Orvis Sandanona – How I Can’t Keep Secrets

Is it me or has it been FOREVER since the weekend? I feel like this week was dragging. But it’s almost done, so let’s celebrate by  linking up with HeatherKatie, and Clare this week for my Friday Favorite. My boyfriend and I are coming up on two years together so the ideas for what to get him have started swimming in my head.  So I wanted to share with you one of my more favorite gifts I’ve given!

One of the most difficult aspects of my relationship with my boyfriend is surprising him with a gift. Struggle is real over here I know…

100% the best gift – 1 year anniversary pizza making class!

But actually, I can’t think of ONE gift I’ve gotten for him that he hasn’t guessed. I suppose it’s part my fault for buying gifts MONTHS in advanced – I’m type-A what can I say. But I’m also the worlds worst liar. No matter what, if I am attempting to tell a lie, I laugh. Like uncontrollably. I physically cannot lie. Not the worst trait.

We both love giving GIFTS not gifts. Meaning, we love giving each other activities we can do together, rather than giving physical objects.

In March, the BF turned the big 2-5. Which means I bought his gift in January. Yep. January. Either way, during one of our mid-week date nights, I let it slip I got him his gift. Immediately the guessing game began. I will never know why, but I always give in and play along. Within 5 minutes the gift had been guessed. We were going to go shooting. Like shotguns.

We’re so outdoorsy

I had been to the Orvis Sandanona shooting grounds once before and had a great time. We had talked about how fun it would be to go again so I figured we might as well get some actual instruction and learn how to shoot correctly. After an hour of personal one-on-one instruction it is fair to say, I’m not the best shot.

Random fun fact: there is a principle called “cross-eye dominance”, where 85% of women (only 30% of male) who are right handed, are left eye dominant. This is me. Needless to say, my brain was CONFUSED. BF on the other hand, was amazing. In the eloquent words of our instructor, “I’m sticking with you in a zombie apocalypse”.

Ugh. Way better than me.

All-in-all we both had a TON of fun. It was great to do something different, and be able to learn a skill-set together (not sure if this is really “practical” for me). Highly recommend going – although the surprise was a long time coming, it was so so worth it. My boyfriend enjoyed it so much he’s actually going back with his dad THIS weekend! : )

What are some of your favorite gifts you’ve given to a loved one?

What’s your favorite gift you’ve received? My boyfriend is an ah-mazing gift giver. Like I always know he will kill it. It’s like he knows me or something. I can’t even choose one. It’s a tie between an engraved necklace he gave me on our first Christmas, or tickets to Book of Mormon.


38 thoughts on “Orvis Sandanona – How I Can’t Keep Secrets

  1. I love giving my husband gifts that we can enjoy together! I usually take him to a concert, or skydiving or something. For my birthday, we went skiing in Jay Peak, Vermont. But my favorite gift from him actually is an object. For our 5 year anniversary, he got me a really beautiful pair of diamond earrings. Sounds cliche, but I don’t really wear jewelery except for my wedding/engagement rings, and now my earrings. I cherish them so much! Happy anniversary to you 🙂

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  2. Adam is exactly this way and cannot keep a secret at all! I don’t mind, it’s sweet when someone puts thought and effort into a gift! I on the other hand need to put more effort into fun surprise gifts. I agree that activities are much better gifts than objects 🙂

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  3. Alex used to give gifts, now we give each other things that we can enjoy together. And that are cheap, generally, lol. Like I gave him Makers Mark for Christmas. We are KLASSY. I would love to go to a shooting range. I’ve shot many times before, and the last time was at a friend’s wedding, which I know sounds odd, but it was on a hunting reserve.

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  4. I love giving my family gifts of activities we can do together (that way I can join in on the fun ;)). I went to a shooting range once but it was one of the indoor, pistol places. Best gift I’ve ever given: I had all of our home movies converted from videos to DVDs so we can watch them more often.

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  5. 2 YEARS! You guys are soooo cute together 🙂 The shooting range is an awesome gift… Thomas would love that too! I always end up giving away what I get because I’m also guilty of buying stuff wayyyy too early. I’ve already gotten him his wedding gift but I’m refusing to mention it because I know he will start guessing!

