Wondrous Weekend

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are starting your Monday off nice and relaxed!

I’m linking up with Erin for Weekend RecapTara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday to tell you all about my Marvelous Weekend.


  • Dispatch was absolutely incredible. Our tickets were General Admission, and being oblivious as always, I didn’t really know what that meant. Just that we had “floor seats”. Welp.. floor seats actually meant we were standing 10ish rows back from the stage. It was an incredible experience, and awesome concert, and even though I felt like I was standing in the woofer for some of it, it was an amazing show.
  • Saturday was supposed to be long run day and I did what I hate doing more than anything… I bailed on my long run, stuck to a shorter shakeout run in favor of more sleep. But then I hit the beach for the entire day and that always makes me happy : )
  • Saturday night I binged watched movies… Imitation Game and McFarland. Obsessed with both. Also, does anyone else feel like Kevin Costner could be their dad?
  • Sunday was gorgeous weather as well, so I got up extra early and hit the roads for 12 miles. I ended up running with a water bottle in the back of my shorts… I hate carrying things and I didn’t have my fuel belt with me. I always laugh at people who do that and assumed there was no way that was comfortable… but it was. And it worked. And I didn’t wither like a flower so that was good.
  • Sunday afternoon was spent at the beach. Again. Do we see a theme here? Some sun, sand, vitamin D and a good book is all this girl needs. I finished Big Little Lies and I read A Silent Wife. A Silent Wife was on the NY Times Best Seller list… but OMG that book was dark. A good read. But dark.

Although my weekend was uneventful, it was what I needed. I needed to mentally recharge, focus on ME, and of course, spend some quality time working on my freckles tan.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Can you spend the entire day at the beach? I could lay on the beach with a good book from 9am – 4pm every single day if I had my way.

What was the most delicious dessert you ate this weekend?


40 thoughts on “Wondrous Weekend

  1. I could absolutely stay on the beach all day… pool, not so much. There’s a big difference! My favorite part of the weekend was a baby impromptu high school reunion at a bar downtown Saturday night!

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the beach! We were there yesterday and it was both fun and relaxing! I could go to the beach every day too if I had my way too. 🙂 Great job getting a couple of runs in on the weekend! I use the Simple Hydration water bottle and it’s the same concept and feels so comfortable! 🙂

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  3. So glad you loved Dispatch! Luckyyyyy! Nice job with those workouts. Sometimes extra sleep is a necessity! My weekend was a crazy whirlwind of events and parties, so I haven’t decided if it was fun or just plain hectic yet. I’ll get back to you! Ha! I favored sleep over running this morning, too.

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  4. I could also lay on the beach all day every day doing just about nothing!
    And I also watched McFarland USA this weekend for the first time! Great movie!

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  5. The beach sounds so awesome right now!! I’d totally ditch a long run for the beach 🙂 and sometimes it’s okay to do that! Binge watching movies sounds so awesome too. Guess I figured out what I’ll be doing today!

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  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend to recharge! I could definitely spend the day at the beach- oh… to not have to work during the week and live the beach life 😉 My husband brought me home a frosty from Wendy’s last night. Have you had one? They are yummy. The perfect summer treat- Its like a cross between ice cream and a shake. Have a great Monday!

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    1. I used to treat myself to a frosty and french fries in graduate school after a tough block exam. I would dip my fries into the frosty… I thought that was normal… my boyfriend says it is not. Haha.


  7. I also love the beach! I don’t know if I could just lay out all day though..I need to be in the water and preferably doing some water activity. It is relaxing just laying out, but I get burnt really easily so I would just be worried the whole time.

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  8. Glad that you had a chill weekend and hope that you are mentally and physically recharged. Imitation game is one of my favorite movies. And one of my favorite quotes comes from it: sometimes it is those that no one can imagine anything of that do the things that no one can imagine.

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  9. Books and the beach, YES YES YES! Okay and Kevin Costner?! I’m so out of the loop with movies (having 6 kids will do that to a person) but now I’m intrigued. Costner reminds me of my older sister’s ex husband who I adored, and so now I have this weird attachment issue with Kevin Costner. Imma going to have to check that movie out asap. Ha ha! Yay.

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  10. yay! nothing is better than ME time on weekends and getting the chance to relaxxxx. I took the ferry over to Toronto Island where you can actually swim in the water and lounged around in the sand all day. Great minds think alike =D

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  11. we just watched McFarland and i totally LOVED it too!!!! such an amazing movie, i teared up with joy. ugh! we spent all day at the beach yesterday, it was pretty awesome. love seeing our friends from Denmark, being a tourist in our own city is awesome 🙂

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  12. Oh man, I want to spend the entire weekend at the beach! We’re hoping to be in LA in September at some point, and I want to be at the beach as much as possible. That sounds like SUCH a great weekend! And I loved the Imitation Game! It was so, so good.

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  13. I really want to see Imitation Game and need to get on that! The mountains to me are what the beach is to you. I can literally spend all day in the mountains, especially if the destination of the hike is a lake. Which is exactly what I did yesterday: Ryan and I hiked for like six hours and relaxed at a glacial lake. Have a great Monday!

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  14. I never used to like the beach but working six blocks form one has changed my feelings. After Sunday’s race I walked right down the beach and into the water in my compression socks. It was marvelous! No desserts for me, I haven’t had a birthday cake yet!

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  15. This sounds terrible, but the best part of the weekend was last night because it was over! Monday and Tuesday are my weekend this week and I am loving it! The best dessert I had was a chocolate peanut butter cupcake. It was extra special because my best friend got it for me 🙂

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  16. Jamie, I’m so glad you enjoyed those novels! I’ve read them both and, you’re right, The Silent Wife is definitely not a cheery story – ha! I thought it was great, though; I kind of like messed up characters (hmm…maybe because I can relate? HA!). The most yummy dessert I’ve had lately was definitely the key lime torte on my birthday…good grief. I would like twelve more, please. Right now. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog!

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