Friday Favorites 2

I’m back at it! My second consecutive Friday Favorites. After last weeks post I was a bit concerned. Do I even like anything else? Kidding… I like everything and anything. Not anything, but mostly everything. You get the idea… Beside it being Fri-YAY, these things helped me get through this past week:

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1. The Skimm: unnamed I’m going to be honest. I don’t really follow the news. I don’t watch it in the morning, I most certainly do not have a newspaper delivered to my apartment, and for whatever reason, I never find myself browsing CNN or the New York Times online. This is where The Skimm comes in. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I get a handy little email which gives me an update on all the worlds happenings. In simple terms. Not only is the email brief, but it includes links to pertinent articles incase you find yourself wanting to know more. While it’s not the most comprehensive of news sources, it gives me enough information to not feel totally lost and asking “what avalanche?”, or “wait, why is there a riot in Baltimore?”.

If you’re interested in subscribing click here. It is an affiliate link, but I’m not getting paid. Just passing along good juju, and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll receive a tote bag. Just do it. My mom did.

2. Biore Self Heating Mask:  I’m a pretty low maintenance girl. I don’t wear makeup and it takes me 20 minutes to get out of bed, shower, and be out the door in the morning. And for the longest time, I believed I didn’t need to wash my face because I never wore makeup. Wrong. Blackheads happen to good people. 

don’t be dirty. inappropriate Biore…

This mask was an impulse buy on one of my many Target trips (Mom please ignore this). Although my skin remains relatively clear (knock on wood), I find I get blackheads and clogged pores around my nose. I love this mask. I use it once a week and I always find my skin to be less oily and extra clear the next few days. AKA I look extra gorgeous. Ha.

3. Fun Summer Shoes: I am obsessed with patterned flats. I found my first pair when out shopping with my mom. I honestly would never had tried the shoes on until my mom did. They looked like children’s shoes on the rack, but once on, I decided these were a spring/summer outfit essential. My mom got the same pair too. 27 years young and still #twinning.

No, my feet don’t reach the floor from my work chair.

I mean honestly, who doesn’t need a pair of flamingo and floral patterned flats? I wear them to work and even out at night paired with some white jeans. Pretty much anything to avoid heels. Oh, and they’re Sperry’s so they are BEYOND comfy.

Although not purchased (yet), these Mara Hoffman espadrilles are the absolute cutest. So colorful and fun, the only drawback being they only come in whole sizes. I have a feeling I may or may not be going back to get them when my tax return comes in.

Wardrobe essential. Go with everything I own – black Lulu leggings…. and more black Lulu leggings.

4. Spotify: It’s official. I’m always the last to know. Or maybe I’m just stubborn. After years of wasting money on iTunes, buying songs I was OBSESSED with, only to play them to death in three weeks and never listen to them again, I caved and checked out Spotify.

My boyfriend is a music (and movie) junkie. He always has good tunes but to keep up while staying out of debt (somewhat?), I just couldn’t afford to keep buying music from iTunes. Spotify to the rescue. Although it costs $7/month (currently $0.99 for the first 3 months HOLLA), I have been able to listen to all kinds of music. Not to mention my running playlist is on point – “Jamie’s Hot Fire” (named by BF) only has the classiest of beats like Work B**ch and Turn Down for What.

No caption required. Follow me on Spotify for only the most amazing and most sophisticated of playlists.

5. Quest Bars: When I initially heard of Quest Bars, I associated them with body builders and people who lift heavy things. I do neither. But I finally gave them a try and I’m so happy I did. I usually am STARVED (read: haven’t eaten for three hours) by the time mid-afternoon rolls around. I would typically gravitate towards a granola bar (standard) of some sort, but 45 minutes later I could be found wandering the office kitchen looking for snacks.

One of my favorite parts of the Quest Bars are their staying power. Part of my GI issues stem from a discomfort I get when I eat too much. I get a bloated/distended stomach and I am subjected to being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. You’re welcome for the visual. Not only are these bars relatively small in size, they pack a lot of macro nutrients for their punch: roughly 6g fat, 24g carbohydrates (1g sugar), and 20g protein and only 180 calories a bar. Afterwards I find myself full until dinner time.

They also have so many amazing flavors: chocolate brownie, s’mores, and cookies and cream being my favorite. Rumor has it they just came out with mint chocolate chip… Consider confirming this a top priority.

And if you want to be on my level, microwave these babies. Suddenly you will think you’re eating cookie dough for dessert. And if you want to get even more aggressive, microwave and top with a scoop of ice cream, or Arctic Zero if you’re dairy sensitive like me : ). You’re welcome.

How do you all get your daily news?

Spotify or Pandora? Two months ago I would’ve said Pandora, but Spotify has stolen my heart.


11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 2

  1. Those shoes!! You are so adorable. I’ve been on the Spotify train for awhile now. I pay for premium because it’s only $10 a month and it’s a good price considering I change my running playlists so much and can listen to music I don’t even own during my runs. I love it! Now Taylor Swift needs to get her music back on Spotify…..I’m still salty about that!

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  2. I watch the Today show every morning while I drink my coffee in bed, and that’s all the news I can handle for one day. I like how they cover all the big stuff in the first 10 minutes and then they do some more interesting stories. I get up at 7 when it starts but I don’t have to leave the house until 8:30, so I have a lot of time to see what is going on in the world.

    I was always a Pandora girl until I downloaded the iHeartRadio app and it forever has my heart. You just can’t make playlists like you can in Spotify but there are barely any ads and you can listen to actual radio stations or artist/genre stations like Pandora.

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