Rock Climbing

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Okay. So I alluded to the fact I did something crazy this past weekend. And that crazy thing was rock climbing. Indoors though. You won’t find me hanging off boulder anytime soon.#Duh.

So a little fun fact about me is that I am absolutely, 100% afraid of heights. Spoiler alert… on my first climb I was shaking like a leaf about 5 feet off the ground.

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A long time ago, my boyfriend and I were talking about what fun, active activities we can do on the weekend. While I do love me a good Netflix binge every now and then, I do get a little antsy, especially if it’s nice out. #HighMaintenance

My boyfriend mentioned that he used to go rock climbing with friends in college and thought it was a ton of fun. Now to be honest, I think I’ve been once before in my life… and that was in likeeee 4th grade. At a birthday party. Where I’m sure I just wandered around, didn’t pay attention, and successfully avoided spending any time “climbing”. Well… we checked out this rock climbing gym in Fairfield and it was AWESOME!

The place was huge… there were a bazillion climbing walls (an accurate count… I never exaggerate). And they were all labeled and color coded for level of difficulty (I’m not sure if that’s everywhere or just this gym, but the Type-A girl in me LOVED this).

So. High. Up.

We showed up at the gym on Saturday and completed an hour training course which allowed BF and I the ability to get certified to belay each other. Which is pretty cool because now when we go, we don’t need to climb with an instructor.

We learned everything from tying knots, to the specific type of belay device we use, and even attempted to learn the official commands… It was a lot more fun than I anticipated. During my first climb I was sweating profusely. Not due to difficultly or physical exertion but primarily because I was scared s#!tless at how high up I was. But fun fact – I made it all the way to the top (on the easiest level climb but that’s neither here nor there…).

We climbed this. We climbed that. And after about two hours passing we called it a day. Mainly because as soon as we started climbing back up the wall our muscles kindly let us know “this ain’t happening” and could no longer hold my own body weight.

We went back Sunday and officially passed our belay certification. Needless to say we are totally addicted. We left on Sunday and already agreed to try to get back there next weekend. It was a phenomenal workout and to be honest, I’m starting to feel the soreness two days later.

I’m so excited that we went and found something that we can do year round. Especially in the winter when it’s too cold to explore outside, I have a feeling I will be a frequent flyer. And maybe I’ll be a professional rock climber with my own Netflix documentary before we know it. HA.

I’m really happy I went outside my comfort zone to try something new. I’m still scared of heights, but a lot less hesitant at climbing up the wall. Especially now that I know my boyfriend won’t let me plummet to my death…. #Dramatic.

And I’ll leave you with a picture of the beach… because we went over the weekend before rock climbing and it’s pretty.

What was the last thing you tried that scared you?

Are you afraid of heights?

Have you ever been rock climbing? 

51 thoughts on “Rock Climbing

  1. I tried rock climbing for a Luna Bar event a few weeks ago and I was surprisingly good at it, which I was really surprised by it, but at the same time was a bit like I will stay on the beginner wall thank you. I think the trick is just to go and not think, which we all know is easier said than done. And I would have to really work on grip strength.

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  2. So fun!! 🙂 I have been to a rock climbing gym but never climbed an actual rock. Brian on the other hand went rock climbing one time and became obsessed…I think I need to get out there and give it a try!

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  3. Dan and an amazing rock climber, and used to do indoor and outdoor climbs all the time in college. I joined him a few times indoors but I always felt like I was holding him back! He can do all those crazy things like hanging upside down from one hand and I can barely go up the kiddie walls. I want to learn how to belay so we have to hit up the climbing wall near my apartment some time.

    Great job getting over your fear and trying something new! So proud of you 🙂

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    1. Thanks girl : ) Haha yeah I saw people leaping from wall to wall… I was like “no thank you I’ll just stay clinging to this wall right here….”


  4. Rock climbing is FUN!!…but like you, only inside, I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to do it outside. It’s been years since I did it but I had a blast and loved it. I can’t say I was that good at it – I’ve never had good upper body strength – but it was fun! My favorite is the part where you get to come down (lol)…weeeeeee!!

