Scatterbrained – TOLT

Since it’s Thursday, I am linking up with Amanda, I am not even going to apologize by the randomness of word and photo vomit that is about to hit your screen!Thinking-Out-Loud

1. Running. Although I’m pretty stoked to be able to complete my runs, I’m nowhere as speedy as I used to be. Or should I say, my runs now feel a lot harder. Could be the heat (83 degrees). Could be the humidity (90% Wednesday morning!) . But it could be my cardio fitness is still a little behind from where I’d like it to be. 5 mile tempo, 7’09” average pace. 1,000 gallons of sweat lost. #IDon’tExaggerate

Post RunClub Selfie. Struggle is real.

And while we’re at it… let’s talk about these thunderstorms we’ve been having. I’m all about some good thunder and lightening… and an afternoon/evening downpour is quite relaxing. But could it PLEASE help with the humidity… my hair tells me I think it only making it worse!

2. StitchFix. So I got my fix guys. I’ll give you a little sneak peak, but I plan on doing a full review last week. I kept one item. Which is one more than I usually keep. Any guesses?  

3.   Cleansing. I typed cleaning, but realized my mistake. Yay proofreading. Although I suppose it is a “cleaning” of sorts. So things have been going well… but I did cheat. I had some pre-packaged granola on my morning acai bowl. I just needed some crunch in my life. I’m letting it slide though. If that’s my “slip up” then I’m okay with it!

Day 3 Cleanse

4. iPhone 6. Yep. It happened. My beloved iPhone 5 has bit the dust once and for all. It was a good 2+ years, but an upgrade was needed. We survived a broken screen, living with a full battery charge than only lasted 4 hours, and loss of touch screen capabilities. But finally Wednesday it died and refused to turn back on. So long old friend. Hello shiny new technology toy. Only in America would we be sad about HAVING to use our upgrade.


5. Nantucket. Is there ever a post that doesn’t include Nantucket? One month from today I will be back on my beloved island for a full week. There’s little in life that could make me as happy. Can’t wait for the sun, sand, and beach. Oh, and my long runs. Because any run where I don’t HAVE to stop for 20 miles is a good run in my book. Too early to start a count down? I think not.

Name that spot.

And to finish up with some super random questions….

Any guesses as to what StitchFix item I chose to keep??

What’s on your brain today?

What’s your favorite candy? I haven’t had a good candy bar in a while.. but if I had my pick I’d choose a Twix right about now.

Favorite color? Pink. Because I’m a girl.


66 thoughts on “Scatterbrained – TOLT

  1. It’s DEFINITELY the humidity. I had a rough time this week. 80% humidity…my runs were slowwww and painful! My iPhone 5 ended up totally shattered on a trail run and my full battery was lasting about an hour at best at the end. I got on the iPhone 6 train about a month ago – I have to say, I love it. I tried to stick it out as long as I could, because I loved my 5…but the 6…love! Have a great day!

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  2. I love that selfie…. That’s the same face I make after 95% of my runs lately! Favorite candy – peanut m&ms… Favorite color – yellow. I do like pink too! It gets a bad wrap but I love it. I feel like a lot of my running clothes are pink haha

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  3. I’m so glad you’ll be back on Nantucket so soon, Jamie; what a treat!! I have yet to try Stitch Fix, but I keep saying that I’m going to. Candy? Definitely peanut M & Ms. Favorite color? Green! Hope you have a great day!

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  4. Keep- Double strap tank. Brain- narrowing down a girls name (not sure of the sex yet, just my Type A wanting to be prepared). Candy- Reese’s or 3 Muskateers or Kit Kat, I dunno, this is too hard. Color- Pink, DUH! So jealous of another Nantucket trip! Happy Thursday 🙂

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    1. When I answered my own candy question, I had to delete five others… I had “top picks” for chocolate/sweet/sour/savory… to say I have a sweet tooth would be an understatement!


  5. I miss that Nantucket signage, I dream of vacation while I’m in the last 2.5 weeks of studying. The humidity here is CRAZY and this wacky stormy weather we’ve been having has been messing with my “me time” runs. I’m currently eating a late brekkie and planning to study now before getting out for my 7 miles after this latest rain stops 🙂

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    1. I’m sure the weather is affecting us all more than we think. It seems like the swings between humidity and heat are just messing with my mojo! Fingers crossed it all breaks soon – I hear this weekend is supposed to be GORGEOUS 🙂


  6. Humidity is so bad lately. I don’t really notice it when I’m out running, but when I finish I’m a complete wet mess and then realize that’s why my pace is slower haha! I guess I’m just oblivious to weather at 5AM.

    I like how most of those items look on the card, but my guess would have to be the first tank or the skirt???

    My favorite color is blue. If liking pink means you’re a girl..what does that mean for me?! :-/

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  7. I’m guessing you kept the striped tank with yellow top. I pretty sure I got that maxi dress is my last fix but its navy and pink!
    My favorite candy bar would have to be Twix as well but the miniatures. Call my crazy but I think they taste better than the full size… weird
    My favorite color is purple!
    Have a great day!

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  8. First of all, please keep posting about Nantucket. Otherwise I can’t live through you traditional, nautical, East Coast style as much as I’d like to – and that would be sad!

