Death of Conversation – TOLT

I am linking up with Amanda today to celebrate Thursday and all of its gloriousness that is “almost the weekend”. Thinking-Out-Loud

1. I’m a huge Snoopy fan. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the Snoopy movie, i.e. The Peanuts movie, to come out (November 5th incase you were wondering). I like to think that Snoopy is my spirit animal, and I often times assimilate a Snoopy “dance” if I’m exceptionally happy. So it took great restraint on my behalf to not buy this shirt….

Unless I’m running. Then mornings are my happy place 🙂

2. Last night while I was channeling my inter 75 year-old cat lady, Alex Trebek kept referencing one of the contestants as “stay-at-home-dad”. I found that somewhat interesting since no one else was referred to by their “profession”. I also thought it was somewhat rude when Trebek asked Ben (the contestants real name) if being a stay-at-home dad was “deliberate“. Ask that to a woman and see what kind of response you’d receive Trebek. I’m going to go with not a positive one.  #EndRant

3. Just kidding, I’m going on another rant. I recently read this article on Huffington Post and got pretty irritated. In response, I listened to the TedTalk titled “The Death of Conversation” and sadly, I could not agree more. Our generation is so accustomed to accessing instant information, being involved in continuous conversation with multiple people, and compulsively checking in with social media. I don’t doubt that one day we will only communicate through technology. Why have social interaction when you can stare at your phone and have ENDLESS amounts of information literally at your finger tips. People now communicate solely in Emojis, GIFs, and through SnapChat…. why even bother talking anymore?

These pictures featured in the HuffPost article are all too familiar. Scenes we all see in our daily lives. One of the greatest messages I took away from this is although the internet and technology gives us the ability to “be connected”, we really are disconnected, interested in what else is out there as opposed to what is in front of us.

So please, next time you’re out out to dinner, on a date, spending time with friends and family, put the phone away. Stop checking your phone every 5 minutes. I promise you (99% of the time), whatever you will miss for those few hours is not important. Those Instagrams, FB statuses, tweets, and text messages will all still be there when the movies over. Please ask yourself, is this more important than what I’m doing right now? Should I prevent myself from appreciating the present?

We are all guilty of doing this. I know I check Instagram more than I’d like to admit… It’s like a super fun picture book… but I try to put my phone away at dinner and when I’m at the movies. Let’s all make it a goal to not look like this…

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.30.18 PM

Okay… now I’m ending my Rant.

4. It’s official. I found my new favorite flavor. I thought it was Grapefruit. Then I thought it was Pear. But I tried this last night, and I am sold…

Target #ImpulseBuys are so great.

5. I love this blogging community. Becky sent me the cutest little note and a sample of Spark. She had been raving about it and I commented saying how much I’d like to try it. And guess what… this lovely lady sent me some! What an absolute doll : )

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love. Love. Love.

So continuing with the blog love, Jessica over at Semi-Sweet Tooth me for “The Real Neat Blog” award.  So let’s see if I can get creative with some answers over here and entertain us all…


The rules are:
1) Put the award logo on your blog.
2) Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3) Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog.
4) Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5) Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

1.)  If you weren’t happy with yesterday, what would you do to change it?

Hmmm.. why is the first question on a test always so hard! I have to say I was pretty happy with yesterday. I got a decent run in after a long day of work, I was pretty proud of myself for not bailing (it LOOKED like it could possibly rain – I’m a wuss).

2.)  What is your favorite book?

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. You can read this NYTimes review if you would like. My boyfriend recommended this book to me and at first I was questioning it big time. But 50 pages in I couldn’t put the book down. HIGHLY recommend.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.41.56 PM

But The Great Gatsby will always have a very special place in my heart. It was the first book I remember truly loving.

3.)  What has been your biggest success and your biggest challenge?

Biggest Success: Feeling independent. It was tough for me to truly feel like an adult after college. I matriculated directly into graduate school and was lucky enough to continue to have my parents financial (and probably more important emotional!) support. I graduated when I was 25 and I think moving back home was extremely humbling for me. Building my career and successfully living independently for the past year is something I am very, very proud of.

