Because Everyone’s Doing It

Let’s get down to it…I’m linking up with HeatherKatie, and Clare this week for my Friday Favorite. And this week, it just so happens to be a fun little questionnaire!

I have seen this A to Z Survey on like a billion blogs (I never exaggerate so now you all know I read a billion blogs a day) and I want to be cool too so I’m going to fill it out. I love the absolute randomness of this survey and who doesn’t love to talk about themselves (ME! ME! ME!)

A – Age: 27. I usually forget and say I’m 26. #WishfulThinking

Because when you turn 21 you wear a tiara.

B – Biggest Fear: Drowning. Which is ironic since I was a competitive swimmer and I love the water?

C – Current Time: 6:41pm

D – Drink You Had Last: Lemon Water

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Kona. Because he doesn’t talk back. He definitely judges, but does a pretty good job at keeping his opinions to himself.

Always willing to lend an ear.

F – Favorite Song: Colder Weather – Zac Brown Band


G – Grossest Memory: Scrubbing into the OR before lunch and watching a gastrectomy. Poor life decisions.

H – Hometown: Westport, CT

I – In Love With: My life.

I was feeling crabby

And this guy…

To Do. Buy a selfie stick… Or make friends….

J – Jealous Of: People who have the ability to travel wherever/whenever they want.

K – Kindest Person You Know: Can I say Kona again? Kidding, I just wanted an excuse for more dog pictures. But I do consider myself extremely lucky that all my friends, family, framily are the kindest people in the world. #LuckyGirl

I can’t handle this photo

L – Longest Relationship: My grandparents have been married for almost 70 years. Life goals.

M – Middle Name: Ann (BORING)

N – Number of Siblings: None. Perfection on the first try : ) JK JK… but really.

Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 10.38.50 AM
Glamor shot.

O – One Wish: World Peace. No? Looking for something more original? Ok…. I wish I was on a beach right now. But I do wish for world peace too.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My mom.

My main lady

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “Why aren’t you eating xxxx??!”

R – Reason To Smile: A good run, cool breeze, bright sun, and the fresh air.

S – Song You Last Sang: Kanye – The Chainsmokers. It’s whatever.

T – Time You Woke Up: 5:45am. Totally refreshed. I’m that annoying morning person. Anytime I sleep past 7 is remarkable. And because of this I like going to bed with the sunset (reverse vampire)

U – Underwear Color: Sea-foam green if we’re getting specific…

V – Vacation Destination: Dream vacation to Croatia/Greece. Favorite place to vacation is Nantucket. #HappyPlace.

August 8th. August 8th. August 8th….

W – Worst Habit: Haha just one? If you asked my boyfriend he would say the fact I cannot eat sprinkles quietly. Which poses a problem since the frequency at which I eat foods that include sprinkles is rather high. Or that I use “like” FAR too much.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Too many to count… dentist, knees, shoulders, abdomen, back, ribs, wrist, neck, nose…. I think you all see where we’re going here.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Carbohydrates. Oh wait that’s a food group… Um Pizza. No. Frozen Yogurt. No. BRUSSELS SPROUTS! And I’m actually not kidding.

Scan 130200011

Z – Zodiac Sign: Aquarius!

I hope everyone has a fabulous and restful weekend. I’ll catch ya’ll back here Monday to tell you about my super exciting weekend (I have no plans besides, eating, running, sleeping… so regardless mine will be amazing!)

Answer your favorite question or just tell me a cool random fact about you! Like I have two tattoos! Snuck that in there… kudos to you if you read this far : )

What are you looking forward to most this weekend?

And because sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why my brain goes where it goes… What’s your favorite type of candle? My boyfriends mom gifted me some Rewined candles… holy moly… I’m obsessed.


51 thoughts on “Because Everyone’s Doing It

  1. Your favorite food is Brussels Sprouts?! We cannot be friends. Or I’ll just give them to you off my plate 🙂 I totally think my dog is the easiest person to talk to….and the nicest. Maybe because he always agrees with me? I say “like” every other word too…oops.

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  2. I definitely caught the tattoo comment! Im not big on brussell sprouts but I really love broccoli. It was always one of my favorite foods even as a kid! My mom said that my grandmother trained me to like it by slathering it in butter…whatever works, right? Have a great weekend!

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    1. Cool survey.. might have to do this today, too!! I 1000000% understand your love for brussels sprouts. I’m right there with you! I could eat them everyday, every meal. I’m looking forward to a weekend finally spent at home & not traveling!

