Thinking Out Loud Thursday – June Running & A Recap

Greetings from GLORIOUS Nantucket. I’m definitely LOVING that I took this extra day and get to spend it in one of my favorite places in the world! BF and I got up at a disgustingly early hour (3:xx AM!?) and made the trek to Hyannis. In attempts to get three full days on island (we’re leaving Sunday early early to beat traffic fingers crossed) we got on the earliest ferry they had and made our way to paradise : )  Nothing but sunny skies and beach days in the five day forecast!

Since it’s Thursday, I am linking up with Amanda and I decided no better way to start off a July, than to reflect on June’s running!  Oh and throw in a bit of a race re-cap because those are always fun!Thinking-Out-Loud

Running in June:
Total Miles: 153.2 miles – probably one of the lowest milages I’ve had in a while.
Average Pace: 8’06”
Number of Races: 1 (Fairfield Half Marathon)
Overall Thoughts: This month was really tough on me – emotionally and physically. I spent a lot of time battling my body and finally caved and ended up taking two, almost three full weeks off running. I wanted to take a step back in preparation for NYCM training, but I also didn’t plan on such low milage at easy paces. As you can read here, my goals for June fell a bit short.

Running in July:
Total Miles: I should hit at least 220. My training plan starts out extremely conservatively to further encourage me taking a step back. This week is my lowest milage week with 35 miles. I am looking to hit a high of 50 miles a week this month.
Average Pace: looking to keep most my paces relaxed and focusing on building back up my endurance. I have scheduled in three tempo runs, which I would like to do on tired legs (i.e. run short in the morning before a tempo run in the afternoon)
Number of Races: No races planned. I am thinking of incorporating some shorter races into my long runs on the weekend. I plan on doing my long runs on Saturdays, and hopefully ending them fast with some of the Westport Road Runners races.
Goals for July: Just like June, I’m looking to get my milage consistent again. I am happy that I took the time off my body needed, and while I am still not 100%, I am happy that I am able to complete my runs again. I would also like to continue doing at least one plyo workout a week, one day of weight specific cross training, and one day of cardio cross training. I would like to get back to SoulCycle for an active rest/cross training day, but may save my money for the higher milage week.

Now, onto my race recap.

Like I mentioned in Monday’s post, I ended up running the Fairfield Half on Sunday. I was originally signed up to pace the 1:40 group, but due to my lack of running, I no longer felt comfortable pacing. I would have felt so guilty not ensuring getting the group in under their goal time. This ended up being a great decision since Saturday morning I went to do a quick shakeout run and made it approximately 0.17 miles before I had to immediately stop and walk back to my apartment. So going into Sunday I felt less than confident.

When I woke up on Sunday morning it was absolutely pouring. Talk about some Boston PTSD. But in comparison to years in the past, I would take cloudy and rainy over the blazing sun and humidity any day. BF and I got up, got ready, picked up our city friends from the train and made our way to Fairfield.

By the time we got there, the rain had tapered off, and I wore my chic garbage bag to the start line in hopes of staying warm and dry. We headed to the start – which by the way I love that they separate men and women(!) – and got ready to go.

And this is where the morning started off on the wrong foot.  I run with music. Not necessarily on the whole time, but I like the option. It’s a safety blanket to me. More of like “hey, no matter what, even if this race blows and you’re walking for the next four hours, at least you’ll have some tunes to listen to!” But nope, not today! For whatever reason, Spotify decided to give me a big middle finger and not work. Not to mention I never synced my iTunes with it so I was S.O.L.

ANYWAYS… Once we started I remained as conservative as possible. 1. I figured I might as well run slow so that way if I did need to stop, I wouldn’t have a long way to walk back and 2. I have found that when I am experiencing a flare, the faster I run, the more irritated my GI gets.

I hit the first mile at about 6:59 and felt relatively comfortable. I continued on, hitting the second mile a little quicker at 6:52. I know these paces seem on the faster side, but pre-flare I was trained to run a half with an average of 6:57. I’ll get back there…

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.52.27 PM

The lack of music (or option of) made me concerned that I would not be able to keep a positive attitude during the race. In retrospect, it allowed me to listen to my body, regulate my breathing, and focus on my form. Probably a major reason why I was able to finish this race.