Biggest Challenge: Remembering to put myself first sometimes.

4.)  What does your perfect day look like? (April 25th is void… 😉

A long run chased with a smoothie. Blue skies and a full beach day ahead of me. Throw in an Acai bowl, winning a free lifetime of SoulCycle classes, and lots of puppies… I think we’d have a winner!

5.)  What is your favorite memory?

This is one deep survey! I would have to say my favorite memory is galavanting around Sweden two summers ago. Totally unemployed. Totally carefree. Note to self: travel more.

6.)  What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I’m so #Basic. Ugh. I think the craziest thing I’ve ever done (that I will publish for the internet to see) is to audition for Jeopardy. Got I’m embarrassing.

7.)  If your life were a movie title, what would it be?

“Wait, what?”

8.)  If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

I would travel the world for a year. I would eat all the things, drink all the drinks, and do like the locals do. I don’t think a lot of people would expect me to be able to “rough it”, but I would love nothing more than to see the world through the eyes of the people who live it. Anyone know the winning lotto numbers? #Dreamz

I tag…
Kaitlin @ For Love of Carrots
Gretchen @ Gretchruns
Becky @ Olivesnwine
Emily @ My Healthyish Life
Amanda @ SlimplifyLife
Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

Alright. If that’s not a ton of randomness I don’t know what is. And if you made it all the way through this post, you are officially the best. Have a fantastic Thursday and I’ll see ya’ll back here for some Friday Faves : )

Answer one question from my survey!

What are your thoughts on the HuffingtonPost article? Do you ever find yourself missing out on important events because you were too pre-occupied on your phone?

Are you a morning person? If I had my way the day would start at 530AM and end at 3PM. Unless I’m sick. Then I’m all about my bed.

54 thoughts on “Death of Conversation – TOLT

  1. Ugh- it is so true about the Death of the Conversation. I saw an author speak once and he had everyone take his picture and then said put your phones away for the rest of this. He said we do too much documenting and not enough experiencing anymore. Being a blogger it can be tough- we want to snap pics for the blog all the time, but it’s important to enjoy and experience too. I saw people video-ing the fireworks on 4th of July, so they didn’t actually watch the fireworks, they watched their phone filming it. My question is, are you EVER going to watch the video of the fireworks again, probably not!

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  2. I would answer the “if you could do anything” question the same as you. Travel. I would actually love to leave the day after school ends and come home the day before I have to go back. I could do it. My husband, however, can’t…sooooo I haven’t done it yet. I’d even go by myself, though. Of course I’d love to see the world but I’d even be cool with getting in the car and just driving all over the country!

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  3. Thanks for the tag, I like these questions! Ok lots to comment on…that article makes me so sad. Especially seeing pictures of people at restaurants on their phones.
    April 25th is always my answer to the “perfect day” question. But yours sounds pretty darn good to me.
    I typically do more before 10 am than the rest of my day (productivity wise) so I’m so on board with the work day ending at 3.

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  4. Snoopy definitely is the best! Love the Peanuts gang. Also, the obsession with technology makes me sad, and yet I do it too. I’m trying really hard to put my phone away more often.

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  5. I definitely agree with that article! And its like its contagious…you see someone you are with check their phone, and you do the same! And I am definitely a morning person. 5:30 sounds like a good time to get up, and I would like to be at home, on my couch by 3 or 4, with nothing else to do the rest of the day.

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  6. It’s really scary to me to think about how kids today just grow up with all this technology at their access. It makes me wonder how much different the world will be in 10-15 years. I’m so guilty of being on my phone too much as well, but I really try to make a conscious effort to put the thing away when I am at a dinner or something with someone.

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  7. Breaking out the hot button topics today!

