Groceries for Days WIAW

You know how some weeks feel so much faster than others?? This isn’t it. I’m so ready for vacation it’s unbelievable. I just want to spend countless hours on the beach, totally undisturbed, and immersed in my book. But I’m at work…. so here’s to pushing the daydream back deep down for another 10 days.

So I always seen people posting about their weekly grocery haul. I figured it was interesting to see what other people keep in their fridge so I actually remembered to take a picture post-shop this weekend and thought I’d share with you what I bought and what I made from it!

Here’s to a special edition of “What I Ate Wednesday”. And as always, thanks Jenn for hosting!


Week of July 26th – August 1st:

I love to go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons. Mainly because if I buy my groceries earlier on in the weekend I eat half of it before the week starts and then my meals are screwed. #AlwaysHungry.

I like to buy a lot of fresh produce (fruits, veggies), organic eggs, vegan cheese and other type of products every week. Some are staple items, some vary week to week. I try my best to change up what fruits and veggies I buy, but for the most part I will always have green apples and bell peppers in my cart.

So what did I buy

So little food. So much money.

4 Organic Green Bell Peppers
Organic Celery
Organic Spanish Onion
Organic Spaghetti Squash
3 Organic Zucchinis
5 Granny Smith Green Apples (breakfast all day, err day)
Bunch of Bananas : )
Pre-Cut Watermelon – because I can only slice and dice so many things…
Pre-Cut Honeydew Melon (see above)
– 2 cups Raw Unsalted Almonds – for Dateballs
– 2 cups Medjool Pitted Dates – for Dateballs
– 1 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut – for Dateballs
Almond Milk
3 Peaches ICE drinks – I’m addicted
– 1 small container Vega French Vanilla Vegan protein powder – it was time to restock
– Single Packet Quaker Oatmeal – Steel cut, original flavor (another staple item, favorite mid-day snack)
PB2 – another staple that needed replenishing… great addition to said Oatmeal
Multigrain Ezekiel Bread
– 2 cartons Large Brown Organic Eggs
Lemon Juice – because I’m lazy and like to just pour this into my water….
Honey – another staple item that needed some restocking
– 2 single serve Cashew Butter packets – great to pack with me as part of an on-the-go snack
– 2 Mint Chocolate Chip Quest bars – I like to have a few of these in my refrigerator incase I end up going out on the weekend for a long time without any prospect of food… easy to pack and pretty macro balanced. Still prefer to make a different snack, but I take what I can get Always Avoid the Hangry
– 1 Pint Cookie Dough Arctic Zero Ice Cream … because duh

And because everyone knows my love of seltzer (in case you didn’t, you do now)…

I figure it’s better than soda so just let me live people : )

I know I eat a lot of organic products, and that is most likely why my grocery bill is so high, but I usually spend around $110 a week on groceries. I do all my meal prep on Sunday (or Monday if I get lazy), chopping all my fruits and veggies, roasting any veggies, and making at least one “larger” dish that I can portion into my weekly lunch. My fridge is usually filled with tupperware come Sunday night, but by Thursday it looks bare and sad. Sometimes it amazes me with how much food I consume. I would have a killer compost pile if I lived somewhere with a yard : )

I’ve been trying to consume a lot more veggies as I find I fall into an All The Fruit mentality in the summer. While I know it’s natural sugar, I still like to limit my intake. And plus, this whole “managing my Crohn’s through diet” thing has led me back to a more organic, more veggies, more fruit, less bulky carbohydrate diet. And I don’t hate it.

I hope you found this as interesting as I find other peoples weekly grocery hauls. I’d give you a picture of my fridge but I can’t give away all my OCD tendencies just yet …

Hope y’all ate something delicious today! Have a fabulous HUMP DAY! We’re almost there folks!

Do you typically spend the same amount on groceries every week?

What was the last “new to you” item you bought at the grocery store?

