Comfort Food – Tried It Tuesday

Congratulations everyone! We made it through Monday! I know I’m not the only one who needs a little bit of positive motivation today, so I am linking up with Sara from Lake Shore Runner for her Tried it Tuesday. LSR-Tried-it-Tuesday-500x499But before we get there, I want to mention that I am guest posting for Michele at The Paleo Running Momma! It was such an honor as Michele is one of the first bloggers I started reading a few years back! I discuss tips and tricks for gaining speed, and am sharing one of my favorite speed workouts, so head on over and check it out! Alright, now back to things I tried… Homemade Vegan Cheesey Rice!

So I have been investigating alternative options to cheese since I think dairy plays a huge role in my GI issues. So welcome vegan cheese. Four simple ingredients, and while it’s not my favorite Kraft Mac & Cheese cheese,  it’s pretty good!

Mix ¾ cup unsweetened, original almond milk, 6 tbsp. nutritional yeast, 1 tbsp. paprika, and sea salt to taste. Whisk together and add to desired dish. I added it to Trader Joe’s organic rice cauliflower, but it would be great with pasta or quinoa.
I added the “cheese” to the frying pan and cooked it with the cauliflower rice. 5 minutes later, I had a pretty cheesey “rice”.  Perfect comfort food : )

I promise it tastes a lot better than it looks! With minimal and simple ingredients, it is a quick, delicious, and filling meal!

What was the last meal you experimented with?

What’s your favorite comfort food? Kraft Mac & Cheese, I could and would still eat an entire box straight out of the pot!


39 thoughts on “Comfort Food – Tried It Tuesday

  1. That looks surprisingly good and I never knew that rice cauliflower existed. I will definitely be adding that to my cart next TJs trip 🙂 I experimented with homemade Lara bars–I made chocolate coconut bars this weekend which were delicious!!

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  2. Can’t wait to read your tips! If I can get half your speed I’ll be happy. I was just at TJ’s last night and should have picked this up…grrr. It actually does look good to me! Thanks for the idea 🙂 I love experimenting in the kitchen! I’d say my favorite comfort meal is anything German..makes me feel happy and connected to my roots!

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  3. I love mac and cheese! But I can eat a whole box these days and it’s not nearly filling enough. Stupid running! LOL.

    Can’t wait to check out your tips! I want to be fast tooooo!!

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  4. ive never ever seen boxed cauliflower before haha…. but i think it would be very convenient to have on hand!! my favorite comfort food is a niiiiiceeee warm bowl of instant noodles haha. gimme that any day


  5. This looks so good! Do you read Minimalist Baker at all? She has some killer vegan mac and cheese recipes. I love cheese and don’t have GI issues with it, but I’ve really been wanting to try nutritional yeast as a healthier alternative.

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  6. i’m not big on rice or anything cheesey (i know, i know), but i’d say my fave comfort food is chips & salsa/guac. i need to keep it out of my house b/c it doesn’t stand a chance. i’ll have to check out your guest post — glad you were able to do that! 🙂

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  7. Oh my gosh – Kraft brings back so many memories! When we were little, we would have Kraft + chocolate milk or Digiorno Pizza and chocolate milk for when the parents were out and a babysitter was in charge. I can just taste it now!

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  8. Next time, try the same cheese sauce but with chickpeas and quinoa. It is comfort to the max!!! I’d say my favorite comfort food is PB&J. That or chickpea and avocado salad. I love that together!

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  9. My fave comfort food is a great big grilled cheese. Or anything with gravy like a hot turkey sandwich. 🙂 I haven’t been very experimental with my meals lately though. Minimal and simple works for me though!

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