    With the prevalence of memes and emojis (ugh, am I the only one who hates those? I think they’re obnoxious. We’re adults, not kindergarteners. Let’s use our words, not little cartoons), and pictures, it does make me wonder if we’re headed toward a day when people just don’t communicate with words at all. We’re already headed that way – articles become shorter and more focused on images and headlines, people use a meme with a quote instead of just typing up the quote, etc. As someone whose great love is writing, it’s heartbreaking to see good writing become a dying art.

    And it is very unnerving to think that there are kids who are growing up this way. At least as adults we have some self awareness about our bad habits, but kids today don’t remember a time with no Facebook, no Snapchat, no cell phones. It just makes you wonder, how much worse can it get?

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    1. Oh I almost forgot, I LOVE PASSIONFRUIT LACROIX! I think it is in a very close 2nd to Grapefruit (pamplemousse!! hehe) though.

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    2. It makes me pretty sad to think about. I’ve really been trying to make a conscious effort to change my behaviors, but I know I still need work!


  8. I missed last night’s Jeopardy, but I gotta say, I don’t always love the way Trebek speaks to the contestants. I find a lot of the comments to be belittling and I’m not a fan of that! Love the reminder to put down the phone – I think it takes a conscious and worthwhile effort. Have a good one, girl!

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  9. i’ve been trying to get better about putting my phone away, especially at dinner. Such a hard habit to break! But it definitely leads to better conversations and I feel more connected to the people around me. And LOVE spark. My favorite flavor is pink lemonade!

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  10. Alex is a condescending ass sometimes (most of the time)… yet I still love the show. While I DO agree that we should put down the phone when engaging with others in person, having lived all around the country and thus having friends in random places, I LOVE social media for its connection ease. I hear parents and grandparents talk about “ohhh, how great getting LETTERS were back in the old days, talking on the phone for hours…” and yeah, reading mail is nice, but writing out a note and sending it isn’t feasible nowadays. And being separated by time zones and lifestyles doesn’t make phone calls easier either. Anywho, basically YES, PUT THE PHONE DOWN WHEN YOU’RE WITH PEOPLE, but by all means, go for communicating on your own time with those in distant lands 😉

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  11. Sadly, the article is true. What disturbs me most is to see kids glued to phones or tablets. They will grow up thinking this is acceptable and as a result may lack social skills and the ability to effectively communicate face-to-face or talking over the phone. I totally agree that although technology connects us, in more significant ways, it keeps us very much disconnected :-(.
    I am a morning person for sure! Love to get my day started early!

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  12. I have a lot to say:
    1. The peanuts movie looks so good! I like how they’re doing the graphics..really cool stuff. I can’t wait to see it!
    2. I think it’s pretty well-known that trebek is a jerk and on SNL they parody him a lot (so funny to watch). Not so surprised that he would make comments like that…rude!
    3. I listen to the Ted Talks podcast and one episode was focused on machines basically making humans worthless, and a few talks were about how we don’t interact anymore. I am guilty of it myself and it’s something Dan always tells me to work on. Less phone, more conversations!
    4. Thanks for tagging me for that quiz! Can’t wait to do it 🙂 🙂

    Wow longest comment EVER…have a great rest of the week girl!

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  13. I’m glad I found your blog! I am definitely a morning person, except when it’s rainy or really really cold – then i’ll stay cozy as long as I possibly can! My answer to #7 (movie title for my life) – “Please let tomorrow be a snow day!” I’m a teacher and even in May I’m hoping for those fateful days off of school 🙂


  14. I always say I was born in the wrong generation because I mourn the lack of true conversation and the constant attention to our phones instead of the people around us, because we miss out on so much. Then I think about how people have mourned the inattentiveness of youth since the Classical Age…perks of the perspective lent to you by Oxford classicist classmates!

    One of my favorite things to do is go for a run sans phone and then just keep not looking at it. I can go a whole day, respond to missed texts the next day, and really in the end it’s not as if the world was shattered. It really helps to put things in perspective. Now if only I could convince my friends to do the same when we are together…

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  15. I love your #3 rant. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves but I’m also guilty of doing it. It’s hard to force yourself to put your phone down and enjoy the company of those around you, but it’s even harder to make everyone you’re with do it simultaneously. It’s crazy how dependent we are now not only on our phone but just being able to access any information immediately. I could go on for hours!

