Weekly Workout Recap 5/10 – 5/16

I think that looking back at the previous weeks workouts will help guide my recovery and my reentry into training. It’s fun to look back and see what I’ve accomplished, where there’s room for improvement, and if I’m missing certain areas (yoga… probably will never make an appearance)… just being real.

Also, I think it’s important that that people realize, while I may be able to hold a 7/sub-7 minute pace for certain workouts, I do recover much slower (i.e. my almost 9-mile run). Just because I can run fast (for me), doesn’t mean I always do.

Casual morning jog

AM Run (7.62 miles, 8’06” pace) – nothing fancy, just relaxed miles to start the week off right
Stretching, foam rolling, planking – I’m trying!

AM Run (5.10 miles, 8’12” pace) – legs felt heavy, did a short run before work to help loosen up my legs before Run Club at night – stretching, foam rolling, planking
PM Run Club (5.0 miles, 7’12” pace) – hot and humid, but felt great to be inspired by everyone else to run fast and push myself. There was a miserable hill right in the middle of the course… I might have been going backwards at one point.

Going downhill >>> Going uphill

Not only was there an active warm up and stretch before the run, I went home and stretched MORE. And foam rolled! Hold on.. patting myself on the back!

AM Run (7.40 miles, 8’41” pace) – yep, totally paid for that speed work session last night. Nothing magical about this run, just listened to my body and took it as slow as I needed to. Focused on recovery and flushing out the lactic acid. Legs felt heavy, and I stopped and stretched when I needed. Stretched/foam rolled/iced post run. And I planked !

Reusing this picture but its pretty so #whatever

7AM SoulCycle Class with Monique. Honestly I’m obsessed with her. She gives such a killer workout, and her music is always on fleek. #HadTo. If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her classes I highly suggest it.

630AM = Embarrassing elevator selfie #ImmaDoMe

AM: Circuit training with the BF. Remember how I said I need to do something else besides running… well I did. And holy S*!T. So. Sore. I wasn’t even really sweating during the workout – mainly because I sparkle not sweat – but I am sore, like three days later. I’m really hoping that I can stick to this type of cross training at least once a week. We did the set below..

10 minute run warm up

3 sets with 30 seconds rest in between:

Shoulder Press Max (1 minute)
Chin-Up Max (1 minute) – I modified this to Lat pull downs because its a big LOL to think of me doing a pull up…
Dumbbell Bench Press Max (1 minute)
Bent Over Reverse Flys Max (1 minute)
Abdominal Crunches Max (1 minute)
Lateral Raises Max (1 minute)
Running 3 minutes @ 90-95% effort – I ended with this at 9.0 on the treadmill or 6:40 miles

I’m going to have a full review/thoughts up tomorrow for Tried it Tuesday.

      PM Run (8.5 miles, 8’18” pace) – wanted to shake out my legs before longer runs this weekend

Went out to dinner on Friday night with two friends. It was absolutely delicious… honey roasted brussel sprouts and a vegetarian pizza. These are a few of my favorite things !

     AM Run (8.0 miles, 7’05” pace) This run felt great. I wanted to get in a good run before a night out with the rugby team. So I went to BFs game, watched the first 30 minutes, went home, and ran back to the field to catch the end of the game. It was a little bit longer than I expected, but my legs felt great. I decided to just go with it and take Sunday off completely to recover. It was also along part of the Fairfield Half course so it was good to work the same evil hills I’ll be seeing in a month.

Saturday nights rugby gala was a complete and total blast. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I will. BF and I tore up the dance floor to classics such as Sir Mix-A-Lots Baby Got Back. There was even dipping involved.

    Total Rest Day. Felt good to relax. This was the first time in a while I haven’t felt like I NEEDED to run. Instead, had a casual morning, went to the beach, and did some WORK on food. Super Duper Weenie and homemade pizza FTW.

Delish veggie Burger
Night cap of some homemade pizza

Ended the week with two days of cross training, and 6 days running and roughly 41 miles. I’m happy with how I am feeling. I finally feel strong, relaxed, and my muscles are loose. Recovery is happening more efficiently which I am so happy about.

