Tried It Tuesday – MDW ReCap

I’m back! And I’m linking up with Sara from Lake Shore Runner for her Tried it Tuesday!

I’m going to recap this past weekend at Nantucket. I know I definitely will not be able to do this weekend justice, as it was nothing short of incredible. I will do a full wrap up of all the good eats and drinks tomorrow for WIAW.

But before I start spamming you with pictures… Please don’t forget to vote for me here for the Cover of RW! #Shameless

We got on island late Friday night. After a long day week of work, we were totally spent. BF and I figured we’d have a low-key night in Friday, get up Saturday and be ready for the weekend. My parents being the brilliant influencers they are, suggested we stop at The Juice Bar before heading home. I had zero objections, so I finished my night with a DELICIOUS mint chip cone. I’d like so say I had a picture, but I’m a bad blogger, totally forgot, and inhaled said ice cream before it could be documented. #GetInMyBelly

Saturday, BF and I woke up after a GLORIOUS nights sleep  (everything is so much darker and quieter in Nantucket. You can even see more than 10 stars…thanks light pollution) and ventured out for a nice long run. We capped it at 10 and called it a day. Living in a city, it was an absolute treat to run on a bike path, removed from the road, without stop signs and traffic lights. The headwind on the way back home was brutal but BF dropped it into gear after mile 7 and smoked me. Gettin it.

Obligatory trip to The Green ensued where I spent $38 on smoothies and eggs…. Nothing short of amazing.

Overpriced. Totally worth it.

Afterwards, we hit up Cisco Brewery. It was incredible. This was the first time I’ve been here during Figawi (Tried It Tuesday hayyyy). It was packed. We got there around 12ish, and waited in line until 115… yes, 75 minutes. To drink. It was at capacity when we got there (party people) and was going with a one in one out rule. The line was overwhelming, but totally worth it.

This picture makes me feel hip.

We waited in line (always a line) for beer, and made the executive decision to buy 6 beers, and a 12 pack to avoid waiting again. After said purchase we were told you can’t open the 12 pack in the brewery. #EpicFail

People everywhere!

After the brewery, we headed back to my house to get ready for dinner and unwind a bit. I will say I had an entrepreneurial moment, as I picked up two very inebriated people, drove them into town (on our way and roughly 3 miles) for $20. Their struggle was so real.

BF and I hit up LoLa Burger (#OMG) for dinner, then met up with some friends in town that evening.

Side note: I woke up Saturday morning with a rather raspy voice. I assume its from allergies, but by the time Saturday night rolled around it was gone. Like totally gone.

Sunday morning I woke up totally mute. I figured since running cures everything, I should go do a shake out 5 miler. It was absolutely gorgeous out, and warm (65). The wind was so brutal that my ear buds kept blowing out. At first I thought it was kind of hysterical, and then it got old. Like real quick. #Bitter Anyways…


Post run, BF and I packed up and decided to hit up The Green again, #YOLO, and then drove out to Sconset to walk along the cliffs to the lighthouse. I have been coming to Nantucket since before I can even remember, but have never been out to the Sankaty (at least what I can remember). It was incredible. The weather was perfect and the views were absolutely unreal.

Sconset cliff walk

Wouldn’t hate this as my backyard…


The rest of our day revolved around eating, so I will save that for tomorrow. But I will say this was one of the most fun, and relaxing (can that even happen at Figawi?) weekend on island in a while.

Hike complete.

I will save you the gory details of all the people riding the struggle bus and battling the Sunday scares on the way home. But for now, bye Figawi, see you next year? Maybe?

Baiiiii Figawi

What was the best part of your MDW?

Anyone else like to explore places on vacation? It was so fun seeing a different part of the island. It’s so easy to just go with what you know, but I had an awesome time seeing some new sights!

18 thoughts on “Tried It Tuesday – MDW ReCap

  1. I love how your post was all about the amazing food you ate!!! I want to go to that place, The Green! I’ve been to Martha’s Vineyard, but I’ve never been to Nantucket. Might have to go one of these days!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would probably never get up. As soon as the sun starts coming in my window I wake up, so it was a treat to sleep in past 6 haha. Hope you have a great week!


  2. It seriously sounds like such an incredible weekend! Ahhhh I miss new england summers already. My best friend was actually racing Figawi this weekend, and I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was until my mom was talking about it this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know! It was absolutely wild. This is the first time I’ve been out for it since I’ve turned 21 so it was a VERY different experience haha. Hope you have a great week! : )


  3. I loooooove to explore. This past week we didn’t explore that much, though–this was a much needed reboot for us, in a lot of ways, and we just needed to do nothing, you know?
    But what a trip! I would love to go there–you should go to OBX!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like the OBX is totally my type of place. All I need is some sun and sand! My boyfriend and I took a trip to Mexico in March it was TOTALLY a reboot trip. I’m pretty sure I was sedentary for 99% of the trip… I walked to the beach and the mini bar?


    1. It’s J.Crew!!! I live in it. As you can tell it looks like I wore the same thing Saturday and Sunday but I promise I didn’t ! Just my uniform of white t-shirts and jeans/lulu haha


  4. The best part of my MDW is that now all the students from the two colleges in town are GONE or LEAVING which means my town gets a bit quieter. All of us townies are ready for our summer to begin! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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