In the words of my spirit animal, Aziz Ansari, “I’m kind of obsessed with food. I like to eat”. Let’s recap my Tuesday eats (on Wednesday). WHAT-I-ATE-WEDNESDAY-NEW-BUTTON-PEAS-AND-CRAYONS1-300x150Ok. So I tried. I really really did. But I can’t say I’ve been so successful this week. Although, breakfast has remained the same, I will say I’ve been getting pretty creative with my lunch and dinner meals… maybe? Random fact that has NOTHING to do with what I ate yesterday, but rather what I ate over the weekend. CRISPY M&Ms HAVE RETURNED. You read that correctly. M&Ms are sneaky sneaky and changed the packaging of these little chocolate gems from heaven, from blue to green. You cannot imagine my joy when I rediscovered these. BF bought a bag for his apartment. I ate 50% of the bowl. Not sorry bout it. #YOLO

Actual heaven on Earth. And no BF, Peanut M&Ms are not better.

Anyways… Back to Tuesday…

Breakfast: I changed it up a little bit… In addition to my oatmeal with cashew butter (I will never post another photo of this since it 100% looks like baby food… photographer I am not)

Promise it’s good?

I also had a nice fruit medley of fresh strawberries, banana, and frozen acai berries. Twas delicious.

New obsession.


Mmmmkay. This photo is not cute. It was my attempt at a minimalist taco. Minimalist meaning meat (or faux meat) and veggies. I typically use Quorn grounds, which in all honesty, taste like absolutely nothing. I love Quorn products because they are soy free and I typically try to avoid soy as a protein substitute when I can.

Because I’m too lazy to dig the bag out of the trash to photograph

I heat the “meat”/grounds in a frying pan with a cup of water, mixing in seasoning of my choice. I love their meatless “Chick’n Nuggets” or “Meatless Meatballs”, but their “Grounds” are totally flavorless. Southwestern Taco is my go-to seasoning, but the beautiful part of making a meal that initially tastes like nothing, is you can make it taste however you want!

I chopped up two bell peppers, 1/4 of an onion and sautéed with the meatless grounds. Add some salsa and BAM (channeling Emeril), you have my minimalist tacos. No photo because I was hungry. Whatever.

Writing down what actually went into “cooking” this meal is mind-blowing to me. I just realized this is what people eat as left overs or when they’re “cleaning out my fridge”. Oh well… it’s progress people.

Afternoon Snack:

PowerCrunch Vanilla Creme Bar – I have to limit myself to one because they taste like vanilla wafers (try them).

10 Dark Chocolate covered Almonds – totally unnecessary and I wasn’t even hungry but they were in the office kitchen and I have no self-control. #TryingToGetItTogether

Too good to say no to


Dinner post run club was relatively simple. Stomach has been a bit finicky when it comes to post-exercising eating so I stuck to a simple Premier Protein Shake and four scrambled egg whites on a sprouted grain tortilla (Maria and Ricardo’s – gluten free = I’m obsessed).

So instead of a boring photo of a bland meal, I’ll leave you with this scrumptious image of my boyfriends dinner. We clearly know who the chef is. #WhyAreYouSoMuchBetterThanMe

PS. Goat cheese is DISGUSTING. That is all.

Not a veggie lovers paradise

Little tangent for your Wednesday…

Fun fact about my co-workers – we are mostly vegetarians and we are ALL super weird with our food choices. Some people only eat one colored food a day (think sweet potatoes and carrots one day, and broccoli and brussels sprouts the next), and some eat the same food for each meal, every day. Otherwise, we’re just your run of the mill, healthy eating, creatures of habit, vegetarians. Oh and we even have a vegan!

While eating team breakfast one day, we were discussing our varied eating quirks. One of my co-workers talked about how he creates a spreadsheet on Saturday (yes, Saturday) for his grocery shopping and meal prep. He then makes all of his meals for the week, places them in Tupperware, and is set. And I’m going to be honest, that ish smells ah-mazing when he microwaves it. Not like the random person who microwaves tuna (get it together lady), but actual restaurant caliber smells.

So on his inspiration, I finally pulled out all my Vegetarian magazines and the Food magazine from Fairway I was gifted. I plan on finding some good recipes to try. Maybe I’ll even consider food prep on Sunday.

Do you meal prep for the week ahead?

Do you have a favorite type of M&M? I LOVE crispy, but also enjoy a good peanut butter M&M every now and then. I despise Peanut M&Ms… like if I wanted a peanut, I’d eat a peanut…

Do you pack lunch for work every day? I REFUSE to buy meals while at work. When I was working in NYC I just could not afford it, but not I just would rather have a good solid meal then try to piece something together from a deli down the street. This isn’t to say I don’t splurge on a smoothie from the Green & Tonic juice bar next door every so often! : )


14 thoughts on “WIAW 2

  1. I didn’t know you were a vegetarian! The Gardein products are my favorite meat substitute but I’m pretty sure they have soy in them. My favorite M&Ms are either peanut butter or dark chocolate.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Am I the only one who REALLY doesn’t like crispy m&ms? Haha sorry!! I love regular, peanut, pb, almond…any nutty ones. But not crispy or pretzel for some reason! That afternoon snack is totally my jam. Love chocolate covered nuts (obviously, as you see above haha). It’s hard when half of our “job” as bloggers is to eat healthy but it’s not always a pretty photo (which is the OTHER half of our job haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes I really need to work on my photography skills. Not only did my boyfriend make a better dinner than me, he also took the best photo (of said meal!)!


  3. I was a crispy m&m for halloween one year. I will let you guess. I also had my mom bring me back 3 bags of crispys from Mexico (where they have them at duty free) after I bought 2 bags on my trip and when they started selling them in the US again we bought 2 mega sized bags.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha your coworker sounds like me, sometimes I meal plan on Thursday or Friday for the next week and there have been spreadsheets involved a time or two:) I need to look out for those M&Ms! I can’t even remember if I like them but I will take your word for it: that they are good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I wish I could be as organized as you guys! The closest I get is ripping out recipes from a magazine. Now if I remember to take them to the grocery store… That’s a different story!


  5. “PS. Goat cheese is DISGUSTING. That is all.” I knew we were great friends – I feel the same exact way!! And I love cheese. Goat not so much.

    I refuse to buy my lunch too. I always pack and have like a bajillion tupperware containers with me

    Liked by 1 person

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