Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Little Bit of Everything

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I WILL BE IN NANTUCKET TOMORROW! I cannot contain my excitement. Although the forecast is a little chillier than the temps we’ve been experiencing, we are going to have blue skies and sunny days. I can’t ask for any more! : ) I haven’t been back to Nantucket since December when I went up with my family and BF for the Christmas Stroll. Getting off island turned into a massive debacle… long story… so it will be a pleasant relief having great weather this weekend! Needless to say, I’m really ready to not be at work and be on a mini getaway. Essential stops include the beach, Jetties, Chicken Box, the Juice Bar. Primarily the Juice Bar #Priorities.

Hello lovely.

Oh, and I can’t wait for one of these from The Green

Hemp seeds and all things healthy

By the time this post goes viral live, I will be starting my fourth day SODA FREE. You read that right people. As someone who was once a reformed soda drinker, I fell off the wagon this past month and have been drinking soda DAILY. While delicious (Diet Coke and Sprite Zero for dayz), it’s not healthy. Shocking. And I need to be drinking more water. So I am off the juice as of Sunday night. Here’s to getting back to fueling my body properly – with the exception of oversized, jumbo, movie theater Diet Cokes. Because to not get one is #offensive. Just keeping it real.

When I first saw this article, it was captioned with “Performance based year-end bonuses from husbands“. I thought it had to be a joke. It not.

Photo Source: NYTimes

I found this link particularly useful. It’s “24 diagrams that will make eating healthy super easy“. Some good healthy “tricks and tips”. I’m partial to the baking substitutions since I love to bake, but would also love avoid getting fat. And you know what – black beans in brownies… DELICIOUS and no one is the wiser : )

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.15.52 PM

This week I’ve done something I haven’t done in a really long time… I scheduled a StitchFix (referral Link) for the 4th of July. I’m hoping that I will get a few fun, different pieces for my long weekend on Nantucket (YEP I’m going back!). Sometimes I feel like I wear the SAME things over and over again. I’ve had two StitchFix deliveries in the past, and I’ve kept nothing. In the past I felt like my fixes have been a little generic. Nothing that really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, just items that I could potential (sometimes did) already have in my closet.


While it’s somewhat disappointing that I didn’t fall in love with every item I’ve been sent (or any) in my previous StitchFix shipments, the stylists opened up my eyes to some items I would have been more skeptical about before. I will be updating my Pinterest Board for the stylists reference. I’m really looking forward (and have my fingers crossed) for this Fix!

On the running front I’ve been having a good week. Milage has been consistent, and my legs have felt great. I did my first double in a long time (easy, short AM run Tuesday, with Run Club Tuesday afternoon), followed by an impromptu rest day on Wednesday. I am “racing” a 5K Thursday afternoon, and I am looking to see where I am conditioning wise for shorter events. I’m planning on focusing most my running this week, with a long run on Nantucket Saturday morning.

In other exciting news… I have been accepted to be a Pacer for the Fairfield Half! I will be pacing the 1:40 group and couldn’t be more pumped! I’ve never done this before. I’ve actually never even run WITH a pacer before. So I am quite nervous. More nervous than if I was running it solo. I will have a follow-up blog post regarding my decision to run as a pacer. This will probably be a two part post as I plan on doing a before (expectations, thoughts) and after (personal experience, thoughts, advice). LET ME KNOW IF YOU’RE GOING TO RUN WITH ME : )  #FriendsPlease

Not in Fairfield, but I’m running! Woo!

The other day Suzy posted about “The Notion of Regret”. It was an awesome post, and I highly suggest you pop on over and read it. It raises some good questions, and has provoked me to reflect on where I have been, where I am, and where I’m going.

I brought up the content of her post to my BF the other day and we had a pretty great conversation. I think he was impressed with my desire to discuss such a non-factual topic, since I’m more totally type-A/everything must be fact-based/science science science, personality. #GoMe

Looking back, I don’t know if I made all the right decisions. But I don’t know if I could tell you what those “right decisions” would be now.

One hint of regret I have is WHY DID I NOT TRAVEL ABROAD? But like BF and I talked about, the person I was when I made the decision to stay at UCONN instead of sailing the high seas (Hi Semester at Sea… do you have an option for 27 year old post grads?).. is not the person I am now. It’s nearly impossible to compare the decisions we have made in the past, to the decisions we would make now. I am 99% sure that all extraneous factors influencing those decisions are TOTAL different.

If I’ve learned anything in the past 10 years, it’s that looking back really does no good. Sure, maybe I didn’t make all the right decisions, but who’s really to say?

But you know what. I’m really freaking happy. I’m 100% in love with my life. Especially the people that are in it. All of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly (JK I DON’T HAVE UGLY FRIENDS)!

Happy Dance. Literally.

And on that note – enjoy your Thursday every one!

Have you ever paced an official group or paced a friend for a race? Any tips or tricks?

Would you want a yearly bonus from your husband?

Any exciting plans for MDW? 

Do you believe in regret? Maybe during the Sunday Scaries I believe in regret. But I don’t regret anything, I learn from everything. #Profound #MicDrop

29 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Little Bit of Everything

  1. Totally agree with you about not being able to go back and argue with our choices because of the fact that we were a different person at that point. It’s easy to look back and wish we did things differently (hindsight is 20/20), but we conveniently forget that we probably made the best choices that we could based on the things that we knew back then.