    – I’ll guess the “Hillway Double Strap Tank”
    – Debating on my subject for my second post of the day (think I may go with mani/pedi color combos, but we’ll see.)
    – I’ve always enjoyed a good 3 Musketeers. Or Kit-Kats. Or chocolate in general.
    – Cobalt Blue. Because I’m incredibly specific and it reminds me of the blue sky on sunny days. 🙂

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  9. The humidity makes me so happy I get japanese straightening. Humidity doesn’t even touch my hair.
    I am all about gummy candy or jelly beans. I am proud that I haven’t had any in 2-3 weeks as I am trying to stay away from the sugar for my stomach. I don’t like candy much but when the craving hits that is what I go for.
    Pink all the way!
    Happy Thursday 🙂


    1. So jealous of your hair straightening. I have just embraced the frizz. Ugh… I hear you on the sugar/tummy thing. I have no self control once I start so it’s ALWAYS a recipe for a tummy ache.


  10. The Amanda Twist Back Knit Top because it has my name in it….and if you didn’t keep that one please send it in the mail to me. Greaaat.

    My favorite color in life is green and my favorite color to run in is purple. Purple makes me faster. It’s science.

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    1. I’m totally with you. I joke with my boyfriend because his fraternity color was purple so whenever I race I get my nails done purple! I swear it gives me an extra edge 🙂


  11. I’m pretty sure the heat and humidity this year have been tough on everyone. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve complained about the summer and wished for fall in the past couple of weeks 😛 And Twix used to be my absolute favourite chocolate bar when I was younger, until they had to go slap an allergy warning on it. Now I’m kind of crazy about the jelly beans ❤

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  12. I’m going to go with the maxi dress! It seems like the perfect summer addition to any wardrobe! Favourite candy has got to be mike and ikes! ahh its been ages (like a year 😦 ) since I’ve had them! My Favourite colour is super boring; white.

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  13. Yayyy for another trip to nantucket! I know that feeling- your ACK is my JTN. I’m going back for another full week in August and haven’t even done my week in July yet I’m already counting down haha

    This weather is totally screwing with my running. One morning I’m sweating bullets and the next I’m kinda chilly. What gives? It would be easier if it was the same every day so I could at least adjust a little bit.

    AHHHH CANDY. It’s funny you mention it- I was laying on the couch last night and suddenly had the biggest craving for some gummies. So I walked 1/2 mile to 7-eleven only to break my flip flop on the way there (but god forbid I turn around because I was on a mission) and walked barefoot instead haha don’t stand in the way of me and sugar.

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    1. Hahaha I think we’ve all been there. Totally alone on my couch being like “screw it” and walking to CVS in the dark to load up on candy. Happens to the best of us 🙂


  14. On the drive out here I got those Sour Punch straws….I hadn’t had them in about 7 years and they were just as amazing as I remember! I love a good sour candy or chocolate of course!

    DUDE. I feel your pain about the humidity. I’m so impressed you managed an actual workout. I’ve been slogging through my miles hoping to survive! 😉

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  15. Good for you NOT excusing for any randomness here ;). Who’d be surprised to see me say that after my post yesterday?!
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed the humidity won’t stick around for you. It’s usually not all that humid around here but we got hit by serious summer heat and humidity this past weekend and oh my. Three days were enough to make me long for cold weather.
    My favourite colour is coral. It’s almost crazy how many clothes and accessoires in that shade I own.

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  16. oh cute, i like the hillway tank and that whole ensemble, actually they’re all cute. fun!
    i’m about start my candida cleanse so i’m trying to get treats out of my system… but right now i’m really into coconut flakes mixed with dates and pecans.
    here in houston, running after 7am is hella hard. i just ran 5 miles at 10AM and omg i nearly drowned in my own sweat. oh well, i’m cray like that!

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  17. Peanut butter M&Ms will forever and always be my favorite candy. I let myself get them after a goal race and it’s dangerous because I demolish a whole bag in a matter of days.
    My favorite color is blue, although I do love pink and (so weird) gray.

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  18. Im with you on the humidity–good detox for the sweat glands though ha!! My favorite color is yellow and favorite candy has to PB M&Ms they are dangerous little guys though!!

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  19. What’s on your brain today?
    Hm… Right now… I’m thinking about how puppies are cute, the sun is shining, and my life is really, so much better than I deserve.

    What’s your favorite candy?Reese’s ALL THE WAY! 🙂

    Favorite color? Pink. Because I’m cool… JK

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  20. I need a phone upgrade so bad! I still have the iphone 4!! I knowwwww…it’s so slow at this point…lol
    Besides that, the humidity is KILLING me. well, not literally but you know… I cannot stand it and when I’m not meeting up with other people to run I find myself choosing the treadmill more often now. Although it’s not much better because it’s in the garage where it’s super stuffy anyway and I haven’t hooked up a fan yet. AH, FALL WHERE ARE YOU?! Please come early this year!!!

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  21. I wish my runs were anywhere near as speedy as yours! You go girl! As for my favorite color: Neon. That’s a color, right? Cause it is in my book. 🙂

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  22. I’m about to eat a Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup, so that sounds really good, but I like Butterfingers a lot too. My brain has been filled with work followed by 80s music that my best friend is playing haha. Of course my favorite color is pink, but that’s because I love to wear it and it makes me feel fancy

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  23. How do you look so cute after your sweaty run?! And your tempo run pace is awesome- I’ve been taking it easy with running for oh, I don’t know, the last year but I look forward to getting back into that kind of shape again!

    And RT pink because I’m a girl 🙂

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  24. I am the worst when I run too haha, there is just sweat…everywhere, oh dearrr.
    The weather is on my mind today because it is so beautiful!
    I love twix! But my favourite is probably snickers:)
    I love the colour green probably because nature makes me happy.
    Have a lovely day xo

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