It’s Here!

You probably thought something exciting happened but really I’m just happy it’s Friday! I’m linking up with HeatherKatie, and Clare this week for my Friday Favorites, and telling you all about things that are making me smile this week 🙂

But before we get into it, I want to congratulate a select few of you who guessed the correct StitchFix item I kept – blue striped tank with yellow detailing. I’m going to do a full review for the blog next week so don’t you worry. However, I will not be modeling these clothes. I figured a hanger on my door was much prettier more efficient.

Also – a high percentage of you like peanut M&Ms…. while I’m an equal opportunity eater, and trust if there’s a bowl of peanut M&Ms in front of me I WILL eat some, I can’t believe only ONE person pointed out the best kind of M&M to ever be created – PB M&Ms !

Alright let’s get to it… in chronological order… obviously.

1. Jeopardy: I don’t care if this makes me seem like a 70 year old cat lady, but nothing brings me greater joy than sitting down after a long day of work and watching Jeopardy. I even occasionally answer some questions right. Makes me feel smart. It’s the little things.

This is 27

2. Dispatch: BF, his sisters, and I are heading into NYC tonight to see Dispatch in concert. Dispatch and DMB pretty much sum up my high school experience. Sprinkle in a little Slightly Stoopid and Bob Marley and you now have the recipe for every mix CD I made.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 6.59.37 PM
3. Running: I’m back at it. Almost. Although my milage is still pretty low (for me), I’m happy with being able to run almost pain free. I’m excited for my long run this weekend since one of my old Nike coworkers is making the trip out from the city to run. Fresh air and beach runs >>> City Running #IMO.

#SeenOnTheRun. We’re best friends now obviously.

4. The Beach: This is where I will be sunning myself like a lizard, getting a years worth of Vitamin D all weekend long. I plan on finishing my book and starting a new one this weekend. I can’t think of anything better for the mind/body/soul.

Not going to be sad running around here this weekend.

5. Cleansing: Everyone better knock on wood, but I think this has really helped. I desperately want to face plant in some Viva’s nachos this weekend, but I can’t and won’t because (I don’t want to jinx myself but..) I think I feel a bit better. I definitely have noticed a decrease in bloat, less overall pain and discomfort, and a significant decrease in “urgency” especially while running. While I think my food consumption has been slightly low this past week, I’ve hit all my calorie and macro goals. I hate how limited I am sometimes, but I really think eating this way is the best for my digestive system. With lots of fun things coming up this summer and the start of marathon training… I might just be adhering to a diet similar to this cleanse. Lots of smoothies, whole/natural foods, and veggies. Limited carbohydrates and zero dairy. Let’s see how long this lasts…

Get in my belly.

I’m looking forward to actually posting a weekly workout wrap up on Sunday since it’s been QUITE some time since I’ve been able to do so. Spoiler alert: this was the best week I’ve had in over a month, however, I’m not satisfied. Maybe it’s because I’m greedy and want my fitness back, maybe it’s because I’m a female. Either way, I’m excited to get after it this next week.

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re anything like me, soak up those Vitamin D rays : )

What are you looking forward to most this weekend?

What was the last concert you went to? ZBB in June for me, which was absolutely the best concert of my life. I’m super excited for Dispatch but I think ZBB will be tough to beat!

Anyone racing or have a long run this weekend? 11 miles with me with my Nike running friend! Excited to not be sucking wind on my own… here’s to hoping I can keep up!

54 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. I miss playing Jeopardy with my family! It’s not as much fun playing alone, although I still sometimes watch it. The last concert I went to was Kenny Chesney (I think)…it’s been a while! Not a long run, but probably around 6-7 miles tomorrow. Half marathon next Sunday! Have a great weekend 🙂

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  2. I love when you have a week or even a day where you are just like KILLED IT. So happy for you. And I love being smart (=feeling smart). It’s the little things. I hope the goodness continues into the weekend!

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  3. Happy happy Friday! So I watch jeopardy like every night. No shame. I HATED last week’s champ (the woman who would point and fidget when requesting a category and answering ughhh… I’m a horrible person). Glad your running is returning! Lord knows I feel your pain.

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  4. Dispatch is so good!! i saw Dave last wknd and i was actually thinking that i’d love to see Dispatch soon. i didn’t know they were in NYC tonight and i’m upstate this wknd…so maybe next time. have a blast!

