfy it, but it only stoked the fire. Ryan and I also have the life goal of working for ourselves, in part so we can travel or head off to the mountains whenever we want.

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  28. Totally echo the love what you do goal! I had an internship when I was in business school that I really didn’t like and I was miserable going to work everyday. I found a little turtle statue that said “Love what you do” that I bought and put on my nightstand and helped me get through the rest of the summer and then refocus my job search on something that actually made me happy!

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  29. I have been to both Tahiti and Africa, and I can honestly say that I would go back in a heartbeat. Africa absolutely stole my heart. I loved the culture, animals, terrain, and adventure. Although Tahiti was breathtaking, there are so many other tropical places I want to explore… but maybe someday I would go back. 🙂 Both would be great places for a honeymoon – just saying. 😉

    One of my #lifegoals right now is to train for and complete an Ironman. Who knows what kind of new goals I will have once our baby boy is here. That’s the great thing about life – it can always change.

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