Workout Recap 5/25 – 5/31

I felt like I had a decent week of training. Again, I’m trying to focus on recovery and balance, and not running all the miles. Although I have found a sweet spot with my weekly milage (usually between 40-50 miles) at a slower pace (for me), I backed off this week due to a delightful head cold that I seemed to develop last weekend. #Blessed. I feel like a balloon. Or a cartoon with a big head. And I’m mouth breathing like the kid on Hey Arnold… I really hope someone gets that reference…

Anyways let’s get to it…

Workouts from the past week…

AM Run (9.15 miles, 7’37” pace): LOVE having weekdays off to get in a nice, comfortable, long run in. The only problem with having all the time in the world is that I had all the time in the world and ended up not starting my run until mid-day. Hi I’m dumb. Humidity + 75 degrees… struggle was real. But hey, it was done, and it gave me all the reason in the world to end my run at Starbucks : )

AM Run (5.26 miles, 8’41” pace) & Circuit: After much discussion, BF and I both think I should try to up my circuit training/lifting to more than once a week. Mainly because I was SO freaking sore after doing likeee 15 dumbbell presses. I clearly need more weight training, and to see any type of results, I need consistency. So as of right now, I plan on doing each circuit at least once a week.

PM Run (6.21 miles, 6’56” pace): So… this was supposed to be a 5 mile run. I got lost. Which was sad. Because I only realized I took a wrong turn when it was far too late and I looked at my watch and had an “oh sh!t” moment. Legs felt great, turnover was there. Another absurdly hot and humid run. When did summer arrive?

AM Run (5.01 miles, 8’29” pace): Morning after Run Club my legs are ALWAYS heavy. I usually turn my watch around for these runs and end up running solely on feel. This was an interesting run. Long story short, a homeless person attacked me. It sounds a lot more drastic than it was, but it scared the daylights out of me. I am totally fine. As I write this, I haven’t run outside since. I’ve driven home to run. I plan on writing a post regarding running safety, and how this experience was unlike any other I’ve ever had (obviously).

Total Rest Day

I would have liked to run a mid-distance run, but battling a head cold and being out “late” the night before, I figured rest was my best friend. I’m also not super pumped on running outside alone at the moment. I’m hoping to have some solid longer back-to-back runs at home this weekend, so the extra rest this week will only help.

AM Circuit: Totally planned on getting up and getting in circuit number two for the week, but I totally gave up in and slept in until 730. It was glorious and totally worth it!
PM Run: 5.13 miles, 7’44” pace. Kept it nice and easy. Hot and humid run

AM Run (7.3 miles, pace 8’22”): Planned for 10 miles, but after an exhausting week, I listened to my body and did a slow recovery run.

AM Run (9.01 miles, @ 8’15”): Again, was hoping for 10 miles, but after a long week and a fantastic late-night BBQ, I kept the run long and slow and comfortable.

Overall a decent week of workouts. I would have liked my weekly milage to be higher, but between not being able to breathe, being mauled by a woman mid-run, and not training for anything specific – I’m okay with ending on roughly 47 miles for the week, one day of circuit HIIT training, and one TOTAL rest day (don’t know when the last time I had one of those was…)

How were your weekly workouts?

Do you find running when you’re sick helps? Sometimes I feel like exercising helps, especially when I am super congested. But with the amount of fatigue I had been experiencing, and my cold moving into my chest, I figured some extra sleep would be for the best (that rhymed : ) ).

What weekly milage is your happy place? I’m usually at a little over 40 a week. Comfortable. No fatigue. No muscle soreness.

16 thoughts on “Workout Recap 5/25 – 5/31

  1. Lately I have been hovering right around 20 miles a week, but typically I like to be in the 30s. While marathon training I usually peak in the mid 40s or 50 so I guess you can say it varies quite a bit:) I can only run with a cold- if I am feeling run down or fatigued I will rest instead. Hope you’re feeling better!

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  2. With no marathon training my running seems to wind up 35-40 per week, sometimes low 30s though. Can’t believe you were attacked on a run but so glad it turned out okay. I hate letting my mind go down the danger road but this stuff is real so we need to consider it. So impressed by your paces!


    1. It’s absolutely CRAZY ! Honestly I’m a little shocked that it happened – I used to run alone in downtown Philadelphia (with pepper spray) and never had the problem throughout my entire time in grad school. Guess it’s time to put my pepper spray back in my pocket! Thank you! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!!


  3. Nice job this week!! It depends on how sick I am if I think that running will be okay. I like to be in the 60-70 miles per week range when my body lets me, but I have to keep the pace in my recovery zone for a good portion of it if I’m up that high.

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    1. I totally agree. The higher I get in milage, the more relaxed I have to be about pushing the pace. My body can’t handle all those runs at high intensity. I’m hoping to hit my first 65 mpw this upcoming training cycle! Any tips you may have for recovery would be great! Hope you had a fantastic weekend : )

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  4. I can not handle that kind of mileage or speed yet, but I’m hoping with consistency I’ll be back up there 🙂 Right now my happy place is around 25 miles a week. I’m glad that you’re ok after being sick and being attacked. How crazy and scary! I was actually also confronted by a homeless guy the other day as well. Definitely is scary, but I always keep mace on me just in case! Stay safe out there, and I’m looking forward to your post on running safety!


  5. I find that during the winter, running when I am sick helps out. I also sleep ALOT more as well. I’m not sure what mileage is my happy place. I’ll let you know when I get there. I’m glad you’re feeling better!


  6. Ohmigosh! I’m so happy you are okay. Runner safety is definitely something we (as runners) should discuss more freely. I actually just touched on it on my blog. ☺

    I’m sorry you have been feeling poopy. It seems like you were still able to make the most of your week though, and for that I say KUDOS to you.

    And yeah, I totally got the Hey Arnold reference. Hehe! I love that show!

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  7. That’s a pretty good week when you were feeling poorly. Sorry to hear you were attacked! That’s a runners nightmare. I always carry my pepper spray and my phone with me and try to be aware of my surroundings. But you never know. I’ve had a safety post in drafts but never finished it- I’ve had some times where I changed my route or quit a run early because of an odd individual but was never attacked. Glad to hear you’re ok!

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