    Liked your page!

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    1. If I went outside any time a breeze blew I’d be convinced I’d be blown off the rock… Dramatic much? Haha. Thanks for the like girl ! : )


  5. I’m terrified of heights but I feel like being secured and knowing how everything works would make rock climbing not quite as scary – especially indoors! We have a place similar to this one near us, I’m going to have to check it out!!

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  6. I’m not typically afraid of heights, but I get nervous. When I climbed Mt. Whitney, I had some serious vertigo at the top looking down! That ish is high!! So cool you guys went climbing! The manfriend and I are trying to find active things to do together (he hates to run haha), so maybe I’ll suggest climbing. We have SO many gyms here in flag! It looks like so much fun!

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  7. Rock climbing is super fun! Well- indoors, I’ve never really had any desire to go climb mountains or anything. But I’m glad you gave it a chance and liked it so much! It does make you SO sore but I just consider it strength training 😉

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  8. Rock climbing is really fun – I wish I had a place where I could do it more often! My dad is EXTREMELY afraid of heights, so I understand the kind of shaking you’re talking about. Nicely done though!!

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  9. I LOVE rock climbing and used to enjoy it as a kid but haven’t been in ages – I had no idea there was one in Fairfield! I am the total opposite, not scared of heights at all (I used to do gymnastics and cheerleading so I am used to “flying” through the air) although I am terrified of being stuck UNDERground.

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  10. How fun! I’ve been inside rock climbing before, but not on that big of a scale. It was really fun! This makes me want to go back and do it again! Congrats on conquering your fear 🙂

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  11. I did rock climbing for one of my university courses. That’s what you get for getting a kinesiology degree! I didn’t totally love it because I have stupid little girl arms and I got wimpy about it. And I also love the fresh air and moving fast. But it was a really neat thing to try! I don’t mind heights at all. There isn’t really much that scares me.

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  12. That looks like sooooo much fun!!! That’s awesome you got out of your comfort zone. I think the equivalent for me would be snorkeling or scuba diving. I don’t do oceans–they freak me out!!

    I”m not afraid of heights. I’m actually hiking Mt Humphreys in a few weeks–the highest point in Arizona. Kinda really pumped 🙂

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  13. I am glad you found an activity you and your man can enjoy year round that requires I little more physical exertion than a Netflix binge! Rock climbing isn’t something I am inclined to want to try out, but if I did, I think I would get a lot more out of it if I took classes and got certified the way you did. Oh, and I’d only do it in a controlled setting with lots of safety harnesses! Great job getting out of your comfort zone! I should do that more often.

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  14. I’m terrified of heights!! I start to shake chasing my little guy up the mini rock wall at our nearby playground. I think I would like to try rock climbing though! If I don’t look down I should be alright…right?! 😉

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  15. I’ve never tried rock climbing. Ryan and I got passes to do some rock climbing for free at REI when we got our membership, and we were both like, um, thank you but maybe later.

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  16. Um, definitely afraid of heights and no I have not done any rock climbing but I think trying it on a rock wall would be pretty cool. My husband has been to our local climbing center and he LOVES it; I guess I’m going to have to give it a try, Jamie!


  17. I’m not afraid of heights, and we have an awesome climbing gym similar to what you have nearby! Haven’t gone in ages – I do enjoy it though. So glad you tried it, way to go after conquering your fear!


  18. I’m so glad you’re on Facebook!!! I just gave you a shout out over there. 🙂
    This sounds like so much fun. There is a rock gym kind of near my house and I’ve been meaning to get over there. This might just have been the extra push I needed!

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  19. I’ve climbed once and it was really fun…but I was not good at it. Short, stubby legs and rock walls do not mix. I think I would be better now just because my legs are longer and I could reach more spots. Can’t wait to watch you on Netflix!


  20. I had a rock climbing gym at my college fitness center and went once before I was a runner and more fit. I made it up once on the easy route and then the next time up I slipped a grab and was just hanging there. I freaked out and got some fear of heights and that was it lol

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