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I have running on my brain. Shocking to no one. I think it’s pretty safe to say that my brain fluctuates between two categories of thought – running and eating. Since I have gushed about my love of all things edible food yesterday, I thought today would be a good day to recap the Stamford Boys & Girls Corporate 5K I ran last Thursday. As well as some random running related links thrown in for good measure.

Before I get to the 5K recap, let’s talk briefly about these two RunnersWorld Links:

1. #RWRunStreak: So basically RunnersWorld is promoting a streak where you run at least 1 mile a day, everyday, from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July (41 days).

While I really enjoy running, and I would LOVE to be part of this streak (I am currently a member and have run every day since Monday), I’m not sure if it’s the best thing for me to buy into.

I haven’t started training for my fall marathon, and I feel like my body will absolutely need a break between now and July 4th. What I think know I would struggle with is that even though I would just need to run a mile, I would be running a lot more than that.

2. RW Time Predictor: When I found this link the other day I was pretty intrigued. Coming off a bit of a post-5K PR high, I wanted to see what my predicted marathon finish time would be.

Based on this, I should be running a 1:31:05 half marathon (last half marathon was a PR at 1:30:58) which is alarmingly accurate, and I should be running around a 3:09:54 marathon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.14.57 PM Basically all this link did was make me want to run another marathon ASAP. I had a great race in Boston but with better conditions, I think I would’ve run considerably faster. I’m not making excuses and I am very happy with my time, but after the race, I felt like I had a faster finish in me.

I’m hoping that this little internet calculator (assuming all things perfect with no changing extraneous factors, AKA not the real world) is correct, and I see a PR in NYC. I haven’t begun training yet, so I think it’s a bit early to declare a time goal, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a PR.

3. Stamford Boys & Girls Corporate 5K: 1st Female, 35th Overall, 19:48

This is the first 5K I’ve raced in a really long time. I honestly don’t know when the last time I ran a timed 5K. College? I’m also fairly certain this is the first time I’ve run one in under 20 minutes. #PRCity

I signed up the Tuesday before the race. It was a last minute decision, but I decided to go for it since my main focus this spring/summer is to work on short distance speed. Another huge perk was it was a mile from my apartment. All about that connivence.

The course winds through downtown Stamford, but all the twists and turns made me relatively nervous going into the run.. My favorite courses are point-to-point or out and backs. Turns aren’t really my friend, and as fas as I’m concerned, I’m far too clumsy to be trusted with such athleticism.

It was colder and much windier than I expected, so I ended up throwing on a quarter zip over my t-shirt. I usually hate racing in long sleeves, but I hate being cold even more.

I had low expectations going into the race. I had run 7+ miles that morning, so figuring I was running on tired legs, I was mentally prepared to be extremely pleased with anything around 21 minutes. I started up near the front and saw a local running friend, Shanna (Hi!), which was a nice way to pass the time before the race started. BF was also running so I had him to keep me company : ) .

The race started right at 7:00pm and off the bat BF took off and was gone. My legs were slow to get moving but I settled into a comfortable pace. I find 5Ks to be so challenging because it’s hard for me to find a pace that I can push and hold for 3+ miles. Not fly and die like my usual game plan. I wanted to run hard, but also feel comfortable doing so, and because of my knee pain the previous day, I wanted to start out somewhat conservatively.

When I hit the first mile I was shocked surprised to hit it around 6:24. I saw three women in front of me and slowly started to gain on them. I passed the first right after mile one marker, and the other two right before mile two. It was right around the second mile when BF came into my sights and I knew I had to make my move! Mile 2 = 6:27. After the second mile I got nervous that I was about to crash and burn. I kept focusing on my breathing, and played Power by Kanye West on repeat. Mile 3 = 6:26. I pushed the last .12 miles at a 6:00 pace (UGH why couldn’t you read 5:XX!?) and finished in 19:48.

I am pleased with how the race felt, and that I was able to hold consistent mile splits for the entire race. I think this race gave me confidence and reassured me that, although I haven’t done a speed workout since mid March, I still have some of my fitness and speed from before Boston. My legs were definitely tired the next morning. Slightly heavy, but not as sore as I expected.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.03.46 PM
Poached. Sorry bout it.

I wish I had some half way decent race photos to share, but I don’t. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I look asleep when I crossed the finish line… But that’s neither here nor there… I would like to continue to run shorter, faster races this summer to help me build my speed and endurance for NYC this fall.

What are your thoughts on buying into the #RWRunStreak?

Do you trust race predictors?

Anyone racing this summer? I don’t have any goal races planned, but am hoping to add a few shorter races as tune-ups and check-ins with my training.

37 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday – All Things Running

  1. My race predictions usually show that I should be running half and full marathons much faster than I actually do…I think just because I can pull off a faster 5k time but I worry too much about burning out on longer runs (which is a legit concern, I do burn out in longer races) so I know the potential is there I just need to be able to train appropriately to reach those times. Awesome job in your 5k, and if your half is already on target I have no doubts that you will be able to reach your goal marathon time!

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    1. Thank you! I’m hoping so! I think with a summer of hard training it is a possibility! I always fear the burnout too… I guess knowing the struggle bus is coming at 22/23 (for me) I usually preemptively slow down. Hope you have a great Thursday!


  2. Based on your times a 3:09 is totally in the cards for you, barring disaster of course! I’m so impressed with your times, effort and smart training. I also am not a “streaker” mainly because when I commit to something I get really stubborn and HAVE to do it, and running every day, even a mile, is just not healthy or practical for me!

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    1. I’m with you there. It’d be nice to be a streaker (ha!) for bragging rights, but everyday running just doesn’t cut it for me. Plus I’m afraid I’d burn out on the sport. I’d rather stay in the “I GET to run” mindset than the “I HAVE to run” one.

