Workout Recap 6/1 – 6/7

To be honest, I’m not overly excited about this past weeks training. I have been feeling under the weather, and just unmotivated all around. I figure it’s not worth it to push it at this point. I’m not training for anything in particular. I want to go into my training cycle in July focused and ready to attack my workouts.

That head cold I mentioned last week turned into a gorgeous, full blown sinus infection. #ImBringingSexyBack. While I’m still not 100%, I no longer feel like I was just punched in the face. I’ve been noticing some extra fatigue, most likely from not sleeping well. I do have a feeling of overall exhaustion though which is somewhat indicative to a pre-Crohn’s flare for me. Here’s to really hoping that’s not about to happen…#FingersCrossed.

AM SoulCycle: Oh how I missed thee. After pledging to my wallet that I would be taking some time away from my much loved SoulCycle studio, it felt great to be back on the bike, and even better that I got to share it with my family and friends! I promise I am working on a recap…#Procrastination
PM Circuit: After a great cardio session this morning, I wanted to build on my post workout high with some cross training. The circuits my boyfriend has me doing have actually become quite addicting. I completed the upper body/back circuit and felt really great once it was over. I think I prefer lifting/circuits in the afternoon since I have had a days worth of fuel in my body to help energize my workout.

AM Run (5.13 miles, 8’00” pace): I had planned on running a double today, so I kept my run short and at an easy pace.
PM Run: Cancelled. The rain gotten progressively worse throughout the day, and after going to the doctors and actually being diagnosed with a sinus infection, I figured it might be best for me to take it easy and rest. So I chose to skip out on my beloved RunClub and not run in the rain and give myself pneumonia #DramaQueen

AM Run (7.75 miles, 8’03” pace): HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY! In order to celebrate, I hit the road earlier than usual and enjoyed a stress free, ALMOST watch-less run. Although I tracked my milage and pace, I kept my watch in my pocket. I wanted to stay present and really think about WHY I run, and how much I truly do love it.

AM Run (7.70 miles, 8’18” pace): I was feeling a bit fatigued after a not so great night sleep, but I knew getting my run out of the way early in the day would make me feel (at least mentally) a lot better. While I was hoping to cover a bit more miles, I was happy with 7.7 and ended up having more time to relax and enjoy one of my delicious homemade Acai bowls before work.

AM Circuit: Back to the regular scheduled Friday = circuit day. I was feeling it this morning. I almost though I was going to pass out during our second 3 minute sprint, but thanks to all the positive encouragement from my PIC (partner in crime duh), was able to stick it out and finish the workout strong. And then I wobbled back to my apartment. I don’t believe I’ve shared the leg circuit we do so here it is…

10 minute treadmill warm-up (completed today at 8’13” pace, 1.21 miles)
Repeat circuit 3x, 15-30 seconds rest between each exercise, 3 minute rest between sets

Back squats max 1 minute (used 20 lb dumbbell)
Push-ups max 1 minute (BW)
Step-ups max 1 minute (2 10 lb dumbbells)
Abdominal crunches max 1 minute (BW)
Calf raises max 1 minute (BW)
Lateral raises max 1 minute (10 lb for first two sets, dropped down to 7.5 lb for last set)
Running 3 minutes @ 90-95% of max (average 8.7 / 6’53” pace)

AM Run (10.05 miles, pace 8’12”): At 85% humidity, I will take it. It was a mentally exhausting run but I was dead set on finishing my first double digit run in a long time. Let’s just say I’m really happy it’s over.

Run (? miles): Both the surprise my boyfriend has planned on Saturday night, and the weather, this may or may not happen. And I’m totally okay with it. I’d much rather spend my day at the beach then trying to squeeze in a few miles. The way my body has been feeling constantly run down, a total rest day may not be the worst thing either.

I would have liked my weekly milage to be higher, but at this point, I’m focusing on 5 weeks from now when I start training for NYCM. Ended with roughly 35 miles, two days of circuit HIIT training, and one SoulCycle class.

Do you prefer to strengthen upper body vs. lower body? I always feel like I have a more challenging workout when I lift lower body. Probably because I’m using more/larger muscles… And I sweat glisten more.

What is your favorite way to cross train?

When your weekly milage drops unexpectedly, how does it make you feel? I tend to beat myself up a little bit, but really try to remember that another 5 or 10 miles doesn’t really make a difference when I’m just running for fun. Only 5 more weeks of keeping/trying a laid back approach! Can’t wait for the structure of a marathon training plan.


15 thoughts on “Workout Recap 6/1 – 6/7

  1. I go through upper vs. lower body phases. I’ll get really into curls and presses and then freak out like I’m going to be huge on top with chicken legs! Then I’ll go into a squat-for-my-life phase, but realize the next time I do yoga that I can’t hold myself in downward dog!

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  2. The weather has been crazy up and down in our neck of the woods lately so I’m sure that has some effect on how you’re feeling! It’s a good plan to hold off on kicking into gear for NYC for a few weeks and then go at it, and by the way, it’s so exciting you are in this year! I can’t wait to be doing it in 2016, fingers crossed.


  3. I like the laid back approach while not training for anything. Enjoy it, because like you said – you will be hitting it hard in July! You had a great week – sinus infection or not!! I love to swim and bike for cross training 🙂

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    1. I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years so I always joke I’m allergic to swimming haha. But it is PHENOMENAL cross training and every time I hop back in the water I’m amazed at how out of shape I feel.

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      1. YES! I didn’t swim competitively for as long as you – just two years in high school – but it’s enough that I can hold my own (I am so not fast) and benefit from using it as a cross training tool!!

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  4. I can’t remember the last time I did a lower body workout on my own. Normally the only time I do them is in group fitness classes…but I should (read: need to) start doing them. Squats are always my go-to. I’m glad to hear the worst of the sickness is gone. Hope you enjoyed the surprise weekend!

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  5. Your week sounds pretty solid to me! My week was extremely laid back. Like three ((THREE)) rest days laid back. My mileage was cut in half. Partly because of my work schedule and my new client ((yay!)) schedule. But this does worry me for future training weeks. How can I keep up my two jobs and marathon train and still keep a home while remaining married?! Lol I think since I was having such a rough week that I truly needed a break. So I’m trying not to beat myself up but appreciate the rest I’ve had. My favorite way to XT is the eliptical! You can really tear it up if you set the intensity high enough. I can’t wait for a regular training season either. Sounds like most of us runners are feeling similar! Summer running isn’t my fav.. Lol

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    1. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up but finding balance between work, life, running is so important. No… summer running is brutal. I much prefer running in the fall. Part of my biggest issue is not running early enough in the summer… 7am no longer cuts it with the humidity!

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