I plan to have my weekly milage hover between 40-55 miles per week until I start training for NYC in July. I want to keep up with the one day of circuit training. I will always be a SoulCycle regular on Thursday mornings (for as long as my budget allows). And I’m also excited that I’ve been forcing myself to stretch and foam roll immediately after my run! I think it’s been a huge factor in my recovery.

I can’t wait to see what this week brings, but I will be taking the weekend easy (maybe one longer run) since I will be in Nantucket for Figawi! Let the count down begin!

Linking up with Erin for Weekend Recap, Tara for Weekend Update, and Katie for Marvelous Monday 

Do you make sure to stretch and foam roll after a run?

How do you incorporate cross training into your weekly routine?

24 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap 5/10 – 5/16

  1. I don’t always have time to foam roll right after a run, but I always make a habit of getting it in sometime that day. I do notice it helps me to feel looser if I get some foam rolling in right after my run before I go to work. Sitting just seems to make everything tighten up!
    Awesome week of training…when I take classes at the gym I force myself to use the elliptical vs the treadmill so that I get a bit of cross training in.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome job! I foam roll before and after every run…after dealing with an almost 3 year injury…I’m extra careful. Right now, I’m only doing yoga for cross training but once I start training for Chicago next month, I’ll start spinning. BTW Philly was my first marathon too!

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  3. That food looks so good! Isn’t it amazing how sore we get when we switch it up?! I was sore for like 4 days last week from running. Crazy! My husband went to school in Fairfield. I didn’t know they had a half! That’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fairfield U?! Yes they have a half last weekend in June! It’s super fun but always so hot.. Don’t know why I keep doing it year after year haha


  4. Ever since this injury, I’ve been foam rolling ALL. THE. TIME. And I will never stop.

    Cross training for me consists of lots of biking, weight lifting, and yoga. I want to get into swimming, but I’ve never reallyyyyy learned the strokes, so doggy paddling is usually how I function in water 🙂

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  5. I hesitate to say this because someone will probably see it and call the running police on me, but I rarely cross train and I don’t stretch/foam roll after every run. I only do it after long runs, speed work, or if I feel like I need it. Unfortunately when I get bored/impatient/crunched for time, those little things are the first to go.

    My fall marathon training cycle is going to have a LOT more cross training. I’m actually looking forward to it, because I want to improve my overall fitness and it will be fun to try some new stuff and shake it up a bit!


  6. JAMIE! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today; I’m so happy to “see” you! Sounds like you had a solid training week and a great weekend; can’t believe you’ll be getting ready for NYC soon. I have recently begun using the foam roller that has been leaning up on the other side of my sofa for over a year…and realized that my IT bands are really tight and that foam rolling is actually beneficial when I do it. I don’t always have time right after my run (I stretch, but then I have to get ready for work), but I’ve been doing it at night, after dinner, when I miss out in the morning. I like spinning, too, but I’m looking forward to trying out the new OrangeTheory Fitness that will be opening close to my home next month. Thanks again and I hope your Monday is going well!


  7. I am super bad at stretching after a run. Yet, that’s why I always complain about being stiff the next day. So, yes, I could always stretch more.

    I usually only run 3 days a week, because my body usually can’t withstand back to back running days, so I try to do weights or something else on the days in between.

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  8. I used to foam roll and stretch more a couple weeks ago before I pulled my groin. Now I’m trying to take it easier and now over extend my leg. I agree that it is great for you! The one thing I am sure to do each night is 4-3 minutes of planks.

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  9. Yay can’t wait to see your TIT post (sorry I had too)! Isn’t it amazing how an instructor can make or break soul cycle? I have found my two faves at the chicago location and won’t go to anyone else. I was happy to get two classes in this weekend. I love their music too. I usually stalk my instructors on spottily. If Monique doesnt have one – follow soul cycle at least 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha dying… TIT… I swear I’m 27…. Ugh yes! Monique doesn’t have a Spotify.. it gives me the sads and I 100% stalk the Soul playlist : )


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