Fairway? Whole Foods? Trader Joe’s? Stop & Shop? Where do you shop? I’m all about Fairway, but there’s a Whole Foods across from my office so that makes picking up last minute items pretty easy …. far too easy actually…


47 thoughts on “Groceries for Days WIAW

  1. I spend so much money on food. UGH. I cook for my husband and I, and buy very similar items that you have here, and on Monday I spent $213. Now, I was out of a lot of bigger things which really contributed to that number (like the laundry detergent type of things that add up) but still. That’s a lot to eat healthy! We have Wegmans here – kind of like a cross between Whole Foods, Trader Joes and a regular grocery store so I go there, it’s great! During the school year, I grocery shop on Friday nights and then spend time on Saturday and Sunday doing what you do – prepping for the week. Makes staying on track so much easier!! The last new to me item that I bought was actually thanks to YOU, now that you mention it – they started selling the Vega protein powder at my store so I tried a single serving packet. It was good! I still have a bunch of my regular stuff left but I could totally see buying that when I run out. I’m really interested in the PB2 – I keep hearing about it. I’m afraid I’ll eat it with a spoon though…Have a great day 🙂

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  2. It’s such a battle to keep the grocery bill down for 5 people! I’ve gotten it to where we’re at $300/week pretty consistently and that’s down from the $400/week it was when I shopped at Whole Foods too much! I go down to the bare minimum and get creative with using all leftovers. Also adding white rice as a side dish helps.

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    1. Reading this just made me choke on my diet Coke-family of 5 here and our weekly grocery budget is $90 a week, and that includes non-food items too. Can I move in with you please? lol 🙂


  3. I try really hard to keep my spending to a minimum; at the beginning of the summer I definitely went a little overboard but now I’m more consistent. I bought some Poptarts for the first time in years yesterday, they had two new flavors that sounded awesome. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Creme. Not the best for you, but sometimes you just need to make it work!

    Hope the rest of your week goes quick so you can get to your vacation!!

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  4. I usually spend about $150 on groceries, sometimes more. I feel like buying meat and fish is the bulk of the bill! Now that we shop at Trader Joes a lot of stuff is more reasonable, but we do get out fruits and fish at fresh market which is a little more expensive.

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  5. I spend so much money grocery shopping, but mainly because I’m awful at meal planning so I get random things I “think” I need/want when I really don’t. I also go to the store 4x a week because of the bad planning thing 😉 I get most of my stuff from Whole Foods and Publix (the local store in Florida).

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  6. Do you actually like those sparkling ICE drinks? I’ve tried them and I just find them way too sweet :-/ La Croix has ruined me, but that’s a good thing I guess!

    We do grocery shopping all over the place. We like to go to a local co-op, but it’s expensive so we supplement it with a regular grocery store, and even sometimes Target. You do what you can.


    1. I do like them… I find they’re great when I’m having a sugar craving.. and since I gave up all sorts of soda… it kinda hits my flavor/fizzy fix 🙂


  7. We spend about $450 a month on groceries for the two of us, sometimes a little more if it’s a month where I need to restock things like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, toilet paper…you get the picture. I try to buy a lot of things in bulk like chicken and tuna since we eat a lot of that during the week so I’m a frequent Sam’s Club shopper. Other than that we stick to Publix just because it’s convenient to our house. We’ve recently made the switch to almond milk and while we don’t drink a lot of milk on a regular basis, we have been adding it to our protein shakes in the morning to get that extra bit of protein and healthy fat in there and it’s delicious!

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  8. It’s interesting to see how everyone shops! I always thought I spent a lot on groceries, but between Dan and me it’s usually about $150 a week. He used to only get processed/pre packaged food so the bill was a lot higher, but I’m steering him towards more healthy options that are cheap. Thanks for sharing your haul 🙂

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  9. This is the longest week ever! I thought yesterday was Wednesday and even posted a #wcw photo in insta. Insert me waking up today and realizing it’s Wednesday all over again! I usually spend around $100 a week on groceries and shop at Harris Teeter since it’s the closest option in the city. I try to make a trip to Trader Joe’s at least once a month though!

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  10. SO CLOSE TO VACATION! You can do itttttt. I try to spend around 50-60 a week on groceries because I know I’ll eat out on weekends/get extra stuff which brings me closer to 100. I tried to keep the same food budget for myself that my parents gave me when I was in school and it’s worked so far. I love seeing what people bring home. My food is pretty much all from Trader Joe’s and veggies are NOT cheap, but they’re cheaper there than most other grocery stores around so I always stock up on Monday mornings. I generally do one big trip on Monday and then will replenish things I’m low on throughout the week. Luckily, my office is in the same parking lot as a Safeway (like Stop n Shop and Shaws in New England) so it’s easy to go on my way home.

