StitchFix – Tried It Tuesday

Well I don’t know if it’s just me, but Monday was a long, long day. I was ready for the weekend by 1:00 PM yesterday which is never a good sign. Fingers crossed this week starts moving a little faster than it’s current glacial pace.

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Okay. Enough complaining. Let’s get to the point of todays post, and the fact that I’m linking up with Sara from Lake Shore Runner for her Tried it Tuesday and OlivesnWine for Treat Yourself Tuesday.


A while back I saw a StitchFix review on one of my favorite blogs and decided I should check out what this service is all about. The fix I am reviewing today is my third. To say the first two were unsuccessful would be an understatement. In my second fix I received a sweater I LOVED but could not pull the trigger on the $98 price tag. So I figured since I started blogging (who doesn’t love a new reason to post), I should give StitchFix another chance and schedule a fix.

StitchFix recommends to update your style profile after a fix you’re not particularly happy with. I went to town on my Pinterest board and attached the link to my order. I was hoping that it would offer some more guidance for my stylist to see what I am loving/looking for.

So let’s see what I got:

Each fix comes with a guide of items that are in your fix and suggestions of ways in which you could wear them. From this, a lot of you guessed I kept the Double Strap Tank which sadly I did not. I ended up keeping the Embroidered Racerback Tank.
 1. Tabitha Maxi Dress (Small): $78

I was super excited when I saw this in my fix. I love long maxi dresses in the summer and they are so easy to wear to work and for a night out. The pattern and colors were exactly what I was looking for. However when I tried the dress on, the neckline was pretty high (which isn’t my absolute favorite), and the elastic waist band wasn’t exactly snug so it would slip down and promote an unflattering silhouette.
Verdict: Returned.

2.  Double Strap Tank (Small): $48

Again, another piece I was super excited to try on. My go-to outfits in the summer are white skinny jeans and colorful flowy tops. Obviously this fits the bill perfectly. However what I didn’t notice from the preview sheet, and honestly until I had it on, was that there were buttons that went down the entire front of the shirt. While I loved the color, pattern, and the straps (my favorite part!), I knew each time I put this piece on, I’d immediately take it off and find something else. Pesky buttons.

Verdict: Returned.

3. Twist Back Knot Top (Small): $48

I really only have one thing to say about this. BORING. A plan back tank with a small keyhole in the back is not worth the pricetag. Nor is it what I was looking for. I stated in my pre-order I was looking for pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up in a store… pieces that would push me out of my comfort zone. This is the most basic, conservative tank top of all time.

Verdict: Returned.

4. Embroidered Racerback Tank (Small): $38

This is what I’m talking about! I was super excited to try this piece on. I’m definitely a fan of all things nautical and preppy, but do not own anything with embroidered detailing along the neckline. I wasn’t sure how it would lay against my chest, but I loved it! I paired it with white jeans and it became my new go-to summer time outfit.

Verdict: Kept!

5. Mixed Geo Print Maxi Skirt (Small): $58

Another item I was super excited to try on. I loved the pattern, I loved that it was a skirt I could wear to work, but it was too big. For an elastic waist, the piece felt loose the second I tried it on. I would have kept it, but with the elastic cotton material, I knew the skirt would stretch out within two or three wears and be ruined. I was pretty bummed since this would be a piece I’d love to have. I just wish it was made with a bit more substantial/durable fabric.
 Verdict: Returned.

So there you have it. Fix #3. I don’t have any scheduled for the near future, but hope to do one again in the fall. I’m thinking maybe I will schedule fixes seasonally. But other than that, they aren’t worth it for me at the moment.

*Please note this post does contain referral links. If you do choose to go ahead and click and order a fix, I get a small credit to my next fix or purchase ($25). If you choose to use my referral link (thank you!), if not, I’d still love to know what you think of the service.

*I did not get compensated for this post. The fix fee ($20) and purchase of the tank were with my own money. 

Have you ever tried StitchFix before? What were your thoughts?

Do you have a favorite monthly subscription?

What one item is desperately missing from your closet? I’m going to say leather. I really want leather pants but don’t know if I could pull it off.


56 thoughts on “StitchFix – Tried It Tuesday

  1. Leather is missing from my closet as well but in the form of a jacket! And sometimes I THINK maxi dresses are also needed… but then I count the number I have, and I realize I’m sorely mistaken. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  2. Ummm I agree that this week is moving way too slow!!! I love the tank you kept-so cute 🙂 I get stitch fix but I’ve put my account on hold for the past two months because I just haven’t really had the need for anything new and of course I love everything they send me and spend way too much money lol

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  3. I love your review! Thanks for keeping it real! The tank you picked looks super cute. I really want to try Stitch Fix, but can’t bring myself to do it. I get really cheap when it comes to buying clothes. 😉

    I do subscribe to some thing though- the usuals like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime, as well as Oyster. And, I’ve been toying with an Audible subscription.