My stomach felt “ok” for the first four miles. My parents house is situated on the course right at the Mile 5 marker. I had told my mom there was a 50/50 chance I’d see her, hug her, and either casually walk down the driveway and call it quits or dart into the house and use the bathroom. To my genuine surprise, I didn’t have to do either. It was a great pick me up to see my family (and crazy dog) and I pushed on. But… at mile 6, I needed to stop.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.52.51 PM

I pulled off the course a little after mile 6…. and then again mile 8… and mile 9. Once we were looping back towards Fairfield beach, my stomach seemed to get a bit of relief.

I finished the race in 1:37:07 which I was okay with. I was 20th in my age group and 209th overall, which I was kind of surprised with. In all honesty, the race went a lot better than expected. So I have that to be really happy and grateful for. My legs felt great, but my cardiovascular fitness is pretty subpar at the moment. I was not sore after, which was a big surprise since the course is pretty hilly. I attribute that to a lot of pilates and yoga.

In case anyone wonders, I do not fuel for halfs. I also do not eat before them. As we know, I have a pretty sensitive stomach and I typically am able to run for 90 minutes without a need for fuel. It’s just how my body is trained. Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.53.31 PM

My splits for the race are as follows:

Mile 1: 6’59”
Mile 2: 6’52”
Mile 3: 7’06”
Mile 4: 7’04”
Mile 5: 7’10”
Mile 6: 7’50”
Mile 7: 7’13”
Mile 8: 7’54”
Mile 9: 8’00”
Mile 10: 7’37”
Mile 11: 7’20”
Mile 12: 7’13”
Mile 13: 6’59”

We can clearly see where I needed to stop. Haha. The race was a lot of fun and honestly, I approached it as a training run. I never stopped my watch, nor did I stare at it while I was running. Running naked (without music and without paying attention to pace) was pretty liberating. Is that weird?? 

It was my longest run since Boston and I am beyond excited to start incorporating long runs back into my weekend routine. Since this is my first week of NYCM training, I have 10 miles as my long run. Here’s to getting back after it and making 13 miles seem like a short run! Oh how marathon training turns us all a little crazy

Enough of my ramblings… And sorry not sorry I stole my race photos. All I have to say about those is WOOF.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday and enjoy the holiday weekend!

What was the last race you ran?

If you usually run with music, do you panic like me if your iPod decides not to work? Sometimes I’ll race without music or just turn it on when I start to hit the wall, but I like the option. I cannot stand when technology fails me!

What’s the most exciting thing you’re doing over the long weekend?! 

47 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday – June Running & A Recap

  1. Oh gosh, I wish I could run more than 5Km but sadly that’s all my body allows me to, and very rarely as well! The last race that I ran was the Run or Dye fun run back in Canada which was over a year ago now! I always have to run with music though, if not there’s zero motivation. This weekend I’m having a family get together with my host fam jam!

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  2. You may not eat anything but rocket fuel. Seriously. I found that special k (the plain kind) was a good pre run something for me. I just hope that some rest this weekend continues to fuel your good health. I know the frustration!
    I don’t fuel for training runs below 16 miles. If I am RACING the half, then I will take fuel. But if I’m just doing the race (generally as part of a longer run), I usually don’t.

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    1. I tried plain Cheerios in the past but they didn’t end up sitting too well so now I just never eat. Even before a marathon haha it’s bad. But I will take fuel for 15+ milers. Hope you have a great weekend!!


  3. Enjoy your vacation!! Glad you are getting away before marathon training begins. Enjoy the relaxed mileage before it starts to climb! Congrats on your amazing half marathon – all while during a flare up – that is seriously impressive, sister! I also panic when my iPod dies – happened before Boston the first two times I ran it!! I think it was a sign that I was supposed to run without music those days!

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  4. I’m also trained to run on little fuel due to my stomach! Just a single banana for me pre race. You seriously did amazing, I can’t believe this was after taking time off PLUS having to deal with the dreaded bathroom issues. This is very inspiring for me to hear about! You have a ton of natural running talent, excited to see what’s in store with training!

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  5. Awesome recap! And I totally get what you mean by listening to your body without music. I use music as a distraction when I don’t want to over-analyze any tingle or twitch I might feel. It’s never happened to me (knock on wood), but if my music didn’t work in a race, I’d probably just be more upset that I’m carrying additional equipment unnecessarily! HAVE A GREAT VACATION! πŸ™‚

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  6. 9 runs out of 10 I run with music because I carry my phone (safety reasons) and use the playlists on there. My dad totally freaks out and can’t start running until his music is playing though. I don’t eat anything before races or long runs either. Sometimes I’ll have a spoonful of peanut butter but normally it’s just a few sips of water. I have a sensitive stomach too.