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  16. First off spark is delicious, I love the stuff!

    And couldn’t agree more with the death of conversation. I will usually comment if you whip out your phone if we are out to eat. Unless a working lunch where you are “on call” or such then no, don’t do it.
    Also reason why I never have photos of anything I do because of above phone rule! I often forget to take it out and hence no pictures of anything ever, I find it awkward and weird to stop mid whatever to capture the moment/post on twitter or social media outlet of choice.

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  17. The death of conversation is real! The manfriend and I are trying to cut back on how “plugged in” we are all the time. Phones set aside in the evenings and can’t be brought out if were out together to eat!

    Love “The Great Gatsby”! That book will always hold a special place in my heart as well!

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  18. I definitely think that technology has taken away so much of our… err… humanity? I work from home and spend a lot of time on the computer, and there are days where I literally don’t even talk to another person at all… at least not vocally outside of texts or emails. It’s kind of sad. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 18, and now kids are getting them at like 4 years old. Like.. what? I always try to put my phone away when I’m out with someone, but then on the flip side I feel like I’m missing out on another huge chunk of my life. It’s a weird thing to balance…

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  19. My favourite memory is when I went to a gay bar with my sister Tracey and sang karaoke (Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas”) to crowds of people walking along Davie Street in downtown Vancouver. It was a hot summer night and the bar had this retractable window/door thing so that we could all look out onto the street and feel the warm breeze come in. I did this all completely sober (probably the most shocking thing about the whole night.. lol).

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  20. First time commenter…and I’m local too! (norwalk)
    I love Peanuts! Snoopy rocks! I didn’t even know there was going to be a movie. Now I’m excited.
    I’ve seen so many people who are fans of LaCroix but I never knew it was available around here. Must make a target trip ASAP!
    Technology kills me. The worst was a teenager and her mother at a nice restaurant and they didn’t speak at all. Both were on their phones. I was disgusted.
    Enough from me…


  21. Omg if I won a year of SoulCycle classes I would die of happiness. I recently deleted some social media apps from my phone (but I can’t part with Instagram) because honestly I can check those sites on my laptop…I don’t need their instant access. Even though I’m guilty of using my phone, I try to be super conscious of it and I’m always the friend or family member at the table saying “Put your phone down!” Haha

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  22. Not only is good conversation dying, but so is good writing (and grammar). So many people cannot string together a proper sentence and it kills me. We had a strict no-phones policy at our wedding ceremony and there were people who still wanted to take out their photos to take photos!
    I’m definitely a morning person. My ideal is waking up at 5-5:30 and then going to bed by 9. Thankfully Ryan is a morning person also, but Charlie, our puggle, is not…which sometimes makes for fun mornings.

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  23. I will say that my husband is worse about his phone than me. When I get home from work I generally don’t use my phone – it stays in my purse. And I try to be really mindful since I have a youngin’ to keep off the iPad so that I’m not ignoring her. We have a “no screens” rule starting at 7:30 every night.

    I love LaCroix! I only buy when it’s on sale though. LaCroix and Dasani Sparkling helped me kick my soda habit.

    My perfect day looks a lot like yours – I’d like to get an early run in, followed by a nice breakfast and then spend the whole day alone on the beach reading.

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  24. i’m drinking a peach-pair La Croix as i type this to you! i’ve yet to try the grapefruit and the passionfruit. def a fan of the coconut, too. love Jeopardy also, and was thinking last night about the whole “leaving the phone out of my real-life convo time” thing bc i went out with someone who rarely takes his phone out, and it’s really refreshing. i could do much btr about that.

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  25. Jamie, I saw this article via Twitter (ironically, since that means I was on my phone, disconnected – ha!) and I think it’s great; I am definitely guilty of disconnecting from what’s going on around me by paying more attention to social media. I try to make a concerted effort to stay off my phone when I’m out to dinner or hanging out with folks; it’s definitely tough sometimes, though…the struggle is real! I’ve got to try this La Croix flavor; it sounds great. I’m definitely with you on the 5:30 – 3 schedule; that would be AMAZING!!! Hope you’re having a great day!