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  2. I don’t really believe in regret either. I may look back and think about a dumb choice I made, but I try to remember that if I didn’t make those choices I would not be where and who I am today. And I really like where I am today, so why regret?

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  3. You better take lots of pretty Nantucket pics! I’ve never been but I know a lot of people who absolutely love it.

    There are probably a few things in life I regret, but if I had the chance to change them or press “delete” I probably wouldn’t. I think regret is a healthy emotion… as long as it isn’t something you feel too often. It helps draw the line between good and bad decisions. If you never make bad decisions, you don’t know where that line is.

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    1. I like your perspective! And yes LOVE LOVE LOVE Nantucket – you’ll have an overload of photos on the blog and my instagram. Prepare yourself ! : )


  4. LOVE that picture of you dancing! You really do look so happy and it’s awesome 🙂

    I’m super jealous of your trip to Nantucket. I remember sailing there a lot when I was really young, but I’ve only been a handful of times that I really remember going. It is one gorgeous place, that’s for sure.

    Also, if I was doing the Fairfield half, I’d totally run in your pace group. Well, hopefully slightly ahead of it if I was trying to PR, but then when I started to die I’d have some motivation haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you should do it! It’s a great course!! But the race doesn’t start til 830, which at the end of June can be rather hot… Ugh. Hopefully I can figure out how to pace people by then! Have a great weekend : )


  5. hahaha i also love to say that i don’t have ugly friends! fabulous. love that dancing/jumping pic, you cutiepie! i haven’t been to Nantucket but i went to MV once and loved it! hopefully i’ll make it to Nan one day. have a fab wknd! i’m headed upstate to visit my fam at their lakehouse with two of my girlfriends from NYC.

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  6. I totally struggle with soda on and off. I went almost two years without drinking it and then fell right back into it. I don’t drink it very often now, but I definitely crave it, especially on the weekends when I’m not drinking enough water!

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    1. It’s honestly the worst. It’s like as soon as I have one… I’m wanting it all the time. Today is a struggle. I know if I can make it through the weekend I’ll be okay! Haha


  7. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I’m glad it got you thinking. I too am sad that I didn’t travel more, but I am also glad that I will now (or in the distant future) get to travel with my best friend (my husband) and share those experiences with him. And I’m in such a better place to enjoy the experiences that I will be having going forward.
    But I wouldn’t mind a little extra $$$ for that to happen!!!!

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  8. I think pacing will be so exciting! I’ve never done it, but, I ran with a pace group for my first marathon and it was really helpful. I’m the same way with traveling. I’ve never traveled really and I do want to one day, not sure when that will happen though! But I feel like you do, I’m happy with where things are at, and don’t have regrets. I made decisions based on what made sense, no point in questioning it now.

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  9. I’ve always wondered how pacers get chosen. That’s so cool. I actually wouldn’t want a yearly bonus from my husband because I have a serious issue taking help from people. I can’t ask for things because them I feel like I owe that person something (stems from family issues lol)
    My memorial day weekend will be spent working, it’s our busiest weekend of the year. Here’s to $$


  10. Congratulations on being chosen as pacer! That’s so cool 😀

    This wife bonus thing is soooooooo insulting. I cannot belive women do this! I’d feel like an employee and in terms of marriage I can only assume what I would also feel like…. And this whole seperation thing? I don’t get it. I’d be rather alone than live in such a marriage.

    Have a great weekend!

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  11. I’ve paced 1:45 and 1:50 halves – I was asked to pace 1:40 but it was a week post Boston so I decided on the 1:50 spot since I’m still also fresh off of an Achilles injury. I think I would really enjoy pacing 1:40 – 1:50 is hard because it feels too slow for me, 1:45 is pretty comfortable but still a little too easy. When it’s too easy, it makes going out a little too hard for the pace group easy and that isn’t a good thing. My best advice? Run even splits and realize that while the pace (I think 1:40 is something like 7:38?) is easy for you, even a few seconds faster could have a detrimental effect on people following you. It is ultimately their responsibility to run their own race but people really rely on you for help. Don’t go out fast or try to bank time. Also make sure you print wristbands with your splits (I think you can get them free and printable on marathon guide) in case of a GPS watch disaster! Good luck – you will be GREAT!

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    1. Thank you for these tips!! So helpful!! I plan on getting to the race super early and meeting with anyone I can find and hear about their individual races strategies! I still have about 4 weeks until race day, so I think I will be doing some longer practice runs trying to even split around the 7:38 mark. Love the advice!!! So helpful : )

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  12. Have a great time in Nantucket!! I will be doing a long run plus enjoying in some BBQ festivities AFTER my run is accomplished 🙂
    Good luck being a pacer! I’ve never been one before but when I am more consistent, it’s something I’d love to go back and do. I only WISH I could keep up with that 1:40 pace of yours!!
    In terms of regret, I sometimes wish I’d done things differently…BUT, at the end of the day, I like where I’m at right now. And who knows where I’d be if I made different decisions? Maybe I wouldn’t enjoy life as much. So, when it comes down to it, I ultimately don’t have any regrets either 😀

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