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    1. Yeah it’s crazy how my body has just adjusted to running on limited fuel. I don’t know if I’d be able to run any further than a marathon like that, or id probably have to start fueling earlier.


  7. I totally feel naked when I’m not running with technology! My favorite marathon, I did not run with anything (as my phone got drenched with sweat and died) which allowed me to run and chat with a couple of people while running! It was an awesome experience and we still keep in touch πŸ™‚ Have a blast this weekend!!

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  8. You did awesome considering all that you had going on! My last race was a 5k… but my last “real” race (aka something I trained for) was the Philly marathon last November. I’ve been running without music for about a year, but I was nervous to run a full marathon without it. I didn’t miss it at all!

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  9. A lot of my races lately have been really rainy, so I’ve also been going “naked” and it is strangely liberating. I focus much more on my body and my breath and ended up with amazing races! I might start doing that more often, at least for parts of longer races. Great month and I hope that July is a lot more smooth for you! Oh, and great job in the race..that’s just amazing. that’s all πŸ™‚

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  10. Wow – such an impressive time given you were sub-par – well done! I definitely think you were right in taking the time off running to help your body recuperate. We all need a break from the constant pounding every once in a while! Is the NY marathon your next target race then? Very exciting!

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  11. This is awesome! I wish I could run more than 3 or 4 miles at once… asthma and short legs make it a challenge, haha. I’m with you on the food thing, though – training just feels better without food in my system. Have a great weekend!! πŸ™‚


  12. oh wow I LOVE Nantucket!!! I actually had one of the best 4th of july weekends there in my entire life – even though it was an eternity ago, I was in highschool and with my highschool sweetheart, still it was a glorious and amazing time. we had this awesome mansion (it was a house, but it was freaking huge!) right on the beach and went out on their boat… and for runs and bike rides. it was like a storybook πŸ™‚ such good times and memories, I hope you have a FABULOUS time!!!

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  13. Double runs are great training tools! Those will really help you. Also, I have a super sensitive stomach too and I can’t eat for four hours before a race so I set my alarm clock for the middle of the night, hammer down a bagel and some Gatorade and go back to sleep. I also take an Immodium before I race. If I don’t? Well, let’s not even talk about that.

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  14. I’m not big on eating before/during races either, but I usually will eat some plain cheerios or something before a half. I rarely eat anything during though. My stomach just prefers to run empty which is why I always run first thing in the morning.

    Have a blast this weekend and enjoy those gorgeous beaches for me!


  15. I think it was smart to scale back your running, even if it means your mileage was low and you didn’t race what you wanted. In the bigger picture it will pay off! Sometimes it’s hard to remember the end goal, but you got this! Have so much fun Nantucket πŸ™‚


  16. I haven’t raced since NYCM. It seems very very long ago.

    When I began running I had no idea you needed fuel for a half so I got used to running without it! When I started running marathons I would bonk a lot because I would refuse to fuel.
    I cannot run without music usually but for some reason during my marathons I barely put it on, go figure; it is a crutch.
    Great job on the race nonetheless and enjoy your time in the sun! I can’t wait to break free from work for a few days πŸ™‚


  17. I am like you and run better doing some fasted cardio…for a half I if I do eat I keep it very light. Just do not like anything weighing down on me. I think if you have been running for a while it’s not that big of a deal but I do fuel for full marathons. Anyway, great job!! Cool pics too!!


  18. I would say you rocked that race and pushed through some challenges which only makes us stronger! Awesome! My last race was in June, ran a PR in the half marathon. I usually run with music and there were times my Spotify wasn’t working which forced me to start to run without and I actually started to like it! I now will have music but turn it off at certain points during my run. I am most looking forward to my dad’s surprise party on the 4th. Hoping it goes off without a hitch and he is surprised!! The weather is supposed to be great so happy about that! Have an AWESOME time in Nantucket!

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  19. Ugh, girlfriiiiiiiend – you run FOREVER! Wanna’ know how many miles I ran this weekend? No idea, but Imma go with 3. HIIT addiction is keeping me going strong, haha!