    I hope your Tuesday doesn’t drag. 🙂

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    1. Haha I hear you. If I didn’t have to get dressed up for work in the morning I would 100% live in my Lulu capris. But it is fun for date night alternatives!


  4. I have never tried stitch fix, but I have heard alot of good things about it! I don’t think Rob would like the idea of clothes for me to pick from coming to my door on a regular basis…and lucky for him Im not a big shopper and don’t go to stores very often. But I have to say it sounds like fun.
    And lets hope this week can speed up a bit!

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  5. Too bad that maxi dress didn’t fit right because it’s so cute!! I recently discontinued my Stitchfix. As much as I love it, the price tags just didn’t justify the clothing. I could go to Marshall’s and get the same things for less than $100 (and keep all 5!). I will still probably order a fix every now and then for fun though.

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  6. I have tried Stitch Fix 2 times and this past month put my account on hold. I kept a few items from both fixes but the price tag on some of the items was so high for what it was. I feel like I could have gotten the same pieces at Marshalls or Nordstrom for a better price. I love the top you kept!! Good choice 🙂

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  7. I’ve always wondered about stitch fix and shoe fab or whatever it’s called, but I’m really bad at responding or returning things on time. And the prices always seem more than I would pay in a store, sometimes. I’m just not responsible enough, haha.

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  8. That maxi dress is super cute! So sad that it didn’t fit. I also love the tank top you kept and I bet it’ll look so cute with your white jeans!

    And I like your honest review of Stitch Fix- I’ve always wondered if it could really be worth the money…

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  9. You know, I’m not sure if it’s an American thing, or if I’m just majorly out of the loop but I hadn’t heard of these clothing program things until I started reading blogs! I think it’s a cool concept. I’m a complete swamp donkey when it comes to picking out clothes. Right now I’m sitting in ripped up jean cut offs and I’m wearing my Sam Smith concert tee. YEAHHHH!!! Lol

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  10. I’d love to try Stitch Fix, but I just can’t justify the prices of the clothes! I’m so cheap, haha. That shirt you kept is SO so cute! I have a subscription to Birchbox and I absolutely love it.

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  11. I love the top you kept (my entire summer wardrobe is Breton stripes and Nantucket reds, other than running gear pretty much). I like the idea of Stitch Fix for taking me out of my ‘clothing comfort’ zone too – but I have such a hard time with clothes that fit being a very petite height and straight up-and-down figure but with muscles, I actually buy most of my running shorts and tops in the kids’ size large instead of the women’s XS because of the shape!

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  12. There needs to be a Stitch Fix for running clothes. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, I tend to be really picky about my (super boring) choices of clothes. The prices are a bit much for me also; I like to shop when somewhere has a sale because it means I get more clothes for the same price.

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  13. Love the top you kept! I’ve never used anything like that. I am cheap and think that all of those prices were too much, but I AM a sales girl and I know a lot of women don’t mind spending money on clothes. I think basics- spend money, everything else- get on sale, haha. YES, you could pull off leather pants. Just do it.

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  14. I want leather pants too! I’m a middle school teacher and the girls always wear them with cute boots and I asked them if I could pull them off and they told me, “Well I don’t think you could wear them to work but yea you could” LOL!

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  15. I haven’t been wearing my real clothes this summer, I’m pathetic and I know it but doing yoga mid day is the only excuse I need to stay in comfy workout clothes! The pathetic part is I’ve forgotten how to dress normally and freak out when I have to. Not the case for you, these are all super cute 🙂

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  16. I LOVE Stich Fix review blog posts. I probably will never use the service myself as it is too expensive for me and my college budget, plus I love shopping for myself, but I love love love seeing what everyone receives in their fixes! I love the embroidered racerback tank the most out of your entire fix, and I really like the pairing of it with white jeans! Perfect for summer. 🙂

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  17. Stich Fix looks really cool! It would probably be too pricey for me and my budget at the moment. I have always wanted to try Vegan Cuts. Each month you get a selection of food and beauty products to try. It’s like Christmas every month!

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  18. I tried on a maxi dress similar to that one and had the same experience this weekend! Cutest pattern and colors so I’m sad it didn’t work for us 😦 I’m glad this Fix finally worked out for you! 🙂

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  19. This just reminded me that I’m getting my fix today! Wahoo!! I loveeee the tank you kept – The detail is amazing! And yes to leather. I have a leather jacket and it’s one of my favorite pieces. I found it at a Marshall’s in Chicago for a great deal too!

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  20. I’ve never tried Stitch Fix, Jamie; I really wish I could just wear my running clothes to work – ha! Pajama pants, like you mentioned above, would actually be even better because our office gets a little drafty. I really hate spending money on clothes for work; I try to do a little check before a new season starts and see if there’s anything I really need to get by. The top with all the buttons was really cute…that’s a bummer! I like the one you selected; I’m a sucker for stripes! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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  21. I just got my first Stitch Fix box a couple weeks ago and really liked everything I got, although I was a little shocked at the price tags! Love the top you kept!!

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