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  3. I am such a morning person. I could go to bed at 2 am and be up at 7 am. My body just does not understand how to sleep in. Growing up I would wait on the edge of my parents bed for hours waiting for them to get up so we could all play!

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  4. I’m such a weird morning person. If I sleep past 8:30 on the weekends I feel as if I’m already wasting my day away but try to wake me up early for something and I’ll put up the biggest fight. So strange. I am looking forward to lounging by the pool and getting in a run or two. Have a great weekend!

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  5. This is so fun, Jamie! Yeah, I would totally choose Kona, too; what a cutie. I am definitely a morning person, as well; in turn, by 8:30 pm I’m ready for bed – GAH! I’m so old, for real! Um, let’s see…I beat you with three tattoos – ha! – and my middle name is Leigh. Hope you have a great weekend, Jamie!!

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  6. You are just way too great. I love this, and I love how you write! That picture of Kona is so sweet. He’s got a big smile on his face!! I have tattoos too, up my arm. I hate it when the toilet paper roll makes a bunch of noise when I use it in a public bathroom because then everyone in there knows how much toilet paper I’m using because it makes this huge rattle sound. What else.. what else.. I love brussels sprouts too.

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  7. Loved reading/learning more about you! I can’t believe brussel sprouts are your favorite food!!! You’re like the poster child that parents dream of 😉 I love your dog by the way and I agree with you that they are the best listeners. I would love to know what your tattoos are? I don’t have any but kind of want to get one at some point.

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    1. I have a tattoo of two tribal waves on my back (because I’m an aquarius) that I got when I was 15 and then I have my dads initials on my left rib cage! Nothing too fancy, but definitely something not everyone knows… well now maybe they do : )


  8. I love blog surveys! Reading your answers was so fun.

    I’m looking forward to flying home from Indonesia this weekend! Not the flights themselves, but the getting home to North Carolina part 🙂

    And I LOVE pumpkin spice candels- pumpkin bread is my favorite!

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  9. Listening to colder weather currently! 🙂

    Had to laugh at you mentioning you forgetting your age – me as well, minus I am 34 and some times I still sit here taken aback and am like, wait, really? HA.

    I am running a beer mile tomorrow. I think it might be a poor decision for my stomach but I cannot wait for a fun time with friends and a dance party. In tutus.

    I am obsessed with the clean linen candles. I love fresh laundry smell.

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  10. Aww I want to hug your dog! I talk to my dog all the time. Especially on walks or runs. It’s cool. Dream vacation would be Italy. I’ve been to Florence and Rome, but I’d love to rent a car and drive around Tuscany. Or New Zealand! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    1. Haha yes Ridgefield and Staples. Sadly I did not go to public school 😦 But I attended a lot of the games. I even dated a Ridgefield Tiger while I was in college 🙂 Haha


  11. Aw, Kona!!! I would tell him all my secrets too 🙂 I really wish I was a morning person but getting up early is a huge struggle for me… maybe one day… LOL

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  12. I love surveys too… I thought the one about Kona was pretty hilarious, because it is often true. Dogs don’t talk back. They’re pretty good listeners. 😉

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  13. My middle name is ANN too (but it’s also my mom’s and was my Nana’s so I don’t mind!)

    I would LOVE to go to Greece!

    Also, I don’t “sleep in” either. If I wake up past 7 I consider it a big win (I blame motherhood for that haha!)

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  14. I’ve got two tattoos also! I forget about them sometimes and then I’m like, what’s that on my hip? Oh, right. Kona is adorable, dogs are always the best people.

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  15. I love that song.! colder weather 🙂
    and yea, drowning is a scary thought.! I don’t know how to swim.. so definitely a possibility for
    I’m so happy to hear that you’re an only child.!! I want my daughter to be an only child, but whenever I tell people that they say she’ll turn out weird :/ so every normal only children I meet means points for me.! haha

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  16. Random fact: I do planks with my cat on my back. It’s not for strength, it’s because he loves getting on there =P
    Most looking forward to tomorrow morning before work. I like the time to myself 🙂


  17. Yours was such a fun one to read! I’ve heard great things about Rewind candles but have never tried them. I looooooove the Fresh Cut Roses by Yankee Candle. I need to find a way to order them in bulk #notkidding

    Have a great weekend!!

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