Weekend RoundUp

It’s so strange to me how some weekends can feel longer than others. Like 48 hours is always the same length of time right? Usually the busier I am, the faster they go, but even though this weekend was full of relaxation, it seemed to go by quicker than usual. #SundayStruggles (PSA – this is going to be a photo dump of dog pictures. If you don’t like dogs then BAI).

And even though this weekend went by WAY too fast (as always)…

I got to get lots of quality time in with this guy….

Sorry not sorry if you already saw this on my instagram. It gets me every time.

My parents were away for the weekend so I was left to dog sit. Not the worst thing in the world. : )

I had a relaxing night at home Friday – rented the Wedding Ringer (I love everything Kevin Hart)and laughed until I promptly passed out at 11pm.

Wasn’t kidding about the dog photos

Saturday is rugby day so I packed up Kona and made the trip to New Haven to watch my boyfriend and his team play their last game of the spring season. Which they won! WOOHOO. 5-0. Even though I have absolutely no idea what’s going on I really enjoy going. And Kona made lots of friends ! Obviously. I mean…


Saturday night I stayed in with the pups to watch a marathon of Property Brothers on HGTV. #ThisIs27

I died.

Sunday started with some more pup time before Mother’s Day brunch. I was able to celebrate this year with my boyfriends family since my mom was off on a Cupcake Tour of Chicago. I kid you not, it exists. Brunch was delish per usual – who doesn’t love a good omelet station? – and then believe it or not I went for a late afternoon run. I know. I don’t even know who I am any more.

I RARELY run in the afternoon. As an early morning runner it is PAINFUL for me to start a run past…mmmm 9AM so the fact I got my butt out the door to start a run at 415PM … I’m still shocked.

Also – hello humidity. The run was brutal. I wanted to stop a bazillion times, but after a week of minimal workouts and subpar runs, I was happy to get a solid run in. Even if I looked like I jumped in a pool after.

Sunday night resulted in the weekly ritual of grocery shopping, ordering take out, watching the Rangers win (game 7 here we come), and me falling asleep while watching Game of Thrones. Just your typical Sunday evening.

Now here we are. Monday. Just 5 more days until the weekend and 9 more days until I’m on Nantucket : ) !

What was the best part of your weekend?

Does anyone else have trouble staying awake past let’s say 10PM on Sunday? It’s like clockwork. As soon as the clock strikes 945, it’s impossible to keep my eyelids open.


14 thoughts on “Weekend RoundUp

  1. LOVE the dog pictures 🙂 Kona is such a cutie.. and that sheepdog is hilarious! My finace and I were talking on Sunday about how the weekend feels wayyyy shorter than two days at work. It’s just not fair. We spent the whole weekend at the lake but got in lots of quality Netflix time at night and went to bed at 9:45 on Saturday, so don’t feel bad 🙂

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    1. Haha thank you. I think Kona’s the cutest dog ever, but I may be slightly biased. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes an early bed time haha. The fact I made it through the ENTIRE Ranger game last night… I was so proud of myself : )


  2. Yeah this humidity is killing me! Love the dog pictures that sheepdog is precious haha. I used to be an AM-only runner but now that my schedule is all over the place I usually end up running later in the day. Luckily it’s with a group now so they hold me accountable to come, otherwise I’d totally ditch if it was just me haha. That’s the best part of morning runs — you just roll out of bed, run, and get it over with…then the rest of your day feels amazing! I didn’t see The Wedding Ringer but I like Kevin Hart too so I’ll have to check it out.

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    1. I totally agree… I think one of the best parts of running in the early morning is so no matter what else happens during my day, I at least know I completed my run!


  3. Your parent’s dog is so cute! My mom has been going on all sorts of foodie tours like the cupcake one. So jealous. Maybe bring me next time? Kthanks mom. Yayyy for a good run post-boston! I’m with you on running at night but sometimes it’s a necessity. I prefer to run as soon as I wake up.

    And I was asleep at 9pm sharp last night.

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    1. Haha I have no idea what it is, but some nights I fall asleep while I’m watching Jeopardy. That previous statement only solidifies my #grandmastatus


  4. Im not able to stay up past 9pm any day of the week! And Sundays are the worst, last night I was ready for bed at 8. I have a hard time running later in the day too. I definitely prefer to get out first thing in the morning!

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  5. Awww your pup is so cute and no worries I’m just as obsessed with mine. I also rarely run in the afternoon because if I don’t do it in the morning I won’t do it at all!

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  6. I loved the Game of Thrones books! I could never watch the show though, my stomach is too weak! I usually fall asleep around that time too. I don’t have a reason to be awake, and my bed is basically my boyfriend. The best part of my weekend was the beautiful weather B-)

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  7. That’s funny you say that you can’t run past a certain time in the morning because I am the opposite. It’s so hard for me to run early! I like to work out late morning or afternoon – not always possible with work but I hate waking up super early!

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