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  5. That beach view looks perfect! This weekend will be relatively low key but our neighborhood is having a block party on Saturday so we will probably stop by there. And there’s a 5k on Saturday.. hopefully the weather will cooperate!

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  6. I love watching Jeopardy, too, Jamie-ha! So excited to hear that you’ve got some good reading time planned for this weekend; sounds great, to me! I’m thinking about starting Whole 30, so I’m with you on this eating style; keep me posted, will ya! Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!!

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  7. Oh good, I’m really glad you’re feeling better and that you had such a good week! Your long run will be fun to do with a friend, too. Those are the best runs. I’m racing a half marathon on Sunday, and the weather is supposed to cool down so it’s going to be perfect!

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  8. First off, I love jeopardy as well. Dan and I used to watch it every night. Now that I don’t have cable, I watch it if I workout at the gym. I probably look like such a loser watching Jeopardy on the treadmill but I love it!! One of my friends in college was on a few months ago and it was so awesome!!

    I’m also starting my weekly workout recaps this week as well! I completely lost motivation when I stopped posting them, so I’m starting them back up. It’s probably a bad thing that I need to post what I do just to make myself more accountable, but I’ll take any motivation I can!

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  9. I don’t like peanut m&m’s at all but the PB ones are killer, yum! So glad you’re feeling well with your cleanse. I’m excited for the concert this weekend BUT also excited to begin marathon training next week, especially after lower mileage this past week. Can’t wait for NYCM!

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  10. Dispatch reminds me of my high school days! Good times 🙂 Glad you are starting to feel back to normal! Yay! Tomorrow is my sister’s bachelorette party so looking forward to seeing what the Color Run is all about and the other shenanigans we have planned. Have a great weekend!!

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    1. I am doing a juicing cleanse to help reset my GI. I’m blending all my veggies and fruits to help easily digest them and only eating organic whole foods. Nothing prepackaged or pre made. I think it’s been helping?? (Knock on wood) haha


  11. Um, I love Jeopardy. My husband and I actually DVR it and watch it commercial free. We can be quite competitive with who gets more answers correct – he usually wins. He has actually tried out for the show twice… and will likely try again this year. He’s a trivia genius.

    This weekend I am looking forward to Summerfest (a festival with music, vendors, food, etc) in downtown Bend, and touring the birthing center. Sir-Mix-A-Lot is playing a free concert, so we may swing by.

    No long runs for me… I’m starting to forget what a long run feels like. 😦

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    1. Life goal is to make it on Jeopardy! My high school Calc teacher was on … He came in third but still pretty impressive!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend 🙂


  12. I have never been to a concert! I know right?! But honestly, I am a book nerd more than a music listener. I’d rather go to SXSW or comic con, that’s my jam 😎

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  13. I haven’t been to a concert in forever. I tried talking my husband into spending an outrageous amount of money to see Billy Joel at Wrigley Field. He wasn’t a taker.

    I’m (hopefully) logging 14 miles in tomorrow morning before going to a Cubs/White Sox game!

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  14. OMG! Look at that puppy!!! 🙂

    I’m so happy you’ve been able to get back to running. Even if it’s not what you wanted, every little but helps!

    I too feel like 70 year-old woman at times. Hah! I recently lost my reading glasses and it was like Christmas Day when I finally found them after 3 WEEKS! It’s the little things! 🙂

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  15. Woohoo on you back to running!! I had a 16 mile run today that was supposed to have 12 miles at marathon pace. Nope, that did not quite happen. Maybe 2 of those miles were. But it’s all good!
    Also went to Cedar Point (the amusement park around here) yesterday, so that’s what I was looking forward to this weekend!

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  16. I thought I was reading something I wrote because I have so many similarities! I love jeopardy,even though I answer 95% of the questions wrong. Dispatch is amazing. And PB M&Ms are the best candy EVER.
    Happy to hear you are getting back at it with running!

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  17. That puppy!! Ahh So cute! You should totally model the clothes. I’m sure they look fabulous on you 🙂 I am not a huge fan of M&Ms of any kind, ha. I’m not a huge candy person though. They could sit in front of me and I wouldn’t touch them.

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    1. I am so envious of you… if an entire bag of candy was in front of me, it would be gone within a day. Not even kidding. No self control. Haha


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