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  6. Seriously, I’m the WORST at keeping secrets. I just can’t. I told everyone I was pregnant legit 2 days after I found out. TWO DAYS. I wasn’t even a month pregnant. Suffice to say, my husband either guesses or if he doesn’t, it’s probably a bad gift. oops. My dad gave me a car for Christmas my senior year of HS (it was actually my uncle’s very old (92) car, so don’t think I’m too spoiled) complete with a bow and to say I was shocked is a MAJOR understatement. AS for one I gave, we got an elective ultrasound to fin dout the sex of our baby early right before Christmas two years ago. We told everyone that we would have to wait until February, so when I brought a HUGE box to my dad’s fillled with blue It’s A Boy balloons, he was definitely surprised!

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  7. Okay first off… I am cross-eye dominant as well! Whenever my boyfriend and I are shooting he’s always like “you’re doing it wrong, why are you using your left eye?” BOOM. I actually took a screen shot of this and sent it to him HAHA Best gift I’ve ever given: I got Ian (that’s my main squeeze) custom cornhole boards for Christmas in University of Maryland theme because that is where he went to college. We are huge tailgate/lawn game people so he was over the moon about them. Best gift I’ve received: Ian got me plane tickets to Florida for my birthday to go see his family. We escaped the brutal northeastern winter and went down for a week. It was great!

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  8. Dan and I are the same with gifts. We never do physical objects, but do experiences together. I’m also terrible with keeping secrets and blurt it out to him pretty much days after I get it. One year for his birthday (while he was in college, so it was over spring break) I found a groupon for Costa Rica. That was probably the best gift I gave him! We also went to Niagara Falls over Valentines weekend for his Christmas present which was a ton of fun.

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  9. I’m right handed and I think I’m left eye dominant too. Interesting!

    I also am a huge fan of gifting “experiences” instead of things. Memberships to local organizations (Milwaukee Film, the public museum, etc) have made great gifts but as the years go on it is getting so hard to think of birthday, Xmas and anniversary gifts because I’ve done them all! And of course if I ever ask him what he wants he just says “nothing”. Sigh!

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  10. I’m SO terrible at keeping secrets. Especially about presents. Tim figured out where his surprise birthday dinner was weeks before. And I literally had to tell him his present so he didn’t go out and buy it himself. I’m trying to come up with a 1-year anniversary thing next. You have some pretty good ideas! Love the pizza one 😉 I’m all about experience gifts rather than things.

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  11. I cannot really lie either! Apparently my eyes and nose twitch, and I usually do laugh/smile. It’s great that you guys enjoy sharing experiences together, they matter so much more than “stuff” – although it’s funny you mention the shooting range, my friend and her husband want to take me shooting, and while I have nothing against it I am scared I will endanger other people :O

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  12. You guys both sound like awesome gift givers. Such creative ideas and I love the idea of activities together! My husband always guesses the gifts I’m getting him and it drives me crazy because he is good at it! GAH!! I am throwing him a surprise 30th on August 1 so hopefully I can surprise him! Have a great weekend!

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  13. Congrats on two years together! I’m so bad at keeping gifts a secret, I just get so excited about them. That said, I’m super predictable and half of the time I get my husband a nice Oban or Glenlivet.

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  14. What a fun birthday gift!! I’d be all over the pizza-making class too!!

    I think surprising an ex with hockey tickets to see his favourite hockey team (they were visiting from out of town) was the best reaction I ever got with a present. It was pretty awesome to see someone so excited! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  15. What a lucky guy he is! I am hit or miss with gifts. I have had times where I see something and automatically buy it (months in advance) because it fits a person perfectly. Other times, I go for the good old book. The best gifts I get are phone calls from people. In our society, it takes effort to actually call someone. I know that person loves me when they do that 🙂

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  16. That sounds like an awesome gift date idea! Dates are my favorite gifts to give people (even just friends/siblings!) so we can spend quality time together instead of just giving them an item 🙂 The pizza making class is so creative, too.

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  17. Ugh! I suck at giving and getting gifts! My favorite thing to give are gift-cards BECAUSE they are my favorite thing to get! But, a lot of people think they are lazy gifts. I’m not creative enough to figure out a truly good gift for someone. 🙂


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