Thinking Out Loud Thursday 2

Linking up with with Amanda today for: Thinking-Out-Loud2

  • Shameless plug which will be appearing for the next….mmm 2 months – I applied to be on the Runner’s Wold Magazine cover so if you could all vote for me, I will love you long time
  • Tuesday night I participated in a local run club. I am blown away on how much fun I had. It surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait to go back next week.
    • Full re-cap will be on the blog Tuesday for Tried It Tuesday with Sara.
#Shameless post-run selfie. You’re welcome.
  • Another running related note… I was running with BF on Monday and decided I should run into a stop sign. Hey gorgeous…
Note to self: don’t flail arms uncontrollably while running
  • My IT band has been pretty tight since the marathon. I’m really trying to work on stretching and foam rolling, but for some reason, I have zero desire to. I put a sticky note on my fridge telling myself STRETCH BEFORE DINNER. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not I follow through?
  • I know I’m like 5 years late on this, but CandyCrush is the most addicting game ever. It’s basically just a frustrating version of Tetris.
  • I get to dog sit the best dog in the world this weekend! As much as I love Kona, I am not looking forward to the hairy mess he lives behind. Homeboy sheds.
Well hello.
  • With the gorgeous weather this weekend, I fully plan on spending the majority of it outside. Has anyone else seen this? If I had a dollar for every time someone sent/tagged me in this… I’d have like, almost $5.
  • I’ve been feeling pretty icky lately. I have my next Remicade infusion next week, so hopefully that will have me feeling a bit more like myself again.
  • Although Crohnsing is lame, I have been feeling better enough to run. I’m hoping to hit 30 miles this week with some slow, longer runs Saturday and Sunday. I plan on enjoying all of the fresh air!

Does anyone else still play games on your phone? What’s your favorite?

Do you have to reward yourself with something for stretching? I always watch the trashiest TV shows to keep me entertained (Looking at you Kardashians)

20 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday 2

  1. Oh man candy crush is SO addicting. I go in waves playing that game, but normally it comes up whenever I’m flying home and I get bored on the plane. Voting for you!!

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  2. I love being a part of a run club. I haven’t been able to lately due to schedules but anytime I get the chance to run with them I do. Good luck with the RW cover! Happy to have found your blog at Thinking Out Loud 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! So happy you commented. Love your blog! So inspiring…I can only HOPE to run an ultra one day. And I have a feeling your recipes are going to be essentials in my picky eating lifestyle : )


  3. Woohoo, I voted for you!! Kona is the cutest.. I grew up with yellow labs and they are just the best animal/pet in the whole world. I was going to rescue a yellow lab the day I got Dixie.. When I got to the shelter the lab had already been adopted and Dixie was going crazy trying to get my attention, so I took her home instead.

    Loveeeee trashy TV… Real Housewives, Kardashians, Party Down South (ultimate favorite), anything that makes me feel better about my own life pretty much.

    I’m with you on the summer goals.. I’m starting this weekend with a trip to the lake!

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    1. Yay!!! Thank you! 🙂 I am very very partial to yellow labs. Although I will admit Dixie is quite adorable as well 🙂 … and you are the SECOND person to recommend Party Down South … I’m clearly missing out. Consider it immediately cued up on my TV. Have so much fun at the lake this weekend! I will be working on my tan at the beach 🙂


  4. Hold in there, kiddo. And let them know that you are having symptoms–they might want to adjust accordingly. Especially with the stress of the marathon and such, you might be better served by not waiting as long before the next one.


  5. Ive actually never played Candy Crush! but I know so many people are addicted to it. I am good about foam rolling, but I have to entertain myself while doing planks by scrolling through instagram or Facebook on my phone. That bruise looks intense! I have run into trees/bushes while running before but never stop signs:)


  6. When I stretch, I include the “relaxation stretch” for like 10 minutes at the end. I lay on my bed. It’s the best stretch ever 😉


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