WIAW – Rosie’s New Caanan

It’s HUMP DAY! Woot Woot. We’re halfway there folks. Today is a short day at work for me as we have our company summer outing at the beach : ) Bodega taco truck and margarita machine included. #Spoiled

Part of me wants to re-cap all the amazing eats that we’re having today, but since it is WEDNESDAY, I will catch you up with things I have been eating these past few weeks since I am still on a smoothie/plain oatmeal/cheerio diet. Exciting times I tell ya.

So let’s get to it, and thank you Jenn for the link up!

I love small, family owned restaurants. Rosie’s is just that. It’s one of my favorite restaurants to go to on the weekend. Especially for a late breakfast, early lunch, some may call it brunch? (Yay for rhyming)

Their menu is based off local, organic produce, something I stand behind. However, as someone who is a self proclaimed “picky eater”, I often find limited menu selections at these boutique restaurants. A smaller menu = less options. Because of this I’m always altering my order, causing confusion, and more likely than not, receiving an incorrect dish.

But Rosie’s has a fantastic menu. For vegetarians and meat lovers alike. I love this place. For brunch, I can usually be found inhaling their chips and guac (hello homemade tortilla chips), and ordering their breakfast burrito (without meat) or custom omelet (see below) to start my Sunday.

Egg whites, broccoli, cilantro, and salsa. FTW

Their menu offers everything from hearty breakfast staples (think French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and specialty pancakes), to chorizo tacos and veggie burgers. And don’t forget the specials. Usually themed (lots of Irish food in March), the specials are rotated frequently and are always delicious (taking boyfriends word on that). Waitstaff is always friendly and accommodating with any variations I have to my order.

Rosie’s is the perfect place to sit and rehash last night with your girlfriends over a latte, or fend off the Sunday scaries with a bloody. Rosie’s quickly became my weekend breakfast favorite, and it will become yours too.

I will caution that if you arrive during prime brunching hours, you will most likely have to wait (typically 20-30 minutes) for a table. Rosie’s only takes reservations for parties of 6 or more.

I will leave you with my most valued piece of advice…. Get a blueberry muffin to-go. I usually eat mine in the car….

Do you have a local go-to spot for weekend brunching?

Favorite baked good? Blueberry muffins. Must. Be. Toasted!


32 thoughts on “WIAW – Rosie’s New Caanan

  1. I LOVE Rosie’s! I used to hang out in New Canaan a lot in high school because I coxed for the crew team via an FCIAC arrangement, and I have several good friends whose hangout was Rosie’s. Plus one even ended up working there part-time while she was auditioning after college in a performing arts field (she’s now on tour :P) Their omelets are so scrummy. The Gates is also great. And nothing’s better than a trip afterwards to the gelato shop down the hill near the sports store.

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  2. There is a place we go to in Maine that has the best blueberry muffins, and Rob’s dad always asks to get them toasted and they are SO much better. They actually serve the muffins as if they were a bread basket before the meal.
    Have so much fun at your beach outing today- I wish I wasn’t stuck in an office, it’s so nice out!

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  3. I’m a Philly girl, so I LOVE Talula’s Garden for brunch. I am convinced they make the best bloody mary on the planet ❤ And my favorite baked good…can I say wedding cake? It always comes from a great bakery and usually has the perfect icing to cake ratio 😉

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  4. Um sorry but I’m totally hating you right now. Half day + taco truck + margs? That’s just not fair! Hope you enjoy it 😉

    I really want a “spot” for brunch (or any meal) but I’m always trying out new places. There’s a popular chain in Pittsburgh called Pamela’s, and there’s one down the street from me. Their food is delicious and I go there more than other places, but I’m definitely not a regular there!

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  5. Omelets are my favorite to order at restaurants because they are so good. When I try and make them at my house,honestly they just fall apart. I love my diners and breakfast restaurants!

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  6. Now you have me craving muffins. Actually, I’ve been craving muffins for a few weeks now. I want a giant one though, not a little tiny one. Preferably cinnamon or chocolate chip. But blueberry will do.

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  7. I don’t discriminate when it comes to brunch.. as long as they serve mimosas before noon I’m there. That omelet looks SO good. I love omelets but for some reason I always go for the unhealthy pancake/french toast/biscuit/carb options when going to brunch.

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  8. I love small local places like that. They have such a great vibe to them 🙂 and I love Veggie Omelets. that one looks amazing.!!
    Have a great time at the beach you lucky girl 🙂

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  9. Taco truck and margaritas? Sounds so summery-perfect! I haven’t brunched since I visited family in St. Louis back in April, so I’m due to find a place here in the Seattle Eastside. Really, all I need is some coffee and bacon and I’m a happy girl.

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