Friday Favorites – I’m So Fun

Thank you for finally arriving Friday!

Is it me or did this week seem to CRAWL to anyone else? Maybe what bewilders me so much more is that although I feel as I’ve had ample time to get certain tasks/projects done, I’ve done none of them. Maybe it’s because I’m a super procrastinator and just really like trashy TV.

Before I get into it, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who reached out with such kind words on Tuesday. I really appreciate all the support, and positive thoughts that are being sent my way. This is the reason I started my blog. The people and the community are unlike any other and I can’t thank you all enough for that!

But let’s get to it. It’s Friday so I’m linking up with Heather and Clare this week for my Friday Favorites.

First things first, I’m so excited to spend Saturday in the city doing super fun things. You heard that correctly. For someone who is NOT a city dweller, I have a few things on the agenda this weekend and I could not be more excited. First up is a birthday brunch for this lady. Caroline and I go all the way back to 4th grade, staying close through college and into our lovely “mid” 20s while she stayed in Dallas and I was back home in CT.

I will never be blonde enough.

Thanks for being the best friend, a fabulous travel buddy, and for your outstanding cheerleading skills. Even though I had to make my own poster…. #NeverForget And if anyone is running NYC this year… you better believe she will be out there, cheering me on, with just as an obnoxious sign. Look out for it.

Afterwards we’re heading to my boyfriends fraternity brothers housewarming party. Back in my old stomping grounds of the UES. They have a fantastic outdoor, back patio, and I have a feeling things might get a bit rambunctious…. But I don’t know what would make me say that : )

As I said on Tuesday, I have not been feeling well. And although I proclaimed I would continue to work out, I physically haven’t been able to. And while it kills me inside and I feel so lazy, it’s what’s best. I did get out for a “run/walk” kinda thing on Thursday morning. I was hoping I would be up for my normal 5 mile loop, but two miles in I had to stop. So I ended up cutting it short, grabbed a Starbucks (convenient) and walked home. I ended up with a little over 3 miles. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I ran less than 5, but I’m okay with it. I was happy to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and have some sun on my face.

Not Starbucks. And no this isn’t what I run in. Usually…

My favorite food this week has been smoothies! I’ve been making some banging concoctions thanks to some of Sara’s recipes, and have been enjoying them most mornings and evenings. My favorite so far: Ice (lots of it because then it’s almost like a frozen treat), half cup almond milk, 1 banana, and Vanilla Vega protein powder. I’ve been adding cinnamon and pumpkin spice just by sight (why measure when you can guess) and I SWEAR it tastes like Dunkaroo Frosting. If you don’t know what a Dunkaroo is then 1. we cannot be friends. Like actually. I’m not kidding. and 2. Do yourself and everyone you know a favor and go try them. Honestly, the best snack ever. #Childhood

Not cute, but tastes delicious.

The other night I was laying in bed and totally revamped my running playlist. I added some oldie but goodies, little RHCPs and Beyonce (hayyyy), but I find myself listening to Chief by Party Thieves and Take U There by Skrillex and Diplo featuring Kiesza. I will be the first to admit I listen to an interesting combination of music when I run, but I love that I never know what I’m going to get and it makes the time go by so quickly.

Only the highest of quality music.

KUWTK is on their midseason break (sigh), but at least I have my trusty RHONY to get me through the week. RHO Orange County also started Sunday so my TV watching is not completely down the tubes. One of my most recent discoveries is Married at First Sight. Please tell me someone else out there watches this show. Because WE. NEED. TO. DISCUSS. I watch each episode with my mouth wide open.

Our general reaction … Twinz ❤

So there you have it folks. Five things (maybe six? can’t count) that I am absolutely enamored with this week. No weekly workout recap Sunday because there is none. #LOL. Oh, I ran 8 miles on Monday. Done. Haha.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will catch you all on Monday!


Please tell me your thoughts on Married at First Sight!? Does anyone watch this? Would you ever do this!?

Do you ever become sad when your favorite TV show goes on a mid season break? I think it’s almost pathetic how upset I get. I miss my shows… it’s the best way I know how to turn my brain off and tune out for the day!

How often do you revamp your workout tunes? I usually go through phases and will wait months to change things up…. Right around the time I know every single word to every single song….


37 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – I’m So Fun

  1. When it comes to TV shows, I either Netflix it up or use Project Free TV… But PFTV is a wee bit difficult on my emotions because I NEVER KNOW WHEN SOMETHING IS A FINALE. Case in point: Nashville. Watched the last episode of the current season, came back next week, and NOTHING NEW WAS UP. Googled, and turns out that I had watched the finale unknowingly. I was not mentally prepared. It was a hard day.

