Friday Favorites 3

FRI-YAY! You’re finally here! Which means in just one more week I’ll be making my way up to Nantucket for Figawi. I literally can’t. #Basic

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I thought I might spice some things up around these parts and before I go into my standard bullet list of Friday Faves, I’d tell you about all the things I’m looking forward to this weekend!

As I write this on Thursday (so productive) I plan on spending my Friday evening eating a delicious dinner and seeing a fantastic movie (including popcorn the size of my torso and the biggest Diet Coke they have). Where am I going for dinner? What movie am I seeing? No idea. I will clearly update you on all these important life questions Monday.

Saturday is going to be quite a busy day dedicated to rugby! BF has a game against the “old boys” aka the retired players. Usually this game is more of a drinking fest with total disregard to any rules on the field. It’s quite a spectacle and I really enjoy it!

Saturday night, their rugby club is having a 40th anniversary gala… as in all other formal events in the past, I plan on consuming ample amounts of liquor and copious amounts of desserts. I actually have no shame once I’m drunk… which is two vodka sodas.

Sunday will be dedicated to rehabbing my body… maybe my soul. Probably both. Not sure which will be more harmed. Hopefully I’ll get a couple good runs in but we shall see. I’m going to try something different and recap my weekly workouts on Sunday but I’m not going to make any promised til it happens!

Mmmmkay, now to my Friday favorites…

1. Vita Coco Cafe:

My office coffee >>>> Your office coffee

Where have you been all my life? Honestly, coffee, coconut water, and milk. Love this. Although I could only stomach about a 1/4 of it (dairy issues), I LOVED IT! The addition of the coconut water makes it super tasty! Now if they would only make it with almond milk…

2. Fleet Feet Ladies Night:

My local Fleet Feet store hosted a ladies night where I got to browse the “latest fashions and trends” in running clothes. AKA I had to leave my wallet at home, because as much as I think I NEED that Oiselle tank top and Brooks shorts… I don’t.I actually wouldn’t be able to close my dresser draw.

Anywho, they also had a massage therapist there which I took total and complete advantage of. Although I resisted temptation, I did restock my supply of Gu (Espresso Love – the only kind I use!) since 10% of all proceeds of the event went to support our local chapter of Girls on the Run.

3. Burberry Espadrilles: 


But the best part… I found them in a consignment store… for $68! Brand new! I love them and have a feeling they will be making their debut in Nantucket : )

4 (5 & 6 all rolled into one). Cucumber rolls, Steamed Broccoli, and Keeping up with the Kardashians:

Didn’t realize how unappetizing this looked until right now…

Now this is a way to relax into Friday. Is there anything better than making the last minute decision for Chinese take-out and curling up on the couch for a night of trashy TV? Tendga to the rescue.

And with that, I leave you for the weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend!

Linking up with Heather and Clare this week!

What are you most looking forward to this weekend? Definitely the beach weather on Sunday and the BFs even on Saturday night! Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up.

What are you loving the most this Friday? Any essentials you have to make it through the week?

24 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 3

  1. Fountain drinks at the movies is the most clutch draw ever. YES. Even if then you spend the entire movie peeing and never actually see the movie. Worth. it.


    1. That’s my number one choice! And if I remember correctly I think it’s my turn to choose a movie in my household : ) Love the hashtag haha


  2. Your food and that drink sounds great! I always see it at the store and pass it up because it didn’t sound good, but you’re making it sound amazing. Next time I’m going to go for it! This weekend I have a race, plans with a friend, and trying out a new brewery! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

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  3. Hi! Maddie passed along that you wanted to be added to the 2015 Fall Marathoners Blog Roll I put together, and you’re now on the list! Yay! (PS thanks so much for the follow!)

    Those Burberry shoes are so adorable! I actually have a fun weekend planned: tonight my bf and I are going to see a comedy show, and on Sunday I’m running the Green Bay Half Marathon. I’m going up there on Saturday and a couple gals from my running group and I are splitting a hotel, so it will be fun to hang out there tomorrow too!

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  4. Wait, Vita Coco Cafe?!?! There’s a drink with coconut water and coffee all in one?! I need to find this ASAP – that sounds wonderful!
    Have a great weekend!

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  5. I am looking forward to my cousin’s bridal shower tomorrow. Ok, I’m looking forward to dressing up more 😉 This Friday, I loved that one of my friends won his duathlon race. The essential thing I need to make it through the week is for my groin to heal so I can run. I’m starting to get edgy >:-(

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