    I LOVE running with music, specifically Michael Jackson Pandora. It’s way old school, but anytime “Rock Wit You” comes on, I just can’t help but smile and have a great time. πŸ™‚

    Have way too much fun up North, you crazy kids!!!


  20. Enjoy Nantucket – one of my favorite places ever! Hit up Sconset for me, and eat some fantastical ice cream (or sorbet for you πŸ™‚ ) And I am with you on the music, it is definitely a security blanket. I rely on iTunes though because Spotify has ALWAYS been wacky for me.


  21. You ran a seriously great time, especially considering you took time off and weren’t feeling 100%. I hope you back to normal soon! And enjoy Nantucket – what a perfect holiday weekend destination!
    I ran a virtual 10K today with Nuun and I remembered why I prefer long distance racing. Those shorter distances HURT.


  22. Jamie, I had a special playlist all ready for a recent race (it was an 8K so, thankfully, short!) and when I got to the starting line my iPod would not come on…completely dead. I ended up having a great race and it didn’t seem to bother me too much, but I was definitely thrown off by the change until I got into the race and forgot about it. Kudos to you on a great race; I know you’re going to rock NYC, girl. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend in Nantucket!!


  23. I always panic when my music messes up. I’m a little too dependent on it, but for some reason I never race with it. Maybe that’s because I haven’t done a marathon yet – I think I’ll need it at some point during those 4 hours. You did an AMAZING job, even with those stops! And don’t worry, I steal my race photos too. Who wants to pay $20 for a picture where you look like you are dying? (yours are great, I’m referring to myself, haha)

    Have a great weekend in Nantucket!!

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  24. You are amazing! I have had stomach issues at times but definitely not to the degree that you’ve suffered with them :/ I’m so sorry you have to deal with that – it truly makes you a warrior!!
    I’ve been running without music for about 1.5 years now and it’s so freeing in a way! Earphones never stayed in my ears and I often forgot to charge my iPOD before a run. It was annoying – so I ditched the music and never looked back. It was a little hard at first, but now I love it!


  25. The last race I ran was a local half marathon. I had only been running about a week before then, so it was a slower pace but still good. I run listening to podcasts but never have during a race as they are usually not encouraged. I’ll have to come up with something exciting to do this weekend, I keep forgetting it’s a holiday!


  26. Okay, you’re officially my hero! Not really feeling it and still maintaining such a kick butt pace… Um what?! Boom!

    And, I trained for and ran my first marathon (January of this year) not listening to music. I wanted to going into the training, but I get easily irritated by headphones and I just had to give it up. I recently started incorporating podcast-listening into my running, but since I ran without anything for so long if it fails me, I’m fine with it. Unless! Unless I’m on the treadmill! Oh boy! That’s when it gets me. If I can’t read on the treadmill, I’m lucky to get in a mile. I have to have my iPad on the treadmill! πŸ˜‰


  27. It’s been a while since I have β€œraced”, but my last half marathon was in late April. Looking forward to getting back at it next year.

    I absolutely HATE when I am out on a run and my iPod dies. If I am going to run without music, I need to be mentally prepared!

    Have a wonderful time in Nantucket! Hope your plan works and that you can beat the traffic getting home.

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  28. Wow, you were pretty speedy and 209th overall? There must have been some speed demons in that race!! My PR in the half is 1:50, so I would have a lot of work to do to get to where you are. I’m thinking that after MCM is over in the fall I really want to focus on training for a faster half!! I love Nantucket but haven’t been there in like 20 years!! Have fun!

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  29. Ahh, so jealous you’re getting to hang out somewhere pretty for the weekend! Glad your race went relatively well even if you had some small setbacks. I hate it when electronics don’t work on race day–it just throws everything off. I’ve had my Garmin die a couple of times and I think the world just about stopped turning. Glad you were able to adapt and push through!


  30. Here’s to a better month than June!
    Good job on the half, even with a few stops thrown in. I listen to music during tempo runs, and besides that podcasts, but I never race with music because I like to be in tune with my body the whole time. Kind of weird that it’s the opposite of my standard training runs. But it works πŸ™‚ I could totally see being thrown off at the start though if I always use music and for once it didn’t work.
    I 1000% agree that running free is so much fun! Last year was the first time I started incorporating races to use as training runs, and I fell in love with it. It’s nice not to be a nervous wreck at the start line πŸ˜‰

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