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  2. When I used to listen to music while running I would get sick of my playlists so fast. Now its kind of nice because I don’t listen to my iTunes that often (occasionally in the car) so I can keep the same playlist much longer. Sorry you haven’t been feeling good enough to run, but hopefully some rest will help you to feel better quickly. Have a great weekend!

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  3. I so do not like when shows go on a break, but don’t really announce it. Maybe I don’t pay attention or they just decide “eh I’m going to ghost for a bit.” cool.

    Hope you are feeling better!

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  4. I love some trashy TV. We cut off our cable and only have Netflix/Hulu/Amazon–so I totally binge watch Bravo whenever I visit my family. Cannot get enough of it!!

    I am a Pandora fan when working out–switch the station and get new music!

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  5. i watched a few episodes of the first season of that show — sounds like a nightmare to me. i’d neverrrrr. i’m not much of a TV person and if it’s on, it’s background noise for me usually (unless it’s The Voice or Bachelorette, and i’ve even been a fail with those this past year). i can’t sit still long enough to watch TV. 🙂 revamp running music –> a guy in my apt building has the bestttt Spotify playlists so i always listen to his (he updates all the time). they’re incredible.

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    1. Haha honestly I couldn’t believe it. I just think the entire thing is so WEIRD, but fascinating. And Yes I love RH… So happy OC just started … seems like this will be a good season!!


  6. This week actually FLEW by for me which is so weird because last week felt slow as molasses and I was ready to die. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well but I think you’re making the right decision by cutting back on the exercise while you’re going through it. Listening to your body is FAR more important than any workout!
    Have a BLAST this weekend!!!

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  7. Seriously can’t even remember the last time I changed my running / workout playlist. ha. I need to update mine ASAP! I also need to try out Spotify’s new Running category. Have you checked it out yet? It’s supposed to match the song/beat to your running pace. Have an awesome weekend!!

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  8. I hope you feel better soon! I also feel like time is crawling by, but that tends to happen when your marathon is less than 10 days away 🙂

    “Jamie’s Hot Fire” <—-LOL love this!

    There is a Hallmark Channel show called Good Witch which has been my guilty pleasure. The season ended a couple months ago and they said the next season wouldn't start until 2016!!!! I was devastated!

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  9. I have been reading your blog for a while but have never commented…but you mentioned my favorite show….Married at First Sight! I am completely fascinated / appalled by the concept and can’t get enough of it! Dying see everyone’s big final decision.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know. Ugh I watched the finale and felt like it was slightly predictable. It’s such a TLC show, yet I could not get enough!! Thank you so much for reading : )


  10. If you like trashy TV, you need to check out Married at First Sight! It’s such a train wreck. You would love it. Ahahah – I’m not deleting that because I just got to the end of your post and I saw your question and I’m laughing. I find it so entertaining! I’m so sorry you still aren’t feeling well 😦 I revamp my workout tunes often…I have music ADD!!

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  11. I get so bummed when my favorite TV shows go on season break and usually end up rewatching earlier seasons on Netflix in the mean time. I don’t run with music anymore, but when I did I would be fine with the same playlist for months and then all of a sudden not be able to tolerate it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  12. I get sad when I finish the season on Netflix and have to wait for the current season (because it’s half over) to finish and then get on Netflix. I’m usually behind so I get spoiled by the news or magazines etc. I usually listen to podcasts while running, but this morning it was all High School Musical. I cannot believe how pumped I got from that hahaha

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  13. I’m really bad about phases. I go in full force, and they usually last a couple months if I’m lucky. Phases can get very expensive too! 😉

    And, yeah I can’t handle watching shows “live”. When episodes end on a cliffhanger or, even worse, season breaks. Ugh! It’s just too much! I now reserve all my TV watching to shows on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime.

    Have a great weekend!

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  14. This week flew by to me because I was on vacation (why does that always happen!?) but I must say I can’t wait to watch hours and hours of recorded real housewives episodes that I missed this week! Sounds like you are going to have a much needed super fun weekend!!

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  15. You are hilarious and I’m seriously glad I found your blog. I love your sense of humor. I actually just revamped my iTunes last week for the first time in probably a year. It’s really only because I had a gift card though. HA.

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  16. Married of first sight is a bit like a car crash. You know to expect desaster yet you have to watch it! I saw a bit of the German versio which was horrible and a bit of the US version which was more fun. Yet I’d never do this. I am a tough nut and never fell in love easily so I would expect that ship to sink 😉

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