Tried It Tuesday – Circuit Training

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This is going to be a pretty “wordy” post. AKA no photos since I don’t lift often enough to take pictures of myself doing so, and to be quite honest, I don’t know if I could in also seriousness take a #selfie mid swell-sesh. Ya feel? Anywhozers…

I mentioned that part of my goals for my running “off season” have been to cross train more and to strengthen. I have tried to lift weights on my own in the past, which has failed primarily for two reasons: 1. I don’t like to lift weights. I do not get the same satisfaction out of weight training that I do from a run. 2. I have no idea what I’m doing. I know approximately 3 exercises. Or should I say 3 exercises I want to do. I have an uncanny ability to “forget” how to do a squat when I’m at the gym…

When my boyfriend and I started dating, he was aggressively going to the gym and lifting heavy multiple times a week for rugby. Fortunately/unfortunately (depends who you ask haha) I suckered him into running. And you know what – running is addicting. Suddenly he was looking to fit in long runs after work over going to the gym to lift. With the end of his rugby season nearing, and more free time before his team picks back up in the fall, BF has recommitted to lifting. And was kind enough (aka patient enough) to let me join in on his circuit training days. It has a bit of cardio included and with less rest, gave me a bit of the “post run” feeling I love.

I know I already posted this, but this was our workout last Friday:

Warm up – 10 minutes treadmill running at 7:53 pace

3 sets of circuit (exercises done for max reps in 1 minute, 15-30 seconds rest in between exercises)
*For most exercises I used 7.5 lbs free weights

Shoulder Press (Max in 1 minute)
Chin-Ups (Max in 1 minute) – let’s be real. There’s like a negative percent chance of me doing a pull up… I switched this for Lat Pull Downs
Dumbbell Bench Press (Max in 1 minute) – I used 12.5 lbs… HA.
Bent Over Reserse Flys (Max in 1 minute)
Abdominal Crunches (Max in 1 minute)
Lateral Raises (Max in 1 minute) – I started with 7.5 lbs, but had to switch down to 5 lbs
Running (3 minutes @ 90-95% of max) – Ran at 9.6 on the treadmill which is roughly 6:40 pace

After the workout I was a little confused. It was hard. Really hard. But I wasn’t drenched in sweat, the way I am soaked after a mediocre 6 mile run. But you know what, my body felt different. I felt an overall fatigue that I’m not totally used to. I think that what surprised me most was afterwards I was RAVENOUS. I was eating anything and everything not nailed down in my apartment. They aren’t kidding when they say lifting revs your metabolism….

And for now… I. Am. Sore. Holy cow. Like still sore. Almost 5 days later. I went for a run Friday after work and my chest hurt. I could tell those muscles had been FATIGUED.

I’d like to think that my SoulCycle classes (I know, I know, it’s not “lifting”) and my occasional pushups post-run would keep my upper body in SOME form of shape. But you know what – they don’t. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Mind is not blown. 

This workout scared me. It was so different from anything I do. I wasn’t quite sure how my body would react. But I think I could’ve pushed myself a little bit harder. Especially on the cardio portions. Something to keep in mind for Friday. Yep – I’m gonna do it again. But this time, a different circuit. With a focus on legs.

Again… I’d like to think that if I can run for 3+ hours I can do a 45 minute leg circuit… but I’m sure once again I will be proven wrong.

What’s your favorite way to cross train?

Do you find one exercise ALWAYS makes you sore no matter how many times you do it? This is step-ups for me. I have no idea why, but I am ALWAYS feeling it the next day.


22 thoughts on “Tried It Tuesday – Circuit Training

  1. Hey girl! I love cross training and lifting. I guess you can call me a female meat head!! hahah If you want to try a circuit here is one:

    Dumbbell squat jumps (can do with weight) 20
    Pushups (have hands up on a bench or on top of Db’s) 18
    Plyo Lunges (this is where you jump up and switch to other leg, i can send you a video of me doing one) 12/leg
    Dumbbell Reverse Flye -15
    Mountain Climbers 20/leg

    Burpee with a bicep curl (will get some cardio in there) 10
    Bench Tricep Dips 20
    Db Bench Step Ups 12/leg
    Db lateral raise (standing on blue side of BOSU) 12
    Plank Jacks- 20

    Repeat both circuits 2-3 times

    Let me know if you need me to explain an exercise!

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  2. Sounds like a great circuit! Once you get more used to doing this, it won’t scare you as much and it’s going to help you SO much in running! I see huge improvements in my overall fitness since I added strength to it. My favorite cross trainings are yoga and spinning!

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    1. Yes I love love love spinning. I really need to find a yoga class that I can really get into… And I’m hoping the strength will help with the hills (my running nemesis!)


    1. 8 lbs! Girl… you’re impressive! Haha. I always start with 7.5 and before I know it I’m like hmmm where are the 5lbs…. and then … where are the 3lbs… haha


  3. When I first began lifting, I was furious.

    I was so mad because even though I KILLED IT to the point of shaking during sets and working til exhaustion, afterwards I felt like I had done NOTHING. No super heavy breathing once the weights were put down. No sweat. Nothing.

    Then the next day, I could barely shower because I couldn’t lift my arms.

    It’s definitely different than running – especially in the whole instant gratification aspect – and I had to change the way I viewed “success” in a work out, but now I’m hooked and strength train at least twice a week!

    Oh, and I too eat everything in sight on days I use weights 😉

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    1. I am such a sucker for instant gratification. I do three bicep curls and I flex expecting to see something… guess it doesn’t work that way? I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets insatiable!!!


    1. I know! I correlate the amount of sweat to the difficulty of the workout. Which is so totally wrong but it’s a huge mind trick! Especially because I’m like sweating buckets as soon as I start running. TMI? Haha


  4. I am not a fan of weight lifting workouts either. When I try to do these workouts on my own, I tend to quit partway through because it’s so freakin hard and un-enjoyable. It must help a lot to have your bf there pushing you and making sure you don’t quit! That’s awesome! And yes, I’ve totally experienced that ravenous feeling after (and even during) a crazy strength circuit. It makes it really hard to push through and finish…Good for you for getting it done!!

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  5. Whenever I do a “legs day” (which let’s be serious, I do some squats, lunges and calf raises) if I forget what pounds to lift and lift more, I am SO SORE for like two whole days! I don’t like to do that a lot because I would rather not be sore for running if that makes sense?
    My favorite way to cross-train is biking while I read (at the gym, no shame)


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