  26. I was just thinking about this topic yesterday. I was out for a walk and I walked past a parked car with a couple in it and two kids in the back. Each parent was on a phone and the eldest child was too, and I thought about how when I was younger being in a parked car with my family would have been such a different scenario! There’s lots of ways that technology is destroying conversation. One of the biggest ways is that we expect instantaneous dialogue. I can’t tell you how many people get mad at me when they text me and I don’t reply within 20 minutes or less. It’s a text message not a pizza delivery! “Did you get my text?!!” I don’t apologize for the delay, because, honestly we’re not doing ourselves any favors by apologizing for not jumping the second we get a message. I think there’s definitely a blurred line between social media/IM/text/email conversations and actually talking in real time — we really can’t have it both ways. That being said, I like to turn off technology whenever possible when I’m actually with others. It’s tough sometimes, but it definitely makes me feel more sane. LOL I think I caught the #Rant bug from you! 😉

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    1. Haha it’s definitely a tough topic… I think technology can absolutely creep into and effect our personal lives more than we realize. : )


  27. Jeopardy?! That’s awesome!! I feel like I need more details! What did you have to do (besides ask questions haha!)

    I’m trying to be MUCH better about putting my phone down. It’s so rude/annoying to be out with someone who isn’t really engaged with you.


  28. My husband and I have a rule that when we both get home from work, we immediately put our phones upstairs and away from our faces. We spend the rest of the night cooking dinner and eating together, talking about our day, free from the distraction of our phone. When we go upstairs for bed, that’s when we can check for any missed calls, texts, or emails. We love talking with each other and putting our phones away allows us to really involve one another in our day without the interruptions of any other people in our lives.

    I’m jealous that you’ve auditioned for Jeporday! We watch that every night (right after we watch Wheel of Fortune), I feel like such an 80-year-old married couple. But I’m glad to know I’m not alone!

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  29. My hubby and I watch Jeopardy every night and I always point out to my husband how condescending Alex is to the ladies! Like if a woman gets a tough question right, he will either act surprised or say something snarky like “good for you!”. It doesn’t surprise me that he asked the SAHD that question. Alex seems a little clueless about how he comes off sometimes… But I still LOVE Jeopardy. 🙂

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  30. I frequently get annoyed with my fiance for being on his phone so much. I try to limit the time I’m on it to when I am not around other people, but I know I’m bad too. I work with teens and I see it even more with them. It’s what they are growing up with. It’s sad. People don’t know how to communicate or entertain themselves anymore.
    And I’m currently reading the Great Gatsby and having a hard time loving it. Everyone has been saying they love it lately! I AM only on page 30, and haven’t been reading much we all lately so maybe I just need to focus on it more. I hope I love it like you all did!

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  31. I’m the person that gets super annoyed that people are always on their phone. I rarely check it. The worst is when you’re on a froyo date with a girlfriend to catch up and she’s on her phone. I call the person out. Totally agree with you on the what time the days should be. I’m a morning person through and through. I loved this post btw 🙂

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  32. OMG that Huff Post article – so sad, but not surprising. I CAN NOT STAND it when my friends are on their phones next to me. I think I tend to hang out with people who know the value of a conversation though 🙂 However, I’m 100% guilty of this when I’m surrounded by strangers. I’ll whip out my phone in line at the grocery store, sit in my car & scroll through IG while I’m getting gas, etc. I completely agree that we’re more disconnected than ever.
    I think my biggest success is being independent too! Right after college I moved to CA where my boyfriend at the time was stationed. Bad things happened, stuff went downhill, I broke it off and I moved back east to live with with my parents for a year. I had to work my way out of debt before I could move out on my own, all the while trying to make new friends while recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship. It’s like I’m a new person now, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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