Thinking Out Loud – Throwback Thursday

Since it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday and  I’m in more of a “more pictures, less words” type of mood, I figured I’d give Throwback Thursday a new meaning and take you down memory lane via my iPhoto on my computer.


Please reserve judgement for the end…

Westminster Spring Fling 2007, right before graduation. When baby doll dresses were all the rage… And this is Kathryn. My best friend from boarding school. I don’t feel bad posting this picture because 95% sure she doesn’t read my blog #SupportiveFriend

Hey Kathy

The lady who turned me into a crazy runner. Pre 50-mile relay race around Nantucket. All on sand…


Why I insisted on taking picture with your mouth wide open we will never know. Also my first beer funnel. #SoCollege

Welcome to College Jamie… 

Kappa Kappa Gamma. Day after initiation Fall 2007.


First half marathon. My struggle was very, very real. Severely undertrained and over confident. Couldn’t sit down for weeks.

Hartford October 2007.

The cutest pup that I ever did see…

Hello there

Enter the absurd amount of dog photos…

Happy Birthday Beautiful : )
I can’t deal.
The harassment continues

How I made my millions…#BeachBum

Bert the Beach Bear

Back to school to find me a little. Love you. xo

Hi there twin

The three best friends that there ever were. Take me back to the glory days and the Kappa please.


When I graduated college but no one in my family bought photos so I had to steal them off the internet… Also can I go back to being that blonde? K. Thanks. Bai.Screen shot 2011-05-12 at 6.08.03 PM

Moved to Philly.  Started grad school. Lived on my own for the first time. Why not run a marathon too?

Screen Shot 2011-12-02 at 11.11.04 AM
Halfway point bliss.

Volunteered at a UPenn Vet school training rescue dogs. The fact I didn’t steal one of these guys is still mind blowing.

Rescuing baby ducklings in my spare time.

Traveled to Sweden.


Met this guy : )


Convinced him to run a marathon : ) : )


And to go to Mexico. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to drive the golf cart.IMG_5232

And there you have it folks. A little throwback to some of the best times of my life. Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and just one more day until the weekend!

Do you ever look at old pictures and think WTF?

Any exciting plans for this weekend? Going into the city on Saturday for my friends birthday brunch and then a housewarming party that afternoon/evening. It’s gonna be a long day of festivities : )

40 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – Throwback Thursday

  1. This is awesome!!! I don’t know what I liked more, the beer funnel picture or the kappa stuff – I was a zeta girl (Zeta Tau Alpha) and miss those days, too!! Such fun times and wonderful memories. My sorority sisters still can’t believe I run now, I was pretty into the party girl scene back then, ha!

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  2. I loved seeing your old pics! And its always so weird to look back on my own. We had just gotten Facebook during my senior year of college in 2005 so (luckily) there aren’t any college pics on there. I did use shutterfly back in college so most of my pics are saved on there. Otherwise they are stored in shoeboxes in the closet!

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  3. This is amazing. I definitely go back through pictures and try to remember why in the world I 1) wore that 2) thought it was a good idea and 3) felt the need to document it. Such is life 🙂 love the puppy pictures and ducklings!!

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  4. I just downloaded the Timehop app, and it’s crazy to see what I was doing 8 years ago – which is how far back it goes since it tracks via Facebook. I thought I was so grown up at 15/16…and I was such a little girl 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed running down the Cape and on Nantucket, but I haven’t done the beach runs – the sand KILLS me. Same with Compo, etc. Always around, never on!

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    1. Nantucket runs are my favorite runs. If I could do every training run there I would!! I sometimes drive home so I can run around Compo…. I’ll drive 25 minutes for those views !


  5. Love the throwbacks!! I occasionally go back and look at old pictures and think back to that time in my life and I’m like “woah, my life has changed so much, even in the past year.” It’s fun to do once in awhile 🙂

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  6. This is fantastic! My old photos are by and large locked away encrypted on my external hardrive and on my old mac, thus I can’t get to them. It makes me so sad…
    I love looking at them, though–sure, some of them aren’t my faves, but you know what? I wouldn’t trade them, or the times 😀

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  7. Aw I love your TBT themed post!! It’s fun to look back at pictures sometimes. That picture of you with the baby duckling is the cutest ever!!! And you’ve been to Sweden?! I had no idea. I would love to go one day now that my brother and sister have already been and my sister is dating a Swede haha. Have a great weekend!!!

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  8. Love these pictures! I say WTF all the time haha. In college I was a bit of a party girl, and some pictures just make me shake my head. Can’t imagine having that lifestyle now! This weekend is gonna be so busy- summer picnic, 5k, hiking, garage sale, pilates fest, and a hair cut! phew

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  9. Awesome post! Loved seeing all these pics! Sadly there aren’t a lot of pics of me pre-college that exist anymore…those were the days before social media!

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  10. It’s so fun to see your old photos! Pre-college and college pictures make me cringe, especially the any ones from high school with those plaid uniforms…
    I would have totally adopted every single dog if I volunteered where you are. Rescue dogs are my weakness and I love my little rescue puggle so much.

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  11. When I look at old pictures, I remember people from HS who I haven’t heard from in years. I then proceed to look them up on facebook, contemplate liking the picture of their new baby (yes, we are 23 still…) decide not to and then laugh at how serious we thought we were back then.
    Other times I wonder why I dressed like that. Were jean skirts really in???

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  12. That’s awesome! Looks like you’ve had a great Memory Lane so far.

    And yeah, I totally have no idea how you trained rescue puppies and did NOT steal one. I would steal every puppy you featured in your post and smother them with way too many cuddles! 🙂

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  13. This is so fun. I love looking at facebook and seeing how I’ve changed in the past few years and everything I’ve done. Sometimes or well, more often, I’m glad I’m as old as I am now.

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