Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday is the new Monday. Monday rolls around and is such a shock to my system, I cannot be held accountable for coherently recapping the past 48 hours right away. Therefore, my weekend wrap up will be posted on Tuesday! Also, I’ve decided to maintain a “real-life/blog-life” balance, and will not be posting on the weekends. I love taking time to not have a to-do list and just enjoy my time with those around me.

So. Lets backtrack to Friday. This past Friday was the first Friday I had to work in over 6 months. At my old job I had a flexible work arrangement, meaning I worked 10 hour days, but only 4 days a week. Cue continual long weekends. But as I have said before, with the commute and all else that came with it, it was not worth it. And to be honest, working 5 days on a much more reasonable schedule is not as bad as I thought!

Heading into the weekend, I had been experiencing some GI discomfort. So much so that running had been totally out of the question last week. One of the hardest aspects of Crohn’s disease (in my opinion) is figuring out what can help a flare, and what will only make it worse. Unfortunately for me, running only seems to exacerbate my GI symptoms. But by Friday night I was able to muster up the energy for a much needed run with my boyfriend. I dropped off right around mile 3 as he continued on (hardest thing ever… running FOMO is real) and I was happy to be able to get a good sweat in. We went to Plan B burger for dinner (veggie burger for me, bacon burger for him) and then met up with a friend to see the Avengers. I fell asleep. I’m probably the most fun person in the world.

Dare I say I slept in on Saturday? I think I was horizontal until 8am. Early to most of the world, half way through the day for me… but Saturday was relaxing! I felt somewhat beat up from my run Friday and spent most the day in and out of consciousness while catching up on world news – Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s 20/20 Diane Sawyer interview, Million Dollar Listing NYC, anything Bravo…. I’m just trying to keep up with the essential world happenings over here.

Most colorful salad ever.

Saturday I ventured into NYC for my boyfriends friend’s apartment-warming party. We attempted to watch the fight, but with metro north only offering two trains/one express train an hour, we ended up leaving the city before the fight even began.

Sunday was attempt at run #2. And while shorter than I would have liked, I enjoyed some fresh air and finished my  run at the local Starbucks. Treated myself to a trenta (hi free drink) ice passion tea (#lightice #unsweetened)… because I’m high maintenance. BF and I went to Rosie’s in New Canaan for brunch (review to come) and the rest of Sunday was spent relaxing, reading on my apartments roof, and taking a walk around a local “park” (read: outdoor space) in Stamford with my boyfriend. We cloud watched. It. Was. Perfect.


Sunday night my parents came down to make pizza! BF and I can actually make pizza from scratch (domestic life) and figured we should share the love. I felt really adult and even made a meat and che (cheese) spread for everyone, even though I don’t eat any of the displayed items.

Meats are out because I’m a veggie lover. Duh. But with Crohn’s, I find cheese to be a major irritant. Since eating pizza without cheese is just plain weird, I try try try my best to not eat any before hand. I’ve learned from experience (woof) that if I indulge in some pre-pizza treats, I pay for it later. So, while everyone munched away on my most beautiful cheese board, I ate green peppers. I didn’t hate it.

Meat and Che

Skipping ahead, we enjoyed some delicious pies. My step-father won for the most decadent, perfectly circular, artisanal pizza. Mine are never circular, but rather look like some random U.S. state. Sunday’s crust happened to resemble Wisconsin.

Most perfect looking pizza that there ever was

It was a phenomenal weekend. Perfect combination of relaxation, good eats, and some family time. I could use a little more running in my life, but I think right now relaxing is for the best.

What are the craziest pizza toppings you’ve had?

TV fans out there – what show is your guilty pleasure? It’s a tough call between Kardashians and RHONY… or maybe Mob Wives… I don’t know, just so many options… #shameless


8 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Ahhh I love making homemade pizza! Well, I love when other people make homemade pizza for me 😉 Just cheese though- no other toppings because I’m boring and picky. Your weekend does sound perfect, minus the Chrohn’s flare. I get that running FOMO. The struggle is real.


  2. Well, you know I’m already thumbs up about the food. And that I am sorry to hear about the Crohn’s-ing. I totally know what you mean–figuring out what helps/hurts (literally and figuratively) is a huge part of the battle. For myself–running during flares is not a great idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cross train–less jumbling of the intestines, to be honest! And diet for me–I have to be REALLY careful during those times. But above all? SLEEP. You let yourself sleep in–that isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity. So take a few days, let things calm down, and get those zzz’s!


  3. Ohhhh I have so many show guilty pleasures….Have you ever seen Party Down South?! Oh my I love it!! It is basically Jersey Shore but in the south. Check it out! ha. I have only watching RHOC – I can’t get passed the original series.


  4. My guilty pleasure as of late is Grey’s. I’m catching up on Netflix 🙂 The best pizza topping for me is roasted garlic! The craziest I’ve ever heard of is called the “Beef on wick” pizza in Buffalo, NY. It’s a take on the beef of wick sandwich that the city is known for. Sounds gross to me 😦


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