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    2. Thank you!! 🙂 I totally hear you… I feel like if I bought into the streak, a mile would turn into 5. Because if I’m going to go run, I might as well RUN. My body needs the rest. Hope you have a great day! : )


  3. you are speeeeeedy! nice job with the 5K time (aka amazingness). no races planned this summer — i hate running in humidity and almost died already last night trying to make 4 miles — but i’m gonna try to swing a marathon in the fall as well, barring any disasters aka too much partying this summer and missing runs, or getting hurt. 🙂

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes humidity is the death of me. I don’t mind dry heat, but if it’s humid, I’m sweating within 5 minutes and totally dead. Haha I hear you… training for a marathon during the summer is so tough – too many tempting distractions : )


  4. Congratulations on your first place finish! What an awesome time! Gawd I am so jealous…one of my lifetime dream running goals is to run a sub-20:00 5K. Got a looooong way to go!

    I’ve found prediction calculators to be good for me, but they have to be taken with a grain of salt. I think they give you a general ballpark figure, assuming similar race conditions and assuming you did the necessary training. You also have to account for the fact that some runners are better at shorter distances than they are at longer distances, etc. That said, my predictions have always been really accurate, usually within 1-2 minutes.

    I’m also not a run streaker – I think it’d be cool during the off season but not really necessary during marathon training which takes up most of my year! Also – I can’t be the only one who hates the word “streak”. Like some people hate the word “moist”, you know? It just grosses me out!

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    1. YES!! Every time I hear “streak” I think of people running around nude… I don’t know if that makes me totally weird or not? Haha. And I totally agree – marathon training is a bear and I don’t need to be adding extra miles (even 1) during training. Hope you have a great Thursday!!


  5. First of all, huge congrats on your PR AND breaking 20 AND winning! I do trust race predictors but I only trust McMillian! You can totally get a 3:09 – last year, I ran Boston in 3:18 (I creeped on your blog, you were right around there), then my old 5K PR in May (it was like a 19:45ish, now it’s a 19:25ish) and ran a 3:06 last June! I recommend the Charlevoix Marathon, that’s where I ran the PR and it is an AWESOME course. GET IT!!!

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  6. I am 100% with you on the Run Streak thing. I did one over the holidays in 2013 and actually ended up going over the proposed streak. Anyway, I ended up with tendinitis and swore off run streaks forever. I definitely need a break!

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    1. I think I would feel too much pressure to keep running even if I was sick/feeling soreness/anything. Sometimes it’s easy to be too hard on ourselves! Happy Thursday!


  7. WOAH that’s an awesome race! That’s so amazing and you should be really proud! Especially on tired legs..dang girl dang!

    I have a half coming up next week (eek!) and a few other races planned for this summer. I run much better in heat than in the cold, so I always load up my race calendar in the spring/summer!

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    1. Thank you! You’re definitely going to rock it!! I usually race best around mid 40s, but I love love love running in the sun – helps out with my summer tan : ) Happy Thursday!


  8. DAYUM girl. Get it.
    I don’t do run streaks. Hell, I can barely run, but that is beside the point! But yeah, run streaks just mean that you end up doing things for the sake of doing them, even if you are hurt. I would rather people aim for getting their walk on or legs moving for a certain amount of time, however that goes!

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    1. Exactly! I never thought of walking at least a mile every day until someone suggested that on here! So I think that will be my goal, on days I don’t run, to walk at least a mile! Happy Thursday!!


  9. Congrats on being the 1st female and sub 20 minute 5k!! Do you have any suggestions on getting faster/speed work advice? I love to run (more like jog), but find it frustrating to run fast. You are super speedy and I would love any advice 🙂 Thanks!

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    1. Thank you!! : ) It took me a long time to get here / actually figure out what worked best for me, but I started to incorporate speed work into my weekly workouts which at first was really challenging for me. I always felt like I was loosing milage, because even though I was running faster, I was running shorter. I do one day every other week for speed work (mainly because I don’t like it haha) and focus on hitting target paces. Usually I do mile repeats on the treadmill. I also try to run a longer/ish tempo run at run club once a week. It’s nice to have people push me to hit certain paces. Running hills has also done WONDERS to help my speed. Which is shocking to me because I’m so slow and avoid hills like you wouldn’t believe. I hope that helps somewhat! I’m just a hobby runner and not a certified coach, but I’d be more than happy to send you some of my speed workouts! : ) Let me know!


  10. That’s an amazing finish time- congrats!!! I like the idea of a running streak but know that I would never follow through one. It would probably turn into 41 days of laziness as I would likely rebel against “having” to run. Mature right?

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  11. You are fast – a sub-20 5K after already having run that morning! Congrats!
    I find race calculators more accurate for me in my strengths (longer races) than in my weakness (shorter races).
    The RW Streak always sounds fun, but I really need a recovery day or two, especially once I’ll be building up my mileage for marathon training.


    1. Thank you!! : ) I agree – I’m much more comfortable running longer distances (halfs and fills) as opposed to shorter ones .. Exactly! I think the streak is a great motivator but maybe not the best for someone who is following a training plan. One blogger suggested walking a mile on my rest days to follow the streak so I think I might just have to try that ! : )


  12. As soon as my groin heals completely I am all about racing! I did the Thanksgiving to New Years Streak and it was completely manageable. I really enjoyed the community. I’ve never done a race predictor because I’ve never run a 5k before lol. I’ve only run half marathons and trail races =P


  13. So speedy!!! Congrats again on your amazing race! I’ve found that except for my first marathon (which I was a bit underprepared for), the race predictors are pretty accurate. But there’s so much more that can affect a race time that the calculators don’t take into account so will often use it as a base but tweak my goals a little where I need to. You will do great in NYC!

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