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  11. We used to spend a lot on groceries before I got diagnosed with Celiac because I would just buy stuff to try not knowing if I liked it and usually it wasn’t healthy at all – chips, cookies, frozen pasta dishes. Now that I am eating mostly fresh foods and have an aldi in walking distance with AMAZING gluten free options our grocery bill has actually gone WAY down. I love meal prepping on Sundays because it gives me that extra time during the week to relax 🙂

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  12. It’s just me and Thomas and we spend anywhere from $100-150 a week on groceries. I feel like that’s totally crazy, but I guess it’s actually pretty normal. We try to only eat out maybe once or twice per week, so cook 90% of our meals at home. I’ve been trying to go to Aldi more often because I really do save a ton of money there, but sometimes their produce just isn’t very great.

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  13. I spend between $100 – 150 a week depending on sales. I mostly use Fresh Direct, because no car city living and delivery to your door step 🙂
    I am obsessed with seltzer as well. I try to cut down the carbonation but I figure it is better than coke zero…right?
    I try to buy from the local farms that sell through Fresh direct and this week they had mango nectarines!

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  14. This week is seriously going SO slowly!! I swear time was going backwards yesterday from noon to 4pm.

    and I don’t tend to buy groceries 🙂 My boyfriend loves cooking and doing the grocery shopping, and I love cleaning and doing laundry. So we split those tasks up hahah.

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  15. I love this post! But, I’m weird like that and am always curious what the other runners are eating.

    I am currently sitting here eating an incredibly delicious salad. With NO dressing! Look at me go!

    The last new to me item I bought…? Plant based protein powder that I keep forgetting to use.

    I love shopping at Costco! I also love Publix, but for larger trips I will hit up Walmart Neighborhood Market because their prices are better.

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  16. My grocery bills usually vary depending upon what staples we need and can run anywhere from $70-120 for my husband and I. I try to make as much from scratch as possible, not just to save money but because more importantly I can control all of the ingredients. I get most of our stuff from Fred Meyer, which is the West Coast version of Kroger but most of their produce is local.

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  17. We spend $1000 per month on groceries. Yes, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Because we have a lot of people (8 of us) even though it’s off and on (stepkids go to their mom’s, my kids go to their dad’s, etc) we still keep the house stocked up. Costco is kinda pretty much where it’s at for us, obvy.

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  18. Nice haul! We spend about the same or more every week on groceries. I eat 95% of my week day meals from home, so lots of meals come from those trips.

    The most loved thing I’ve found lately is Pita Pal’s Balela, which is a delish bean salad. It has so much flavor!

    I usually shop at our our local Texas grocer, HEB, Costco or Trader Joe’s. They have all my faves and good variety, too!

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  19. I love seltzer water! When I gave up diet soda I had to replace it with something. Turns out as long as there is carbonation in my water I am satisfied. 🙂

    I shop at Aldi. I don’t know if they have Aldi everywhere. It is a discount grocery store. The only thing I sometimes can’t buy there is chicken breast. Sometimes they have it for the right price and sometimes they don’t. But other than that, Aldi really has started to get much more of a variety of products. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. They carry organic too, even though I don’t buy that kind. But a lot of people are surprised to hear that you can get organic stuff at Aldi!

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  20. I’ve never heard of Fairway, but from the looks of what you can get there, it sounds amazing. I shop at Giant and the selection is pretty limited…but I don’t really have a right to complain. I’m too lazy to drive further to another store, lol.
    I usually spend $70-80 each week on groceries, which absolutely shocked one of my friends when she asked how much I spend recently. But apparently I’m on the cheaper side compared to you 🙂

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  21. I mostly buy fruit when I get groceries. I’m all about the mangos recently. I’ve been practicing peeling and cutting them because it is a process. Such a worthy one though because the cut stuff is $8..and I can get 9 mangos for that price. That’s how I keep my grocery bill low 🙂

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  22. Our grocery lists are strikingly similar. Trader Joe’s for the win! There’s a Harris Teeter by my new apartment so I’ll have to check that out too. I don’t eat organic but I spend about $90 a week too! How do I eat so much…

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